If I had to recommend just one on this list for Pop, I would go with the Sony ZX Series Wired On-Ear Headphones, Black MDR-ZX110 closed. It’s as close to perfection as you’ll find, while also being efficient enough to work out of a mobile device if you don’t want to buy an Amp/DAC right away. It’s also wonderfully built and extremely comfortable; perhaps the best all-around headphone I’ve ever come across. Don’t believe me?

In A Hurry? This Is The Best:

SaleBest Overall
Apple EarPods Headphones with Lightning Connector....
  • Unlike traditional, circular earbuds, the design of the EarPods is...
  • The speakers inside the EarPods have been engineered to maximize sound...
  • The EarPods with Lightning Connector also include a built-in remote...
  • Works with all devices that have a Lightning connector and support iOS...


If we try to put Pop Music into any Genre, technically it won’t be correct. Pop music originated in Britain in the mid of 1950s, but it was originated as a description of Rock n’ Roll. This derives its characteristics and its elements from various other music genres. Pop music’s vocal harmonies are derived from Gospel/soul music. The form of pop music is derived from sentimental Ballad. The instrumentalization in pop music comes from Jazz/Rock music. The tempo in pop music is derived from Dance. The rhythmic elements in pop music are taken from hip-hop, and lastly, the spoken passages in pop music are taken from Rap.

Characteristic Features Of The Best Headphones For Pop Music

Pop music is a relatively new genre of popular music, which originally developed in the early 1950s in the U.S. and the U.K. The terms pop music and popular music have often been used interchangeably, but the latter refers to music that has more mainstream appeal and contains many different styles. The distinction between the two can be made through the way it is recorded. While traditional music is recorded in a studio, pop songs are recorded in various stages by recording professionals, musicians and producers. The process is used to recreate an original tune with a twist of pop. The most popular type of pop record is the demo, which is a collection of songs recorded at various different times. While this style is now considered a modern form of pop music, it was originally made for radio stations and television shows. One of the most popular song types is the pop song. Many artists who were once unknown to the public began their careers as pop stars. Popular songs that were inspired by current events include “I Want It That Way”, “American Pie”Hooked on a Feeling”. Other popular songs that were written to be played as background music to movies such as the Breakfast Club and My Fair Lady are popular pop hits. While many critics claim that pop songs are too predictable, there are still some that are very creative in their writing and use pop songs as inspiration for other kinds of music. Some popular songs which have become pop sensations include “Happy” by John Lennon, “Love Me Do” by Carly Simon, “Popular songs have a tendency to change and grow throughout their existence, with new bands forming in order to create music that will be successful. The most popular pop band of all time was the Beatles, who made millions of fans around the world with their music. Other popular pop artists include singers such as David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Madonna and Elton John. The best selling type of pop songs is likely to be the classic pop song, which is popular because of its longevity and popularity. Many famous songs have sold millions of copies worldwide, which makes them a popular form of pop music. Some of the most well-known classics are “All You Need Is Love”, “Goodnight Moon”, “Rock Around the Clock”, “Abbey Road”, “I Can’t Buy a Thrill”, “Haiti”, “The Lemon Song”, “Strawberry Fields”, “Money for Nothing”, and “Can’t Buy a Thrill”. Pop songs are a staple of music history. Some of the more popular pop songs include: “Goodnight Moon”, “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, “Haiti”, “Hava Nagila”, “Wish You Were Here”, “Babylon Sisters”, “Goodnight Moon”, “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, “Can’t Buy a Thrill”, “Abbey Road”, “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, “I Feel Good”, “Abbey Road”, “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, “Money For Nothing”, “Pennyroyal Tea”, “Haiti”, “Hava Nagila”, “All You Need is Love”, “Tired of the World”, “Rubber Soul”, “Happiness is Only a Hazy Dream”, “I Feel Good”, and “Rubber Soul”. Pop music is one of the most popular forms of music out there, so it is no wonder that it is considered to be the standard for music. While not all pop songs are made equal, there are certain types of pop which are considered to be the classics. While there are many other genres of music that have their own unique features and sound, these are some of the most popular categories of pop music, making it easier for people to find music that fits their taste.
  • BASS – Pop music works well with heavy bass and bass that is towards the neutral side.
  • Mid-range – a well-balanced mid-range earphone is ideal, even a headset which is v-shaped and has recessed mids will work well for Pop music. But will not work for other Genre.
  • Treble – the earphones should provide excitement with Treble, so look for those headphones that offer this.
  • Instrument/sound stage separation – while listening to pop, the instrument and sound stage separation will always give you an out of body experience. This kind of experience is also known as the 3-D experience. Instrument and sound stage separation is the sound of the music will stack on top of each other.
  • Lastly, the most crucial feature is Comfort and Build – you can deal with earphones/headphones that are not built properly, but your comfort is an essential aspect that you need to look for when you are buying the best headphones for Pop music.

