Make your workouts more interesting and entertaining with the exercise headphones in 2019. For those who want to know what workout headphones are, read further to understand the difference, and know why they’re in demand at present.

​Which Criteria for Top Exercise Headphones?

Best bluetooth headphones for exercise are similar in nature and purpose, but are more sophisticated to wear and reliable compared to ordinary headphones. Construction and design of workout headphones is made for sports persons, bike riders, athletes and those who want to burn extra calories off their body.

Because of their light weight, smoother earbuds/ear cups and water resistant capabilities, workout headphones are preferable over others for outdoor activities including jogging, working out, body building, even walking down the pathways.

So, what’s in it that makes them the best workout headphones ? Let’s find out:​

#1. Secure fit

If you’re enthusiastic about basketball, baseball, tennis, athletics or any other activity that requires body movement and complete focus on the game, then you’ll need something that perfectly resides in your ears and liberates you from pushing those earbuds inside your ears again and again. This is wear good workout headphones are different; they offer better grip to ears and the earbuds are tailor made for staying there no matter what you do.

#2. Long-term comfort


Workout sessions can last longer, depending upon your stamina and interest. Stamina building exercises require you to continuously increase the duration, and you cannot prolong your duration without extreme focus.

In order to avo >best earbuds for working out . They feature unique earbud material that not only conforms to your ear shape, it keeps your focus on the game as you’re raising the bar for yourself.​

#3. Resistance against sweat and grime

Workout means excessive energy and calorie burning. It makes you wet from head to toe, but you don’t have a choice but to stay focused. At the same time, you tend to find accessories – wrist watch, goggles, cap, earbuds – irritating.

If you’re wearing ordinary headphones, chances are, you’ll not be able to use them because of all the deterioration and wears they’d gone through. Keeping this in mind, headphone manufacturers came up with sweat resistance feature that keeps your earbuds safe from excessive sweat and grime, for better durability.

#4. Ergonomic fit


​Every human has his own natural movement and latest earbuds understand this uniqueness in you. Modern-day earbuds offer ergonomic fit that adjusts to your head shape and ear shape perfectly, and act like your body part. So, when you move, bent, run or fall down, these headphones will stay fixed in their place.

#5. Waterproofing

Swimmers often wear silicone-wrapped earbuds. Besides being the most comfortable material around, silicone is also a good waterproofing agent. The waterproofing feature prevents water from penetrating inside the wires and magnet of the earbud, and maintain the overall condition of the gadget.

Nowadays, best headphones for running also have this property. That means, you don’t need to remove your headphones as you pour water on your head after a 1000 meter run.​

#6. Wireless/Bluetooth Technology


Adding to the convenience, best headphones for working out normally work without a cable or cord. They may have wires for connecting the two earbuds that can be adjusted according to the requirements. Bluetooth feature allows you to move within a certain radius of the sound producing source. Plus, you don’t have any cord to hold your movements.

With all the above mentioned features combined, you’ll get the sport headphones that will stick to you all the time. But that’s not it. The basic purpose, i.e. sound quality, is yet to be explained.​

The Five Best Exercise Headphones 2019

1. Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones can be your best companions during long workout sessions. Starting with the sleek and trendy earbuds, these headphones offer secure fit for any ear shape. If you’re not used to wearing over the ear headphones, try Jaybird X2’s amazing under-ear grip to get the perfect fit.​

Best thing about the headphones is its lifetime warranty for sweat proofing. No matter what sports you play , the earbuds won’t get damaged under any circumstances. In order to give you the best comfort and fit, Jaybird X2 Wireless headphones feature ear tips made of Premium Sport memory foam , which means, it will not only conforms to your ears, it will keep you cool, fresh and focused on your task.​

The headphones come with secure-fit ear fins and there is a lovely friction-free carrying case made of silicone. The ear tips material is also made of silicone , which is a sign of high standard set by these headphones. The cord management clips provide distraction-free workout.​

The headphones can operate continuously for 8 hours , thanks to powerful lithium battery . Plus, there is a b uilt-in remote to control volume, take calls and skip/select songs. With a total weight of just 10.56 ounce , Jaybird X2 are right there as the best sports headphones .​

2. Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone

Available in 8 different colors, Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones give a sneak peek into the future due to their highly efficient and sleek looks. To start with, they qualify as the best earbuds for working out because of water and sweat resistant capabilities.

