Best Bluetooth Headphones with MicLet’s face it, one thing is clear.

Bluetooth headphones with a good quality mic are becoming more and more popular nowadays.

But what is the reason for that?

The fact that you are here doing your researching probably means that you already know this reason.

For starters, the law is becoming very strict with bans being imposed on the use of handheld cell phones in your car.

On top of this, the increasing use of smartphones has also raised the popularity of this type of accessory.

If you use your phone regularly while out and about and while driving then this type of accessory will probably be considered as a must buy for you.

Alongside their popularity, the quality, appearance and features of these bluetooth headsets seems to be improving with time. There are now highly modernized designs available which also incorporate highly efficient performance such as a strong battery life, fantastic sound quality and great comfort.

Your only problem is that there are so many products available on the market that you will find it challenging to focus on the type you would like to use.

What’s worse is that you will not even have a chance to try these before spending your hard earned money. This is why there should be great amount of focus placed on reading reviews and trying to take in as much information as possible before your purchase.

With great emphasis placed on the inclusion of the microphone feature, I have carried out extensive research and tests to ensure that you make the best choice when making your decision.

Below, I have selected the best 5 headsets for those with a budget along with another top 5 if you are willing to go for a premium product.

Bluetooth Headset with Microphone 2020

Sony MDR-10RBT

The Sony MDR-10RBTs were the best bluetooth headphones on this top 5 list.

This was due to a number of factors including comfort, features and budget. It is a direct competitor to Beats Studio Wireless but it just about wins the race due to the cheaper price.

In terms of use, it provides great comfort and has an integrated mic, the sound clarity of which is excellent.

The only drawback I would consider is the impact of the excellent noise cancelling feature while speaking on the phone.

Due to this, it is possible that you may not be able to hear your own voice but this may corrected by simply adjusting one of the earcups off your ear.

Beats Studio Wireless

From my research, it is clear that the Beats Studio Wireless is the most-sought after pair of headphones.

The quality is premium and the brand creates all the attention when you are out in public.

However, the the Beats Studio Wireless headphones don’t actually sound great and there are definitely better options out there. On the plus side, they are extremely comfortable to use.

The built-in mic provides perfectly clear sound when using it as a hands-free.

To put it simply, the $280 price tag puts a huge question mark over these. Are they worth the price? In my opinion, there are much better options out there and $280 is way too much for these Beats.

However, if you want a fashionable pair of headphones that get all the attention, these are perfect.

Bose AE2w

The Bose AE2w is the first pair of Bluetooth headphones made by this particular manufacturer. Despite this, it is still one of the most lightweight and comfortable pair of headphones available to buy.

You will be provided with great sound quality and clarity when using the mic.

Bear in mind that you will not get anywhere near as much attention as you would with Beats Studio Wireless but if the design is not one of your criteria then go for the comfort associated with Bose AE2w.

Despite the comfort associated with this product, it is still quite costly so make sure to bear that in mind. Like the Beats, Bose has a reputation for focusing more on style than the actual sound quality.

Sol Republic Tracks Air Wireless

This product is not exactly cheap but remains very reasonably priced when compared to its more premium competitors.

On top of this, they seem to be one of the best headphones with a dual mic feature available to buy so if this is the feature you consider most important along with solid sound quality and comfort then this would be your best bet.

One main drawback of this product I would mention is the fact that they cannot be folded so they probably would not be as compact as we would like.

Parrot Zik

The Parrot Zik earphones would be considered as a luxury product due to the overall appearance and incredible sound quality. However, this luxury is also represented by the cost of buying them.

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Priced at $375 which is on the same level as Beats Studio Wireless, I would think that you are better off going for it’s more stylish and eye-catching competitor.

In terms of the mic, the sound quality is great and you get the feel of using a proper headset.

However, if you are listening to music in the background, the noise cancelling feature while speaking on the phone is a bit disappointing.

In overview, my conclusion for this product as a bluetooth headset is that it an average yet expensive product which would be more suited for those focusing on its sound quality for music.

Top Budget Wireless Headphones with Microphone

MEElectronics Air Fi Runaway

This product is very well priced and provides everything you need if you require the basic features of a bluetooth headset.