Top 10 Best Headphones For Pop Music In 2020

Philips Audio SHP9500 HiFi Precision Stereo Over-Ear...
  • 50mm neodymium drivers deliver full spectrum of sound
  • 1.5m cable gives you freedom of movement for indoor use
  • Comfortable double layered headband cushion, breathable ear cushion...
  • Finishing of connector: gold-plated, acoustic system: open, Magnet...

SHP9500 headphones are one of the most comfortable full-sized headphones. It has an open-back design which is suitable for ventilation. The headphones are very well constructed, it has 3.5 mm audio cable.


  • They come with an acoustic open-back architecture
  • The earphones have a double layers headband cushion
  • The connectors are gold plated
  • The Impedance is 32ohm
  • Maximum power input is 200mW
  • The magnet type is Neodymium

The sound in Philips SHP9500 is livelier and more relaxed. The 50mm neodymium drivers are designed in such a way that they deliver full sound and frequencies accurately. The bass (a significant component of pop music) is represented accurately. The built of these headphones is great; Philips had made sure that small details like R and L are visible.

At this price these earphones have an unbelievable sound quality, the instrument separation in these earphones is phenomenal, and the mid-range is perfect the bass is articulate and textured. Super robust when it comes to the built, Philips has even employed a metal in the headband adjustment. These headphones are pretty big but are not burdensome. They are super comfortable and sit on the head very nicely, and the fit is perfect. The instrument separation in these headphones is excellent, resulting in a crisp sound.

  • Philips SHP9500 is lightweight and comfortable
  • The sound is crisp yet balanced
  • They are durable and are light
  • The instrument separation of these headphones is great
  • The ear pads are non- replaceable

If you don’t want to spend much on headphones, but are looking for something good and not heavy on your pocket; then Philips SHP9500 is the answer to your worries.

Sennheiser HD 598 Cs Closed Back Headphone
  • Premium, audiophile grade over ear, closed back...
  • Padded leatherette headband and luxurious fabric ear pads perfect for...
  • Compatible with virtually every Audio device including phones,...
  • Frequency Response 10 to 28,000 Hz , Impedance 23 ohm

The HD 558 headphones feature an internal surround reflector. These headphones generate an extended spatial sound field that improves the listening experience. These headphones are made of Sennheiser’s innovative E.A.R. technology. The E.A.R. technology makes surer that the audio signals are accurately channelized into your ears.

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  • Sennheiser HD 558 are closed-back headphones
  • The connectivity in these headphones is wired
  • The headband is padded and made of leather
  • The earpads are made of soft and luxurious material making long listening sessions comfortable
  • The headphones are compatible with every device
  • The headphones come with two cable options one is a 3-meter cable that has a 6.3mm jack, and the 2-meter cable comes with a 2.55 mm jack.

The headphones also have Duofol diaphragms; the diaphragms reduce the unnecessary resonance to a minimum. The ear pads in the headphones are plush plus luxurious the cushion in the headband provides comfort; thus, you can listen for a more extended period. As earlier stated, the headphones come with an E.A.R. performance which stands for Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement, which refers to High Performance. The E.A.R. technology uses sonic accuracy and clarity so that the audio is clear and land directly in your ears.

