People love to listen to the various type of music depending on their respective taste. Some prefer to use custom made speaker and amplifier connected to their standalone music system while some people use handy music players like iPod, Walkman etc. and then there still exist a huge base of people who still like listening to their laptops or desktop speakers and at time use headphones.

Majority of the people prefer using music system and speakers that are cost-effective and durable. But in the race of getting the better sound quality, there are people who argue that only headphones can provide excellent sound experience, while others still insist on good speakers for a better sound quality over other types.

Whatever mode one might use, the main emphasis lies on getting a better and rich sound quality. Now a day’s majority of people are using headphones just because of the convenience they get while using them as they are easily portable.

Headphones are not only used to listen to music but they are actively used for making and receiving calls. Choosing a headphone is a very personal commitment. People do have peculiar tastes. While some are interested in getting a wireless headphone others are interested in wired headphones. Whatever might be the case, every headphone has its own uniqueness.

How to Improve Headphones Sound

Before heading to buy a headphone one must experience various types as per one’s requirement. Headphones can be tested while commuting or surrounded in the company of friends or co-workers and also when alone in a room or outside. Only then one could get the clear picture and be able to conclude what is the best option that one needs. The only thing to keep in mind while purchasing a headphone is noise cancellation, deep rich sound at lower volume, wireless etc.

We listen to the sound through earbuds that lie on the folding of outer ears and we hear pretty good voices in our everyday life through them. So the myth dies and there is no room for acquiring airtight headphones. It might damage the ear. There are many ways by which we can improve the sound quality of our headphones in a bigger and better manner. Some of these are:

1. Improve the Music Quality

The first step lies in improving music quality of the existing audio. Prior to buying a headphone, one must devote some time educating oneself on the subject of the audio functioning, how does it work?

As you gain knowledge about audio, you would see the term, ‘the signal chain’ used repeatedly. One might wonder what it means. While elaborating it further one would understand that it is the combination of both hardware and software that converts the music in the form of sound waves that are received by our ears.

5 Ways to Improve Your Headphones Sound Quality 2

Alternatively, it simply means that one should go for the headphones that offer a strong signal chain. A strong signal chain carries the links of the equipment’s used in the music. There is a tendency in today’s time that people seldom purchase digital audio in the form of CD’s but prefer to download widely available music on the net. It is one of the biggest reasons for audio getting corrupted because in order to save space the sites store the files that are compressed highly. The results are damaged audio quality. The unadulterated sources of music are digitally recorded CDs. Streaming a compressed or downloaded copy of audio acquired over the net through Wi-Fi also deteriorates the quality further.

Acquiring a good quality music is not a problem if we consider the suggestions below:

  1. Never compress the audio file to a low-quality format,
  2. For the streaming of the music from the top sites convert your free account to a paid one at a reasonable cost. It will provide you with a good quality audio.

2. Consider Using a DAC

To further improve the quality of your headphone, use a Digital Audio Converter (DAC). The working of DAC is pretty cool. Laptops and PC’s have the DAC pre-installed in them but these are generally low-quality soundcards. The working of DAC is quite simple, it converts audio signals of various digital format such as AAC, Mp3 etc. music into equivalent electric signals. Headphone stereo speakers work on this principle.

5 Ways to Improve Your Headphones Sound Quality 3

The functioning of DAC is really great as it boosts the quality of sound tremendously. Steps for using a stand-alone DAC are quite simple. You just have to plug in the DAC into your laptop or PC and you would experience a massive boost to your audio quality which is coming out of external speakers and amplifier or directly into your headphone. DAC increases the actual digital audio in high-quality audio output.

Depending upon one’s requirements there are various types of DAC available in the market. DAC’s are widely available for home-based audio CD players as well as desktop PC and laptops. If someone really is interested in enriching and increase the sound quality of a digital audio file, then one must try the benefits of Digital Audio Converter.

3. Get Headphones Amps

Getting yourself a high-quality digital audio and using a Digital Audio Converter (DAC) no doubt will give you a much better sound experience but use Headphone Amp will give you an instantly noticeable difference in sound quality. It not only will increase the overall volume but it will also allow you to enjoy better clarity at low volume.

Although one can enjoy the music of one’s choice by acquiring upgraded home Music player plugged to a great quality DAC will give excellent and enhanced stereo sound churning out of speakers and amplifier.

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But if one is interested in having the same experience of the highly enhanced music of digital audio files without making a dent or burden in the pocket. The answer is to grab a top quality headphone amp. Although laptops and many Music systems have integrated amplifiers connected to headphone jack but the chipset used is of very poor quality. This is mainly done to keep the production costs lower. Only a professional music studio avails the facility of using top quality integrated amplifiers that are connected to a headphone jack. Check Out: Best Headphone Amps

5 Ways to Improve Your Headphones Sound Quality 4

Headphone amplifiers are basically audio amplifiers intended for both headphone types that people wear both inside and outside the ears. These amplifiers built inside the headphones are meant for higher volume and grander electric signals for the music lovers that want to enjoy and experience enhanced sound quality. These headphones are superior to regular headphones in terms of music quality. Since they require a special amplifier that can manage and deliver a higher current capacity for consistent performance in terms of enhanced volume and music quality as compared to a regular headphone which works on a lower range of current. Therefore, they are also more expensive than the normal headphones.

