Wireless HeadphonesHeadphones have a long and colorful history. If you look in the history if headphones, you will see that they started out as heavy and big pieces made with metal whose primary use is for the military. But right now, they are mass produced gadgets that are as much a fashion statement as your jewelries.

From heavy things, now the headphones are as light as possible for maximum comfort. Why stop there, though? Now we have wireless headphones as well! If you are not sold yet with wireless headphones, we listed 7 times you should use wireless headphones just for you!

Some of the Times When Using Wireless Headphones Will Be Great

When You Go To the Gym and Work Out

Working out in the gym can be made easier with how wireless headphones give you more freedom of movement

Do you love going to the gym and working out? I do not know, maybe you want to shed some extra pounds or maybe you have a dream body you want to achieve. It could also be that you just want to let off some steam and relieve some stress.

No matter what your reason is for going to the gym, I am pretty sure that mist of you have pretty headphones on while you are working out. That is because some of us really do work out better with music as a companion. Now, imagine going about your workout with you headphones on and music playing in your ears.

Done? Now, you see, the headphones you have on have wires. So, of course, you have your phone (or whatever the device you use to store your playlist in) on you. That means you have some extra weight on your body, right? That is the first problem.

You can argue that the weight of the phone is actually pretty nonexistent, though. Now we move on to the next problem in this scenario, the wires of you headphones can get caught on the equipment of the gym! Have you ever experienced getting pulled back because of that? Pretty annoying!

While we are at it, there is also a chance that the wires of your headphones can hinder your movements. Basically, using wired headphones while you are working out can slow you down and it poses tripping hazard as well! But when you use wireless headphones instead? You eliminate all of those problems!

When you use wireless headphones while you are in the gym, you can put your phone away. It may be a short distance as well but definitely not as short as when you are using wired headphones. Also, because there are no wires, you can move more freely instead of getting distracted by how much your wires can stretch.

When You Are Doing Outdoor Sports like Biking and Climbing

Using wireless headphones when you are climbing mountains or biking on dirt paths is more convenient and comfortable

Another point in the 7 times you should use wireless headphones is when you are doing outdoor sports. Have you noticed it? Lately, it seems that almost every single person you know is climbing mountains or riding a bike through dirt roads. I have not tried it yet, maybe soon they can convince me.

Anyways, people who climb mountains and ride bikes all over the planet are not content with just doing what they do. They also take cameras and other gadgets with them wherever they might be trekking at a given day. Of course, headphones are not excluded in the trove of gadgets they take with them.

Maybe the music makes them feel like they are in a movie or something! Just kidding. Music can take away your mind from the exhaustion you are currently feeling so it is a good thing to have when you are facing mountains and dirt paths. There is that, and the headphones can be beneficial if your parents suddenly call you, or maybe your partner.

To make it short, headphones are part of the getup of people who do outdoor sports. But again, it is hard to use wired headphones when you are moving around like that. Seriously, I would want my phone to be as secure as possible when climbing and biking. Having wired headphones connected to them while doing those things? No way!

Aside from that, dealing with stubborn and not so strong wires while doing outdoor sports can be stressful as well. The wire degradation can also be problematic if you take wired headphones with you like that. If you use wireless headphones instead, you are saving repair money (even money for buying a new pair of headphones) and protecting your device as well. Not to mention letting you feel more comfortable.

When You Are Running

You can run more freely and with more ease when you use wireless headphones instead of wired ones

Maybe you do not need fancy equipment to burn off some calories, maybe you are not interested in getting bruised and battered because of outdoorsy sports. If so, you might enjoy running as a way to keep fit. And in the 7 times you should use wireless headphones, running is another one in our list.

Running is another type of outdoor sports or activity, but is does not require much and I would like to think of it in another category. Anyways, when we are running, some of us love to have music for company as well. It just takes your mind off the pain in your muscles and it makes you feel empowered, too!