The earpads of these Headphones are lined with velour, which is soft and comfortable; the headband is very soft and comfortable. These headphones clamp onto your head and are secured, thus no slipping while you are moving or dancing. They weigh around 260 gms, that means they are super light. The cups are large, and they surround your ears, or unless you have large earlobes, like any other Sennheiser headphones the headband in HD 558 is manually adjustable. The HD 558 is made in such a way that it shows that the headphones have substance in them but doesn’t have the style of higher costing headphones.

  • The headphones are very comfortable.
  • The sound quality is amazing
  • The sound signature is neutral
  • The cable is removable
  • The headphones lack sub-Bass impact

These headphones are an excellent way if you are planning to get into high-end sound quality without shedding truckloads of money. The headphones are comfortable, and the acoustic performance is par excellence, especially in this price range.

GRADO SR80e Prestige Series Headphones
  • Grado's award winning headphone - open back design offer a larger...
  • "The Grado SR80e's are special, buy them and love them" - What HiFi
  • Mini plug termination, incudes a 1/4 inch adapter
  • Lightweight, comfortable design
  • 4OurEars is the only Grado Authorized Amazon Reseller - 1 Year US...

The Grado SR80e is a part of the new ‘e’ prestige series by Grado. The Grado design is classic and simple, and the headphones look neat and clean. The SR60e are open back and over the head earphones. They are easy to use with any portable device.


  • The headphones are open back\the Impedance is 32ohm
  • The sensitivity of the headphones is 99.8dB
  • The Frequency response is 20Hz- 20kHz
  • The headphones are made up of plastic and foam

These headphones pump out a very noticeable gain in the volume despite having the same amount of wattage. Because of the gain in the volume, they are easy to drive and yield better performance, especially on portable devices like phones, tablets, ipads. The cable is very long, and thus the listener gets freedom from the device while listening. The bass extension, Midrange, and the treble sound are clear and improved.

The sound in Grado SR80e is open clear and free. The headphones are comfortable and put very little pressure on the ears. The vocals of the song are very easy to understand in these headphones, the instrument separation is nice. The Air voices will sound clear and distinct.

  • The sound is extremely articulated
  • The bass is fast, and it presents itself with plenty of impacts
  • The instrument separation is good
  • You can hear the small stuff in the background
  • The build of the headphones is very cheap

If you want to enter the ‘e’ lines of Grado, then you can pick SR60e as they are fantastic entry line headphones. The clarity of the headphones is startling the instrument separation is phenomenal. The bass in these headphones has a deeper dig. These headphones are phenomenal at this price range.

Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor Headphones with CCAW Voice Coil
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Neodymium magnets and 40mm drivers for powerful, detailed sound
  • Over-ear design provides comfort and outstanding reduction of external...
  • 10-foot oxygen free copper cord ends in 3.5mm plug; 1/4-inch adapter...
  • Copper-clad aluminum voice coil wire for improved power handling

If you are looking for the best headphones for pop music that are going to last you for years and years, then Sony MDRV6 should be on the top of your list. These headphones are there in the market since the 1980s and people have these headphones for like 30 years.


  • The headband of these headphones is wide adjustable, and the ear cups are foldable.
  • The length of the cord is approximately 10ft
  • The frequency response of these headphones is about 30,000 Hz
  • The sensitivity in these headphones is 106dB/mW
  • The magnetic type is Neodymium
  • The power handling capacity of the headphones is 1.0w

The performance to price ratio is A+; these headphones will be your best purchase. The headphones are irreplaceable; these headphones can compete with the headphones which are way over its price range. The built of these headphones is very strong; they don’t break. The instrument separation in Sony MDRV6 is amazing; there is a tonal balance, and you can hear all the intricacies in the music.

These headphones can be used in the studio as well as your home. These headphones are Genre neutral. The Sony MDRV6 is flat and well balanced; they are neutral when it comes to sound signature and presentations. The earphones will deliver a tight, clear, and controlled bass.

  • The sound is tight clear and crisp
  • The overall built is good
  • The headphones are reliable and will work for very long periods
  • The headphones provide an amazing value
  • The pads of the headphones over the time crack and start peeling
  • At times the Treble can be bright
  • The Cable tangle a lot

Sony MDRV6 is a very flat neutral and sounding set of earphones, and the bass is controlled tight, crispy, and articulate. The headphones deliver pristine clarity. The headphones can be a bit flimsy, but that doesn’t happen frequently, and you can overlook that. The construction is a bit loose. But the headphones are very reliable, and these can last you for the rest of your life.

