If you are an audiophile, the pair of headphones you have is one of your most precious commodity. Keeping the headphones safe and clean would be one thing that you would be quite focused at. But you cannot just put the headphones in the dishwasher and wash them out.

People who like using headphones use them quite a lot and therefore they exposed to a lot of germs and bacteria. There are different types of headphones primarily the in-ear and over the ear headphones. Your headphones can get dirty real quick because they come in contact with the sweat and wax which is in the ear.

It does not matter how clean you keep your ears, but it is a part of a human defense system that your ears produce wax in order to protect the ear drum form dust. Therefore when the headphones make contact with the ears they get dirty.

Why clean the headphones?

4 Steps to Clean Your Headphones


The headphones when not cleaned at regular intervals may not perform to their optimum level. There is a high probability of the sound quality not to be the same as when they were new. There is a chance that your headphone’s sound may fade away altogether with just a small amount of debris on it.

Another factor why the cleaning of the headphones is important is because they can transmit germs from one person to another. We have seen people exchanging their headphones and this can take the germs from one ear and transmit them to the ear of another person.

Not most of the people know how to clean their headphones in an appropriate manner. There is a need of cleaning the headphones and at the same time ensuring that they do not spoil them while doing it. Some of the techniques which you can use for their cleaning are discussed below.

Step 1

The most important step in cleaning the headphones is to unplug them form the device which they are connected to. There is a risk of electric shock or breakage if you do not detach the headphones from the device before cleaning and start cleaning them while in use.

You never want to be struck with an electric shock while cleaning your headphones, therefore also look for any naked wires just as a precautionary measure. An electric shock can lead you to hospital or even pose a death risk if not treated immediately.

Step 2

The necessary things required for the cleaning of the headphones include

  • Warm water
  • Dish washing liquid (a gentle detergent)
  • Spray bottle
  • Soft cloth

Once you have all these things you are all set for the cleaning of your headphone. Just make sure that your headphone is unplugged before you start the cleaning.

Step 3

Take one drop of dishwashing liquid and mix it with the warm water. To make sure that the mixture is an appropriate one stir it thoroughly with a spoon or your finger. The mixture that is formed should then be poured into the spray bottle.

Now you are all set to start the cleaning. Make sure to put your headphones on a clean surface. The cleaning solution that you have in your spray bottle should be sprayed on the cloth you have. The cleaning cloth then should be rubbed on the headphones (it is important that the cleaning cloth should be damped not wet). Due to the wet cloth, water may enter to those parts of the headphone where it is not supposed to go. This may damage the sound quality of your headphone and they may not be used for a longer period of time.

There will surely be dirty spots on your headphones; there is no harm in applying little pressure while cleaning these spots. Without applying pressure the spots will not be cleaned properly. Just make sure you do not break the headphones with the pressure applied. For the hard to reach spots you can use a bit of rubbing alcohol, but only where required because excessive use of it can damage your headphone.

Step 4

The final step is to wipe of the liquid form the headphones with a dry cloth or a tissue. Make sure to dry the headphones immediately after cleaning because leaving them wet can cause their color to fade away.

Your headphones are all set to be used again with the device that you want them to be played with. The entire activity will take hardly around thirty minutes of your time but can be very useful. Like most of the other things that you have in a household, headphones to get dirty over the passage of time. Therefore it is necessary to clean them at regular intervals.


Keeping yourself or your things clean is a very good habit. The headphones for an audiophile as mentioned earlier as well are a precious commodity. Therefore he/she will want to make sure they keep it safe secure and in a proper working condition for a very long time.

There are also cases available in the market which you can use for securing your headphones. Keeping the headphones in a case will ensure that they are not exposed to the environment when not in use. Therefore they will not be exposed to dust and germs and hence are protected automatically.Timely cleaning of your headphone will not only keep them clean but also allow you to extract the maximum output from them. This activity of yours can also ensure your headphone life span to expand then what it is usually.

This guide can be very useful for someone who loves listening to music through a pair of headphones. Not many people out there know the proper manner of cleaning their headphones. But through this guide they can make sure they clean their headphones in an appropriate way and extract the best sound quality out of them. When talking about the life span of the headphones it also can be extended if this guide is taken into account.

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