Best thing about these headphones is the quality of music you’ll get. Powerbeats 2 feature dual drivers to produce crystal clear sound with maximum acoustics .​

Listening to music and taking calls can never be any simpler, because of no-slip grip RemoteTalk control . All you need is pair these headphones with your Bluetooth device and enjoy working out within 30 feet range .​

Powerbeats 2 Wireless Earphones offer slightly less battery time , given that some efficient models offer up to 8 hours of continuous music. Moreover, they don’t have noise-cancelling feature. But when you consider additional features, accessories and price, you’ll find them more suitable for workouts.​

Other features and specifications of Powerbeats 2 Wireless Headphones include:

  • Wrap around cable with RemoteTalk feature
  • Micro USB cable
  • Cable management clip
  • 4 pairs of ear tips for personalized fit with maximum comfort
  • Manufacturer’s guide

The headphones have extremely light weight of just 0.75 pounds and their circumaural design offers perfect fit for all ear shapes.

​3. Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones Review

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones are certainly the best workout headphones around. These headphones have been in the market for quite a while and they’ve been maintaining a great reputation so far.​

The headphones are extremely flexible , so that they can fit on any head shape. The flexibility, as well as the lack of cord, also makes them more go-to headphones, since they can be folded and bagged. They’re durable and can withstand extreme levels of workout .​

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Headphones have nano-coating technology that prevents water and sweat from going inside its earbuds. So, you don’t have to remove them time and time again during workouts. And unlike ordinary phones, they’ll last longer.​

Although they have closed-back design for noise isolation, the safety-oriented ear tips keep you connected with your surroundings as well. The over-ear controls allow you to control the volume, take/end calls with just one hand. You don’t have to stop your bike to receive a call.​

  • Coming to the battery, these headphones are powerful enough to give you 6 hours of continuous talk time , up to 8 hours of continuous music , and up to 14 days of standby time .
  • When you’re away from your Bluetooth device, the headphone’s DeepSleep mode helps save energy by putting earbuds to hibernation.
  • These headphones remain updated with latest software, thanks to the free available app .

4. Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones with Single Dynamic MicroDriver

While Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones have all what it takes for perfect in-ear headphones – durable earbuds, grip, performance and looks, they’re also good for workouts and in-door sessions.​

While noise from the surroundings is quite important, sometimes you need distraction-free focus in your work. Featuring sound-isolation technology , these in-ear headphones offer just what you want.​

These headphones have impressive design, and here’s why:​

  • The optimized nozzle angle can fit almost all kinds of ears.
  • The low-profile shape is extremely light weight, with just 0.2 pounds.
  • The earbuds are flexible and soft , contour to ears gently and perfectly.

That means, you will not only get the perfect fit, these earphones will make you forget you’re actually wearing them.

The point where cables connect with earbuds is extremely delicate, and the thin wires can damage easily with turn and twists. So, these headphones feature detachable cable to avoid any damage. You can keep the cables and the ear tips separately in available storage case.

Shrue SE215-K in-ear headphones are right on top when you cons >best workout earbuds . Finally, there is a manufacturer’s manual to give you the perfect smooth start.​

5. 66 Audio BTS+ Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sports Headphones

If you’re crazy about music and you also need something economical, 66 Audio BTS+ Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sports Headphones can match your requirements perfectly. The headphones promise to deliver powerful stereo-quality sound you can expect from your Bluetooth music player. They are compatible with iPod, iPhone, Apple Watch, Android phones, PC and other mobile devices, giving you the best solution to listen to music on the move.

66 Audio Bluetooth Headphones are tailor made for athletes as they offer Bluetooth 4.0 + EDR technology along with multipoint pairing . If you have an Apple watch or an iPhone, you can monitor the battery performance of your headphones too.​

The reasons why they’re perfect for outdoor activities include:

  • BTS with Bluetooth 4.0 features latest CSR aptx audio technology for wireless headphones, giving higher bandwidth up to 16-bit – that’s almost the quality of the sound you get on your CD player.
  • You’ll get incredible sound reproduction with data rate touching 352kbps .
  • The headphones offer crystal clear voice on hands free calls, thanks to CVC noise cancellation technology .
  • You can take calls and adjust volume with over-ear controls .
  • The headphones can run beyond 30 hours on single charge , and up to 400 hours (more than 16 days) of standby time.
  • You’ll get 1-year manufacturer’s warranty to secure your purchase
  • User manual is also included in the package.

​Tips for Choosing Your Exercise Headphones under 50


Choosing any headphone can be tricky if you don’t know where to start and what things to cons >best wireless headphones for exercise . And here, we’re talking about the best ones. So, follow these guidelines no matter where you want to buy, whether online or physical store.​

1. Determine the purpose

For every product, there is a purpose at the back, and with workout headphones it becomes much clearer. You’re a sports person, a serious gym hitter, a pro cyclist or an audiophile who doesn’t want to remove those smooth earbuds off, exercise freak in ear headphones serve every single one of them.