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Don’t you just love listening to Beyonce’s words while running? So yeah, we take our phone or music player with us when we run. Along with that, of course, are our headphones.

Just think about running while you have wired headphones on your ears. I know most of us who love to run have experience with running with wired headphones on, right? I get annoyed with the laces of my running shoes, and they rarely get tangled enough to slow me down, what more when you are dealing with the wires of your headphones?

When you run with wired headphones, there are times when you can’t move enough because of how short the wires are. If the wires happen to be very long, you run (no pun intended) the risk of getting yourself on a tangle with them. Unlike when you are running with wireless headphones on!

When you use wireless headphones, you will never have to deal with either too short or too long wires. You can easily switch from playing music to answering call as well. Not to mention the fact that you can place your phone in a more obscure and secure place.

When You Are Driving

Using your phone and taking calls is against the law, but some places allow it if you are using wireless headphones

When you are driving a car, you are responsible not just for your safety but for the safety of your passengers and of the other people who are on the road with you. That is why you have to take all of the precautions when driving as serious as possible. Life depends on that and you do not want to be just a part of statistics.

In fact, a lot of things are not allowed when driving. Using phones is just one in the long list of things that are prohibited while driving. Of course, there is good reason for that. Using your phone and looking at it takes your focus away from the road and when you are driving, a hundred percent of your focus should be on the road.

Using phones alone is the thing that is prohibited though. There are phone accessories that can help you out in the sense that you will not have to take your eyes of the road when you have to operate your phone. One of those things are wireless headphones.

You will have to check it out with the laws in your place, though, because in some places even wireless headphones are not allowed. But let us get back to the topic at hand, most times the only type of headphones allowed are wireless. Why not the wire variety, you might ask.

The answer to that is pretty simple, really. Using a phone while driving should be done without using hands. Sure, you do not have to touch the phone either when you are using wired headphones. The problem there is that the wires can get tangled while you are using them. It can get tangled in your lap or even some part of your body which can cause distractions.

When You Need To Move Almost All the Time

Using wireless headphones in our everyday lives, especially for people who are always on their feet, is very convenient

We live in a world where every single thing is fast paced. No matter what you are doing, almost every time, every second that passes is important. If you want to be as productive as possible you will have too keep on moving or else you will be left behind.

You have to learn how to multitask if you want to keep up and finish everything on time. As the saying goes, time is money. But on the course of a day, there are a lot of things that we have to do by the phone. Call people here and there, communicate with your colleagues.

That is just part of our lives and it should never be stressful. Talking on the phone while walking around? It is almost second nature to us. Having to hold your phone close to your ears while shuffling through papers? That is an annoyance that you should not have to face.

In that front, almost all types of headphones are blessings. But if you do not have to deal with your phone but have to deal with wires, it will also slow you down. Because when you are using wired headphones, it can also hinder your movements and you still have to have your phone very close to you.

With wireless headphones, you can walk around while your phone is in your bag without wires sticking out everywhere. You do not need to keep on getting wires out of you way either. Left your phone somewhere in another room? No worries, either!

You can still answer calls even if you phone is in another room as long as you have your wireless headphones with you. That means you do not have to miss important call just because your phone is a few feet away from you. Walking around while talking with some on the phone will not cause you hassle as well.

When You Need To Connect More Than One Pair of Headphones To Your Device

I do not know about you, but my friends and I love to watch TV series and movies on laptops and tablets. We mostly do that when our professor suddenly ends the class or does not show up. Usually, we turn out the lights in the classroom and then turn up the volume of the laptop.

Mostly, that results in broken speakers and not enough volume. The best way to really enjoy these things is by using headphones to cancel out the noise that surrounds us. The main problem in that scenario? We can only connect one pair of headphones to the laptop. We can invest in a hub for headphones but we do not really do watch movies that often to make buying a hub a good investment.

