Best Gaming Headset under 100 DollarsQuite a few people opt for the best gaming headset under 100 bucks.

This is because buying such products is one way of enhancing our entertainment experience. However, the price associated with such accessories can be very high.

While some aspects of the quality will be compromised, quite a few people would object to spending the same amount of money on a pair of headphones as they spent on their console.

If your budget is within the 100 dollar range, you might still be able to find something worthwhile.

Even though 100 bucks might not seem like much, you still wouldn’t want to end up spending your hard-earned money on something that fails to meet your criteria.

The first part of this criterion should be compatibility. Do you need the set to work with the PC? A lot of people like to use their headphones for multiple consoles including the Xbox and Playstation.

Ideally, our intention should be to find a set that works with a variety of systems.

Best Gaming Headphones under 100 dollars

Along with the compatibility, another beneficial feature is the utilization of wireless technology.

While this does worsen the sound to a certain extent if compared to a wired set, the hassle associated with long tangling cables is much worse.

Considering the fact that our budget is on the low side, it’d be quite difficult to find a great wireless set.

However, our team has carried out significant investigation in order to find a top set for you.

As we all have different consoles and different requirements, we’ve sought to find the most complete set which will fall within your budget.

One set may perform better for a particular console but these sets should mostly be compatible with multiple systems. In order to confirm this compatibility, you’ll need to make sure that you take a quick look at the comparison table below!

Quality simulated sound is delivered to perfection by the RUNMUS Gaming Headset which aids in setting the stage for an immersive gaming experience.

It highly responsive audio drivers aid in making out the sound direction such as enemy footsteps, gunfire and even scenario indicators so that you can gain a competitive advantage over your enemies in the game field.

The RUNMUS gaming headset is compatible with PSP, PS vita, PS4, Nintendo Switch (audio), Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS XL/3DS (audio), Nintendo New 3DS XL/3DS (audio), Mac OS PC, Windows PC, Android and other iOS devices so that gamers can make the most out of a holistic gaming experience devoid of the platform.

Its over-ear design earmuffs ensure a snug fit and provides an excellent sound field with its superior 50mm audio driver.

The fantastic blue LED light lining both the sides of the gaming headsets sets the stage for an ultimate gaming scenario. You can expect maximum durability out of its black knitted audio cable in comparison to its plastic peers as it takes on heavy-duty usage like an absolute pro.

The lightweight build and ergonomic design of the RUNMUS Gaming Headset ensures all-day comfort as its soft memory foam ear cups and self-adjusting padded headband wraps up your ears and head in a plush manner so that you don’t feel any strain even after prolonged usage.

Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround...
  • Noise-cancelling boom mic: Reduces background noise and auto mutes...
  • Three programmable G-keys: Customize with one-touch commands over chat...
  • Gaming-grade wireless: Reliable lag-free performance with up to 40 ft....
  • Immersive 7.1 surround sound: Advanced Dolby technology delivers...
  • You need to initialize the unit for the headphones. The USB receiver...

the Logitech G930 is probably the best wireless gaming headset under 100 dollars.

The wireless connection has a 40 feet range and this is something that impressed me.

As you can see, the overall appearance indicates a bulky well made set which resembles the artistry usually observed with typical video game headphone designs.

While the bulky design is advantageous as it suggests a high level of durability, this can cause discomfort when you’re playing for a long time. However, I found this set to be lighter than most full-size over-ear headphones.

The softly made square over-ear pads will fully cover your ears to enhance the comfort. On top of this, the memory foam headband looks comfy and can also be adjusted to provide the right fit.

The boom mic incorporated into the G930 will reduce background sound and if you find that it gets in your way (as it does stick out), you can simply rotate it upwards. This rotation will automatically mute the mic which can also be a positive factor.

The G930s deliver fantastic surround sound regardless of whether you’re watching a movie, listening to music or playing a game. This is incredibly rich and clear with sufficient potential to severely enhance your experience.

This is truly the top set within our budget especially if you’re looking to use it with your PC. In fact, it’s the bestselling product within the PC Game Headsets category on Amazon.

On top of this, it’s also compatible with the PS4 in which case you’ll be able to enhance your experience on this console too.

HyperX CloudX – Official Xbox Licensed Gaming Headset,...
  • Xbox licensed headset - tested and approved by Microsoft
  • Uses a 3. 5mm jack that allows you to conveniently plug in the headset...
  • Designed with comfort in mind, the CloudX has memory foam ear cushions...
  • The over the ear design provides rich sound quality with crystal clear...
  • The microphone is digitally enhanced, detachable, adjustable, and...