Digging deeper, you’ll narrow down choices filtering them through the following criteria:​

  • Perfect and smooth fit,
  • Long workout sessions in which you cannot lose focus,
  • Free movement and intense sweating,
  • Clear voice with noise cancellation feature,
  • Flexibility, durability, and more

2. Keep yourself updated

With lots of gadgets hitting the market every day, sport headphones are getting equipped with new features and technologies. So, better know what’s coming, before you purchase anyone of them.

The only possible, and perhaps the best way for that is:​

  • Get yourself acquainted with technical jargons; such as, frequency range, sound acoustics, impedance, wireless technology, Bluetooth version, specific design and more,
  • Understand which brand offers the best items, and
  • See what customers are buying and experiencing about particular model.

With just a few online searches and reading blogs such as this one, you’ll have plenty of knowledge about what you need to see in the cheap exercise headphones .

3. Search Instore

You’ll be lucky to have a few physical stores in your locality. Departmental stores also feature music sections and sell headphones. The only problem is, they tend to sell general-purpose headphones instead of sport headphones.

Our advice is, either search a proper music store where you may find the right sports headphones, or checkout the sports shop where few electronic items may be available in a display.

But again, you need to be careful and discuss each and every feature with the sales guy. Perhaps, a 15 minute try-out session would help, which is the biggest advantage of physical locations. Do not purchase until you got convinced.​

4. Read expert opinions

Once pin pointing a few good sports headphones, it’s time you should check out the pros’ rating. Again, there are plenty of online platforms specific for headphones, such as this one, where you can learn a great deal.

Just go through the comparison charts and expert’s analysis and read the summary at the end. These information will help a lot in making the right decision.

5. Don’t forget customer reviews

​Online stores don’t just sell things, they have a reputation to maintain. They take it as their ethical responsibility to update customers with the positive and negative sides of the products displayed. So, every product will have a few, or more than a few, online customer reviews.

The more reviews a product has, the more popular it will be, and you’ll get a lot of reasons to buy or not to buy a certain product. So, go through the pros and cons of the product and decide in the lights of what customers had to say.

6. Go through specs

​After being convinced, check out the features and specifications of the product. Here, your knowledge about the headphones will help you a great deal in narrowing down your choices. For instance, if you know the difference between silicone and memory foam, you’ll be able to decide which headphones you should prefer.

7. Understand technicalities

​In order to understand the technical features of a certain product, look for Questions/Answers section. Here, you’ll find information that’s not been published in the “features” section. Plus, you’ll get loads of handy advices from pros and experts, all of them for free!

By now, you must have narrowed down your choices a great deal.​

8. Check for extra benefits

​You’re almost there, but wait!

Have you checked the warranty? Is it applicable in your area/region? If so, to what extent?

Are you getting extra ear tips, charger cable and other important accessories for free? or do you have to purchase them separately? Will you get the storage case or not?

These questions will become more important once you start using your headphones. So, better update yourself before you purchase them.

9. Compare price

​While price has always been the core motive, but when it comes to comfort, convenience and functionality, you may want to stretch it a little, don’t you? Instead of thinking about the price, you need to make sure you’re not wasting your money.

So, after limiting your options, price would be the last barrier for the perfect budget exercise headphones to climb. Best way to compare price is by starting with the manufacturer’s website, then checking for availability, shipping charges and other discounts on e-commerce stores.

Get It!

  • You’ve done all the research,
  • Had all the necessary information about the sports headphones
  • You have gone through the specs,
  • Read all the specs and technical features,
  • Got updates of additional benefits
  • Learnt from customer’s experiences
  • Compared prices of the best earbuds for working out.
  • Checked for availability, shipping charges, return policies on different online stores

It’s time to hit that “Buy” button.

Quick Tips for Use​

  • Keep the earbuds safe from water. Although, sports headphones can withstand sweat and liquid, but unnecessary exposure can cause damage to the material.
  • Do not tangle the headphone cord unnecessarily. The wires are so delicate they can get damaged.
  • Keep your headphones away from electric or heating source or it might get damaged.
  • If the headphones have detachable cord, keep them separately in the pouch.
  • Keep updating your headphones with latest firmware.
  • Protect earbuds and ear tips from dust and dirt, or the sound quality will be lost.
  • Do not listen for too long. It’s better to give your ears a bit of rest after every hour or so. Otherwise, continuous listening might cause hearing loss.
  • Listen to the music at reasonable volume. Higher volume can cause permanent hearing damage.


Finally, you have gone through all the exercise headphones 2019, and have decided which one’s in the list you’ll have sooner or later. Even if you haven’t decided yet, this post will surely have added a lot of information to your knowledge base.


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