Technically speaking, the headphone amp is of three types; tube type, solid state, and hybrids. Tube amps make the audio signal pass through glass vacuum tube. This way the quality of sound is highly improved and one receives a very less distorted deep sound. Solid state amps do not equal to Tube amps in terms of warmth in the sound but still matches up to a high level of exactness in sound. Tube amps are costlier than solid state amps but when it comes out to sound quality, both are almost similar.

4. Using High-Quality Cable

More than 90% percent are completely unaware of the importance of a good quality cable. There are many high-end cables to choose as per one’s requirement. The cable is necessary but a common man never figure out why so much hype?

The answer is simple if the person is interested and want to have the experience in discovering minute details about the audio one is listening to. Then definitely high-end cable is a necessity unless someone is hard of hearing or dumb. Indeed, this is a contentious question. When the person already has invested in acquiring all the other elements relating to the enhancement of music such as digital music quality audio, strong signal chain, DAC and headphone amp.

5 Ways to Improve Your Headphones Sound Quality 5

Within these questions lies the answer. Cable is necessary to complete a basic signal chain. Therefore, a high-end cable would enhance this feature immensely. Most of the cable that one has comes with the kit but then there are some that one has to buy exclusively. Given below is the list of few necessary cables:

  • A headphone cable with jack that connects your amp to your headphones
  • Elementary RCA cable that connects your DAC to the amplifier and
  • A USB cable having an adapter which connects your audio system to the DAC.

Besides getting an RCA cable there may not be the necessity of buying other two cables as these will come along with amp, headphones or DAC.

5. Let’s list some Ravishing Docs and Amps:

1. Optoma NuForce uDAC5 High-Resolution Mobile DAC

Optoma NuForce uDAC5 High-Resolution Mobile DAC
  • ESS SABRE Hyper stream DAC for the best file conversion
  • High performance 140mWat32 Ohm headphone amplifier
  • Supports virtually all file formats including DSD256 and up to...
  • USB-powered, no external power supply required
  • Supports Windows and Mac

If you are a great fan of watching movies, playing games and listening to music all at home with the best sound quality then this product has been designed especially for you. The device is made up of high-grade aluminium and is considered as the most light-weight yet the most powerful portable amplifier in the market. For the best file conversion, the device uses ESS SABRE Hyperstream DAC. This helps in generating the most amazing sound quality and the exact music notes as recorded in the studio.

You can enjoy the highest resolution sound and the best quality with traditional audio settings all at home via your headphones. The amplifier can be used for almost all within the ear and over ear headphones. The device can be used for high-resolution DAC and DSD.

The device is USB-powered and does not require any external power supply. The main advantage of the device over CDs is that it can bring out a much higher range of sound than the CDs hence providing you with a better experience. The uDAC5 used in the device offers nearly twice power and quality as compared to its predecessor. All you have to do is just connect your headphones to the device and enjoy the high-quality music.

The amplifier is a 140mW high-power and 32-ohm resistance. The device is capable of providing virtual support to nearly all file formats. The product is supportive to both Mac and Windows. The device is compact enough o fit in your pockets and the uDAC5 amplifier allows you to use the device anywhere and everywhere to enjoy the best quality music through your headphones. The product weights 3.5 ounces.

This amplifier by OPTOMA technology has a compact design with length, breadth and height dimensions of just 1.8, 2.7 and 0.8-inches respectively. The device has a 16/24 bit resolution and rotary volume control. The amplifier has just 0.01% of harmonic distortion. The silver colour and compact size of the device makes it quite popular and trending among the customers. You must check out this product which would help in enhancing your music experience to another level.

2. Audioengine D1 24-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter

Audioengine D1 32-bit Portable Headphone Amp and USB DAC...
  • HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER AND USB DAC AMP: Play high-resolution 32 bit music...
  • PROFESSIONAL FEATURES: USB and optical audio inputs for...
  • HI-RES AUDIO: Our headphone amp has a 32 Bit ESS ES9018 DAC, ES9601C...
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: D1 headphone amplifier and DAC, USB cable, setup...
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY: Stellar US based customer support and 3 year product...

This DAC converter is one of the best audio player devices that must be considered when you want to enjoy the best quality of high-resolution sound within a compact device and complete usage flexibility. The device has a power button and a USB charging spot. It does not require any external power supply and also can be easily connected to your headphones that will help you to enjoy your music time alone without any kind of disturbance. The device can be used in windows and supports Mac too. You will see a USP input and an optical S/PDIF input on the device. It has a rotary volume button which helps in adjusting the volume easily.