The HyperX Cloud is the number 1 bestseller in the Playstation 4 Headsets category on Amazon. However, this model is actually compatible with a host of other systems including the PC and the Xbox One.

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Unfortunately, this doesn’t include the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

Regardless of the compatibility, the aluminium build material of the HyperX Cloud goes a long way to increasing the potential of this set. Not only will this provide high durability, it also gives off a highly appealing appearance.

When it comes to the comfort, firstly you’ll notice the leather headband.

This is made from a really soft material and doesn’t place too much pressure on your head. On top of this, the lightweight design combines very well with the large leather and velour ear-cups to significantly enhance the overall comfort levels.

This set is better than most similar products within this price range and this is clearly noticeable when you listen to the sound quality.

Utilizing 53mm drivers, the HyperX Clouds will deliver the sound incredibly clearly when compared to your previous set. You’ll definitely be able to hear much more of the faint sounds that are being produced in your game.

We also get a detachable mic so you can easily remove it when you feel that it’s getting in your way.

In overview, if you’re looking for comfort and sound, this set will be the best around. However, just remember that this will be wired!

Turtle Beach Gaming Headset – Great sound, great price

Turtle Beach is well known to create high quality sets for the Xbox and these XOs are no different when it comes to the Xbox One.

While these headphones aren’t wireless, they do connect into an included adaptor which you’ll have to plug into your Xbox controller.

The removable mic feature is also quite handy.

In terms of comfort, this set probably isn’t the best around. In fact, it doesn’t have the comfort and cosmetic potential utilized by the previous models we’ve just discussed.

The lack of memory foam over the ear cups and the overall material used may lead to discomfort creeping in within a few hours.

Despite some obvious limitations, great sound is accompanied with the XO Fours. You’ll be able to hear every detail in pretty much any event inside of your game. On top of this the noise cancellation is superb too.

The only thing you’ll need to do before you can get started with this set is to upgrade the firmware of your controller. On top of this, you do have the option of forming a USB connection if this suits you more.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50P PS4 – Oustanding, Affordable, and Totally Worth It

The Ear Force is the cheapest set within our price range. At a cost of just over $60, you can be sure that you’ll be getting a value for money.

While this is probably more suited for the Xbox One, it’s important to let you know that this set is compatible with a huge range of consoles including the PS3 and PS4.

This means that if you like to vary your entertainment experience by using different consoles, you’ve got your ideal headset in the Ear Force.

The 50mm drivers will ensure that the sound delivered by this set is excellent for the price you’re about to pay. If you’ve never used an accessory like this before, the Ear Force will definitely show you what you’ve been missing.

The over-ear cups are quite comfortable and combine well with the headband to provide decent comfort levels. The design looks quite cool but looks fairly bulky and durable. However, as bulky as this set is, the weight isn’t too much that it’ll cause discomfort.

All in all, I feel that the final price and the superior compatibility feature of the Ear Force allow this set to be more suitable for most beginner and experienced gamers.

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Gaming Headphones – Buyer’s Guide

Buying headphones can be a bit complicated because there are so many options and specifications to choose from. Here is what you need to know about the different kinds of headphones that are available on the market.

Different Types of headphones

There are plenty of different kinds of headphones on the market and here we are going to look into the different types.

In-ear headphones

These are also called earbuds and are the smallest kind of headphones on the market. These usually come with your phone and are very basic. There are plenty of reasons why you should do with earbuds but the most common reason is that they are very portable and you can put them in your pocket.

Earbuds also have great noise isolation which is why they are great to use when traveling. They will reduce noise and let you listen to whatever you have on your device. One of the downsides is the audio quality. Usually, these headphones do not provide the best sound, especially at the lower end. You also need to deal with wires which can be tricky.

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On-ear headphones

These headphones don’t go into your ears but sit on top. These can be portable as well but not as much as the earbuds. These are used by people that need better quality audio but still need portable headphones. Many on-ear headphones have a foldable design which makes it easier to store them and take them around.

A downside here is that they are not all that great when it comes to noise isolation and you will be able to hear what is going on around you.

Over-ear headphones

These are the largest of the three and are the most commonly used by gamers. These headphones are pretty big and they can fit bigger drivers, which is why they sound the best. The padded ear cups are very comfortable even when gaming for long durations of time.