Status Audio CB-1 Closed Back Studio Monitor Headphones with...
  • STUDIO STANDARD: Praised by top musicians, producers, and audio...
  • 50MM Drivers: Large 50mm drivers deliver studio quality audio with a...
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: The CB-1’s padded headband and overstuffed...
  • TWO CABLES INCLUDED + ¼ ADAPTOR: The CB-1 comes with two 9-foot audio...
  • UNDERSTATED STYLE: The CB-1’s minimalist, unbranded aesthetic will...

The one thing you will love about CB1 headphones is that the ear cups of these headphones are much nicer than a lot of headphones. The ear cups are made up of protein leather instead of faux leather, so they don’t peel or flake.


  • The headphones are closed-back
  • The fit of the headphones is Circumaural
  • The size of the driver is 50mm
  • The length of the cable is 3m
  • The headphones are foldable the cable is detachable


The cups are made in such a way that they are spacious and give room to your ears. The encasing of the cup is made up of genuine metal. The headphones come with a detachable cable, but at first, it will be very hard for you to detach it. But, the coil of these headphones is very manageable. Since the ear cups are made up of protein leather there is ample amount of space for breath, the cups are thick, and the headphones are lighter that is why the fit gets comfortable over the period.

The Treble too feels metallic at times. The headphones come with two cables, one is a coiled cable, and the other one is a normal straight cable. The headphones are not wireless, and the noise cancellation is too not there plus the isolation in these headphones is also not that impressive.

  • The built of the headphones is good
  • They are extremely comfortable, and the padding is good
  • The 3.5mm jack is great
  • The sound is appealing to the general mass and is enjoyable
  • The sound stage is amazin

The status audio CB1 is overall a very good choice at this price the comfort the sound stage is good too. The 1/4” adapter plus two detachable cables are visible. At this price point, the headphones are an easy recommendation.

Sennheiser HD 600 - Audiophile Hi-Res Open Back Dynamic...
  • Lightweight aluminum voice coils ensure excellent transient...
  • Neodymium ferrous magnets maintain optimum sensitivity and excellent...
  • Sophisticated design, elegantly finished in black and gray
  • High quality open metal mesh earpiece covers
  • Detachable, Kevlar reinforced oxygen free copper cable with very low...

These headphones are one of the most comfortable headphones; you will not even realize that these are on your head. All parts of these headphones are replaceable. HD600 is one of the most neutral headphones of its class, and they do well with every Genre.


  • The grilles are high in quality and are open metal thus they deliver an extremely transparent sound
  • The magnetic system is computer optimized, and they minimize the harmonic and the inter modulation distortion.
  • The aluminum voice coils are extremely lightweight, making the transient response to be excellent.
  • The Impedance of the headphones id 300 ohms
  • The sensitivity is 97db/M.W.

The sound quality of HD600 will blow you away. These headphones present the track in their rawest form. The built of these headphones is solid but light, and mostly they are made up of plastic. The headband of HD600 is metal. After a few days, the headphones start to snuggle with your head. The cable and the velour ear cups are removable. Overall the built of HD600 is very solid and will last you for a longer period if you take care of them. The mid-range in HD600 is hare forward so you can hear the instruments and the vocals clearly, the frequencies are not hyped.

  • The sound stage is opened and refined.
  • The headphones are exceptionally comfortable
  • The songs are presented in their purest form
  • The tonal balance is great.
  • Removable parts are a huge boon.
  • The clamping will be a bit tight initially
  • Some people feel that the cable looks cheap, and it’s too long.

If you like to hear songs in their purest state, then you should definitely buy HD600, at this price range these headphones are perfect. The headphones are flat, honest, and the tones are presented ion-neutral forms making the music enjoyable.

beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm Over-Ear Studio Headphones in...
  • Closed over-ear headphones, ideal for professional recording and...
  • Perfect for studio and stage recordings thanks to their pure,...
  • The soft, circumaural and replaceable velour ear pads ensure high...
  • Hard-wearing, durable and robust workmanship Made in Germany....
  • Practical single-sided cable (3.0m cable) . Comfortable fit due to...