They not only have a 12 hour battery life, high comfort and pretty good call and sound quality but they look quite cool too.

A major drawback is that they are plastic and so may be prone to damage. However, they don’t cost $300 which makes this set the best around if you are on a budget.

This is not only because of the price and other features discussed above but also the fact that they can be folded for portability and come in a variety of colours.

Photive BTH3

This pair probably looks the coolest if compared to other similarly priced products.

It looks sleek and provides a premium appearance. Including a hard travel case and priced very reasonably, this product would be considered a bargain due to its features.

The Photive BTH3 provides approximately 12 hours of battery life while also comprising excellent sound clarity. The quality of the mic is also impressive at this price range.

All in all, this set of headphones will give you an impressive array of features.

However, the one negative aspect is that there may be leakage of sound although this can be common with most headphones.

This means that if you like to blast music in a quiet place, it is highly likely that others around you will probably hear you.

Creative WP-450

The Creative WP-450 is another lightweight product which comes with a travel case and provides great comfort for the price.

It is also foldable making it convenient for traveling while sound quality is awesome with clear bass.

You can even charge it during use which can be a bonus for some of us.

As with all these types of products, if you are on a budget, you will probably be compromising the quality.

This is also true for this pair of headphones as one particular problem I experienced was that the longer you use it, the more uncomfortable it can get and eventually make you want to take it off.

In conclusion, the Creative WP-450 provides good value for money and has all the basic features an average person requires. It probably won’t be suitable if you are an audiophile.

Sony DRB-TN200/BLK

The Sony DRB-TN200 bluetooth headset feels very lightweight almost as if it is barely there when in use.

The best features of this product I noticed were the magnificent battery life as well as the easy functionality especially when used as a hands-free.

They are also quite stylish and have a strong noise cancellation feature.

Despite the positives, the most common complaint with this product is the fact that they are quite small so they will fit differently depending on the size and shape of your head.

This also makes it prone to discomfort if used for a prolonged period of time.

All in all, this product provides good value but can be uncomfortable and the fit will depend entirely on your head shape and size.

SoundBot SB240

The SoundBot SB240 is the most affordable headset on my list. This probably leads to more negatives than positives for this product.

The sound clarity with the hands-free feature isn’t great and the person you are speaking to can find it quite difficult to understand you sometimes.

Despite this, it is still a decent product that is reasonably comfortable and has a good noise cancelling feature.

This along with the easy functionality makes a decent pair of cans especially for the money.

It isn’t a spectacular product but looking at how much it costs when compared to similar sets, it may be the right product for you especially if you have a very tight budget.

Best Bluetooth Headphones with Mic Buyer’s Guide

We buy our own products and put them under the same testing methodology so that you can easily compare them. Unlike most websites, we do not get our products directly from the manufacturers, which means our units aren’t handpicked and actually represent what you will buy for yourself. We spend lots of time evaluating the merchandise side-by-side to validate our results, and we keep them until they may be discontinued so we can continuously return back and make sure our reviews are always accurate.

Earphones are usually designed for hearing music, but most multi-purpose earphones routinely have a microphone you can use for phone calls or even online video gaming. There will very kind of microphones plus they don’t perform the same, so depending on your use case some headphones may be much better than others. Listed below are our top picks to discover the best earphones with a microphone with respect to the use case.

What are Bluetooth Headphones with Mic?

Bluetooth earphones are precisely what it appears like, headphones which you can use wi-fi and hook up to your device via Bluetooth. The great thing about them is that you don’t have to take into account an annoying cable getting tangled up and being in the manner, which may be a great comfort! Also, it means that you don’t need to have your mobile phone in your pocket, so long as it’s nearby.

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There are benefits and drawbacks, as with the rest. The largest pro is, even as we stated, that you don’t need that frustrating cord. Alternatively, that means you need to be sure you charge the earphones, in any other case you’ll have to plug them in with a headphone jack in any case. A lot of the earphones upon this list have lengthy battery pack life, though. In case your electric battery continues for 30 hours, you won’t actually have to charge them very often since you probably don’t listen to music 30 hours straight.