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Another thing is when you want to share a certain music to some people but not to every single person in a room. Yeah, I have fought enough battles for the headphones to know that the struggle is real. Again, a hub will be nice but it is simply not that practical.

All of that struggles can be left behind when you use wireless headphones instead of wired ones. Yes, all of it. That is why this is another point in 7 times you should use wireless headphones.

Most of the devices and gadgets available in the market right now only have one port for headphones, some devices even have the port for headphones double as a charging port! Fortunately, wireless headphones do not need physical ports to connect to your device. You can connect multiple wireless headphones to a device and get the party started!

All you really need is a device with great Bluetooth capabilities and wireless headphones that are compatible with each other. Connect as many as possible and voila! Enjoy sharing with friends and family!

When You Need To Use the Headphones in Different Devices

Most people have multiple gadgets and it is more practical to have one pair of headphones that is compatible with all of them

At this day and age, it is pretty normal to have multiple smart phones (not for cheating, okay? For practical purposes!), tablets, music player and computers and laptops. As I have said, not for cheating, but some people just like to keep a business phone and a personal phone. That is practical as well so you will know which is urgent and which is not.

Anyways, there are a lot of brands of gadgets in the market right now. All of them are competitive as well. Because of that, and the way that each of the brands have some edge over their competitors in one front or another, it is also normal to have devices of different brands at the same time.

It is just that some brands are more suited for gaming purposes, some are great for professional use and so and so forth. And since you deserve the best in anything, you get things that are suitable for their designated use. The problem with that is that most wired headphones are also designed for one brand only.

Do not get me wrong, some headsets, even if they are not made for one brand, can be used for others as well. It is just that most of the time, the sound quality will suffer. In addition to that, the buttons built in the headphones for control do not function in some other gadgets sometimes.

If you ever happen to find wired headphones that you will be able to use in all of your devices, the problem would be the strain of plugging them in and out of one device to another. With wireless headphones, you can just pair them with all of your devices. After that, you can switch from one device to another with so much ease!


Is it safe to use Bluetooth headphones daily?

Yes, it is safe to use Bluetooth headphones daily if they are of good quality. Bluetooth headphones come with many advantages, such as eliminating the need for wires and allowing you to move freely while listening to your favorite music or audio. As long as you maintain proper care and safety precautions, such as keeping them away from water and other liquids, your wireless headphones will last a long time.

How long should you use Bluetooth headphones per day?

The length of time you should use Bluetooth headphones per day depends on the type and quality of the headphones. Generally speaking, it is recommended to limit your usage of any type of headphones to around two hours a day due to potential hearing damage caused by prolonged exposure to sound. If you are using high-quality noise-canceling headphones, this time can be extended somewhat, but it is still important to take regular breaks from headphone use.

How long should I use headphones per day?

It is important to use headphones in moderation. The World Health Organization recommends limiting headphone use to no more than one hour per day at a moderate volume. It is also important to take regular breaks from using headphones, as listening for extended periods of time may damage your hearing. Additionally, if you are using Bluetooth headphones and notice any discomfort or pain in your ears after a few minutes, it is best to stop and give yourself a break.

How many hours is good for burn in headphones?

Burn-in is the process of playing music through a pair of headphones to help them reach their full potential in terms of sound quality. It typically takes anywhere from 8-100 hours to complete the burn-in process, depending on the type and model of headphones you are using. This can be done over a period of days or weeks, with breaks mixed in between sessions if needed. The idea is to continuously expose your headphones to different types of music for an extended period so that its drivers can settle into their optimal performance level.


As you see, we have come a long way from the first pieces of headphones that were produced. To be fair, we are not using them for combat. We use headphones now in our everyday lives to take calls and to listen to music.

That means most of the time, we have our headphones on. So of course, the best thing about headphones nowadays are their convenience and comfort. Wireless headphones are the next step in this technology.

Did you enjoy knowing the 7 times you should use wireless headphones. Leave a comment so we could know what you think!