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The device provides a high-quality sound which is much better than the sound offered by the CDs because the CDs can generate only a limited amount of sound but this device is capable of generating sound quality quite close to the original track as recorded in the main studio. The device features a 24/96-bit perfect stream which provides an exceptional HD quality to the sound coming out of the device. You can easily carry the device in your pocket and enjoy high-resolution sound anywhere. The product has got very positive reviews by the customers and is considered as one of the best products amongst its category.

The product weighs just 8.8 ounces and has a length, breadth and height dimensions of just 2.8, 3.5 and 1.2 inches respectively. The product was launched first on Amazon in the year 2011 and has become quite popular amongst the music lovers all over the world till now. The colour and design of the device make it quite attractive to be carried and also, the product has an amazing power range and high quality of sound that it won’t fail to convince the customers to buy it. The customers must go and check this device on Amazon and experience a whole new music, movies and gaming experience. This DAC converter by Audioengine will let you enjoy your daily music with a whole new era of clarity and quality.

3. FiiO E10K USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier

FiiO E10K USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier (Titanium)
  • DAC Chip—The Internal DAC chip is a PCM102 and can handle PCM files...
  • LOW NOISE FLOOR — The unit has an optimized low-pass filter and...
  • USB CONNECTION — Connects to your laptop via its micro USB...
  • CONNECTION VARIETY — The variety of connections include a...
  • PORTABLE DESIGN — A sleek, brushed aluminum shell and chassis allow...

This headphone amplifier by FiiO is a great product both in looks and in features. The colour and the design of the product make it quite popular among the customers. The rotary volume button on the device makes it look more cool and stylish to carry with. You can easily connect the device to speakers and then enjoy the high-quality sound of your songs, movies and also the device would enhance your gaming experience as now the sound would be clearer and louder than before.

The amplifier is made up of a sleek aluminium shell and the design is so compact that it can be carried easily anywhere while travelling. The device comes in a metallic black colour as the colour is very popular amongst most of the buyers. The device does not require any external power source. The device creates a lower noise floor in all states as the bass provided to the device is designed in such way. the USB connection of the device is very useful as it can be easily charged and connected to any device required.

You can easily connect any kind of headphones whether in-ear or on-head to the device to enjoy the sound quality without disturbing your personal space. The device is specially designed just to improve the sound quality of your laptop and phones. The DAC chip of the device helps it in handling up to 24-bit and a high resolution of 96 KHz. The bass boost and low-pass filter of the device are its main features and help the device to achieve a high rating in the market.

The unit gains power from your laptop when connected to it using a USB cable. You can take your digital experience to another level using this device. Special filters are used in the product so that your sound comes out with a high resolution and the aluminium shell makes the product highly-durable and portable to be used. The sound quality will blow up your homes and you will feel a whole new sensation of the amazing quality of sound coming out of your speakers or headphones as per your choice.

4. Bravo Audio V2 Class A 12AU7 Tube Headphone Amplifier

Bravo Audio V2 Class A 12AU7 Tube Multi-Hybrid Headphone...
  • Includes high-quality Shuguang 12AU7 tube
  • Parallel 3.5mm and RCA stereo inputs
  • Gain control with Japanese ALPS potentiometer

This audio device is quite unique and popular among its category. In case of this product, you only have to amplify the sound and no the price. The device is a great example of affordable quality. Here you don’t have to compromise qualities and nor the looks. The device is very famous due to its cool looks. Bravo is known for the most amazing and affordable high-quality tubes and amplifiers. The open air and high-quality tube of this amplifier make it a great product which is considered to the best amongst all the products of the company. The open-air design of the product lets the air to pass through the device hence helping to maintain a cool temperature and avoid excessive heating of the product.

The Shuguang tube that is placed in the middle of the product helps in providing a signature shimmer to the sound which would blow up your minds. The product can be easily paired up with your headphones and can be carried anywhere you want. The product supports an impedance of 20 to 600 ohms and will help you in enhancing the sound quality of your movies, and games too. You can connect the device to your speakers and then enjoy the high-resolution sound on a higher level.

The device has both RCA and a 1/8 inch inputs with a 100mV input sensitivity and a 30 Db gain. The amplifier by Bravo Audio weights just 1 pound and the length, breadth and height dimensions of the products are 1.7, 3.1 and 3.1 inches respectively. The dual triode 12AU7 tube used in the device can be used in separate sections separately. The users need not be concerned about the mono summing problem as it is a full stereo tube.

The device has an intensity of around 10 Hz to 60 KHz and a 24 V DC supply along with many such features that would make you choose this product for the best quality sound and the highest resolution to make your movie and gaming experience better than before.