Bluetooth headphones with Mic come in all shapes and sizes. We have included earphones, on-ear headphones and over-ear headphones in our list. We’ll try to break it down to you so that you know the benefits of all three.

Let’s focus on the earphones. Bluetooth connectivity earphones can fittingly be described as your normal earphones that came with your phone, only wireless. And to be honest, isn’t the cord the thing that makes you disliking those earphones? With Bluetooth earphones, you’ll never again have to untangle an unruly mess ever again! The advantage of Bluetooth earphones, as opposed to headphones, is that they are extremely easy to bring with you in your pocket or bag.

The next step is on-ear headphones. It’s easy to mistake these for over-ear since they are both models that are pretty big and chunky with ear cups, but the models are what they sound like. On-ear headphones only cover part of your ear, and the ear cups are pressing on your ear because they are not big enough to go around it.

Many people choose to buy on-ear headphones because they offer good sound without being too bulky, and they are often foldable and easy to bring with you. They are the best-looking kind of headphone too and often come in cute, trendy colors.

Marshall Bluetooth HeadphonesThe biggest kind of headphones is over-ear, and they are the best kind if you want some really high-quality tunes.

Just the fact that they cover your entire ear blocks out background noise, however, many of these has active noise canceling.

Energetic noise canceling means that the headphone’s technology accumulates the backdrop noise and neutralizes it.

If you’re, for example, sitting down on an aircraft, you won’t have the ability to hear the motors. The sound canceling is most useful for low-pitched history sound, so screaming infants and fireplace alarms will still come through.

Is the Sound and CONSTRUCTION Compromised in any way With Bluetooth Headphones with Mic?

Yes, the audio is a little compromised, but that doesn’t indicate that it’s an undesirable option. Consider it, just how many bad-wired earphones are there out there? The answer is a great deal. So, wish pair of earphones is wired doesn’t imply that the audio is good. The contrary holds true too. Cellular earphones can frequently be much better than cheap price wired headphones.

Sure, if you’re a sound geek and very interested in getting the most perfect listening experience, you might want to look elsewhere, but if you’re just an informal music listener, you’ll probably not notice much of a difference if you go for high build quality headphones.

Do all Bluetooth Headphones with Mic Come with Noise Cancelling?

No, all Bluetooth Headphones don’t have noise canceling. Most often it’s just over-ear headphones that have it, and then not all of them do. But if you want noise canceling, look for over-ear headphones. They are what they sound like, headphones where the ear cup covers your entire ear, as opposed to on-ear headphones. Getting wireless noise-canceling headphones is a perfect idea, indeed.

How do you Charge Bluetooth Headphones?

You can charge your headphones via USB that you hook up to your laptop. Theoretically, if you have for example a mobile phone charger that you can plug a USB wire into, you can plug the earphones in during that if you don’t have a laptop. There are also car chargers you may use for your earphones.

Can Bluetooth Earphones be used During PHYSICAL ACTIVITY?

Yes, Bluetooth earphones with mic can be utilized during physical activity! In fact, these are ideal for it! Since when you’re working, weight lifting or doing Pilates, you don’t want a cable that gets in the manner. Trust us; it could be pretty unpleasant when you accidentally grab the earphones from your ears…

Final Thoughts

When looking for the right pair of headphones with a mic, I place great focus on a variety of different aspects with the cost being at the forefront of this.

For these types of products, I would generally spend a little bit more for a premium product. One of the main reasons for this is that we don’t buy products like Bluetooth headphones that regularly.

If I need something like this, I would expect to use it for a few years. This is why I would prefer to spend a few hundred dollars on a piece of kit that is very comfortable and has great features as well as a premium feel.

Think about it. Why spend under $100 for something that might last you a couple of months and is uncomfortable during that time.

For some products, it’s generally not an issue but for something that you use so frequently like Bluetooth headphones with mic, you might as well enjoy a quality product.

This is the reason I would go for Sony MDR-10RBT. Everything about this product, including the mic is premium and it’s actually reasonably priced too. This is what I would do.

However, if you really need to find something more affordable, the MEElectronics Air Fi Runaway and Photive BTH3s are as close to a premium product as you can get in 2019.