The downside is that the size does not make them easy to take with you and that these kinds of headphones are relatively expensive.

What Are Gaming Headsets, And How Are They Different?

To the uninitiated, it may seem like gaming headsets are just regular headphones with a microphone attached. And at its very core, that’s correct. You can dismiss a gaming headset as something just as simple as that. But you’ll be shortchanging what a gaming headset can do. And what kind of added benefit it can give when it comes to gaming.

To fully understand what gaming headsets are, it is also essential to know what differences there are when it comes to gaming headsets, studio headphones, and consumer headphones.


Are gaming headsets better than regular headphones?

Ans. Funny issue is usually; this query offers two answers. Yes, and No.

If you consider the regular purpose of head-set /headphones, regular earphones are better than video gaming headphones. Their speakers offer better sound quality and manufacturers are more devoted to the betterment of frequency distinction. This isn’t very a common characteristic for most gaming headsets.

However, if you consider the purpose of gaming, undoubtedly gaming headsets will win the race. These headsets are manufactured keeping gaming privileges in mind. Their speakers are more dedicated towards ensuring clear SFX delivery and communication. Gaming headsets feature microphones for the sake of communication and their gears are built in a convenient way for a long gaming session.

Which one is the best gaming headset: wired or wireless?

Ans. This controversy offers been heading on for an actually lengthy period. Nevertheless, right here is the response. Although, there are a number of answers to this query, we will stay to the most relevant a single, the one which is the most beneficial for video gaming.

Cellular headphones feature a limited play which just isn’t that useful for video gaming. Because you can’t perform viewing the clock or miss an essential second for the benefit of re-charging or electric battery perishing. Therefore, it’s better to stay with born head-set since actually if an issue acutes, the head-set won’t become the one to fault.

Furthermore, born headphones feature better motorists than wireless ones. Quality audio is usually important for a good performance, so it’s the wisest to choose the headset with better driver.

Besides, when you’re playing on PC, laptop or not sitting far from the console, better use wired headsets. Why? Because they stream audio faster and better than the wireless ones.

What is a boom mic?

Ans. The microphone is a mandatory attribute of gaming headset. Almost every gaming headset features a boom microphone.

Now, this may come as a surprise to many. Boom mic for a headset? How is that even possible?

Traditionally, boom mics are pretty giant and look nothing like that small tail coming out of one ear cup of the headset. But most video gaming head-set mics provide for the same purpose like a growth mic and therefore, got this name.

Growth mic is used for selecting up the singing just while staying away from all the sounds about it. Many head-set mics perform the same, they get rid of sound and filtration system words. Because of this cause, occasionally these video gaming head-set mics are also tackled as growth mics.

Why do some gaming headsets have vibration booster?

Ans. Now, generally, you’ll observe nothing vital about vibration in regular headphone descriptions, but there is usually a number of gaming headsets with vibration booster or similar arrangement.

The reason for developing a gaming headset can be to help you have a total feeling of gaming, and that’s possible only when you’re getting 100% of it. The sound effect can be also included in this 100%. This is usually the reason why the vibration is usually boosted.

Moreover, vibration is usually a part of the bass. The vibration booster also helps to increase the quality of low finish line frequencies.

How does gear structure affect gaming?

Ans. Gear framework offers a great effect on video gaming. Video gaming will go for hours and having something clamped over your mind for that lengthy requires convenience. Nice and cushioned headbands and pads are mild on everything, therefore will not experience challenging and you will maintain heading on for a good period. Nevertheless, if the framework is certainly hard, durable or not really comfy plenty of, it’s hard to maintain the head-set on and even though you maintain it on, neither it will provide you a great encounter nor it’ll become great for your personal personal.


As you can see, we’ve briefly talked about the highest quality models suitable for different consoles. However, through a quick glance at the comparison table, you’ll notice how capable these sets are when it comes to use with multiple consoles and gaming platforms.

In my opinion, you should choose the best product within specific console category. However, if you’re planning on using your set for multiple consoles then I’d most likely go for the HyperX Clouds. These would be perfect for pretty much every game and they’re very affordable indeed.

However, the main flaw associated with this set is the lack of compatibility with the older consoles such as the PS3 and Xbox One.

If these consoles remain in use, then you can’t go wrong with the Turtle Beach Ear Force.