DT 990 PRO is sturdy and ruggedly built headphones; they are an open back design and can handle a few drops without getting damaged.


  • The headphones are open back.
  • The fit of CT 990 PRO is circumaural
  • The Impedance is 250 ohms.
  • The sensitivity is 96dB/ mW
  • The headband is made up of spring steel, soft cushioning
  • The jack is of 3.5mm and has ¼” adapter.

The ear cups of DT990 PRO are padded and fit well. They can be a little tight and bit bulky, making them a little uncomfortable if you want to use them for a longer period of times. DT 990 PRO doesn’t have any audio controls. The headphones are not designed to be highly portable as they are big and bulky. They do not even fold into a compact format. The build of DT 990 PRO is solid and sturdy; the ear cups are made up of plastic, but the headphones are very dense. These headphones are moderately stable on our head. The bass range of DT 990 PRO is consistent and well extended.

The mid-range is also very flawless, and the Treble is well balanced. Like any other headphones, DT 990 Pro lacks a little bit of sub-bass like any other open headphones. These headphones are not made up to isolate listeners; they leak a lot. They don’t block any ambient noise.

  • They are comfortable.
  • The sound stage is exceptional.
  • The clarity is crystal clear
  • The instrument separation is flawless
  • The parts are replaceable
  • The cable is non-detachable
  • No noise cancellation
  • The clamping force is a little intense

DT 990 PRO is excellent for critical listening. The sound quality is clear and crisp with a spacious sound stage.

HIFIMAN HE-400I Over Ear Full-Size Planar Magnetic...
  • Get an extra three-month extended warranty by registering your...
  • 30% lighter than comparable headphones
  • Newly-designed headband with an improved pressure pattern
  • The FocusPad, new beveled hybrid ear pads made of pleather and velour
  • Intended for high performance listening in the home or studio

The headphones are well built; the frame of HiFiMan HE-400i is lightweight and metallic, making the headband sturdy. You can wear HiFiMan HE-400i for longer period of time as they are comfortable. They are big and bulky, so you should not take them for physical activity.


  • The headphones are Planar Magnetic
  • The fit is Circumaural
  • The Impedance of the headphone is 35 Ohm
  • The sensitivity is 93 dB
  • Sound output is stereo
  • The frequency response of the headphones is 20 Hz- 35Khz

Since their hinges are weak and they can break under physical stress. The ear cups are large and have a slight blue tint. The headphones have a retro appeal because of its suede padding and the leather headband. The headphones are well-padded and comfortable, they are a little bit tight on the head, but since the suede padding is soft, it is pleasant on the skin. The HiFiMan HE-400i is not very breathable, and they have an open back design helping them in not getting as hot as the close back over ears.

But the airflow gets obstructed because the headphones are planar magnetic and the drivers are large. The HiFiMan HE-400i is not portable since they are big; they do not even fold into a more compact form. The ear models flat but are bigger than the rest of the ear cups. The sound is consistent and punchy, the bass is well balanced, and the mid-range is flawless on tops. Treble is very good. Overall the headphones are very well balanced and versatile. The noise leaks a lot through these headphones.

  • The details are very crisp, and the sound representation is very clear
  • The mid-range is great and realistic
  • The instrument separation is phenomenal
  • The timbre is great
  • The bass is articulate
  • The sound stage is great.
  • Noise leakage
  • Bulkiness

These headphones are very good reference headphones, they are comfortable for long sessions, and they deliver great instruments and vocals.


Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature HiFi Over Ear Headphones,...
  • The P9 Signature deliver pristine sound that takes you to the very...
  • The P9 Signature headphones are exquisitely crafted from luxuriously...
  • New proprietary piston diaphragm speaker drivers deliver a unique...
  • Uniquely vented multi-layer memory foam cushions combine with the...
  • Frequency response - 2Hz to 30kHz and Impedance - 22 ohms

The built of Bowers and Wilkins P9 is great, it is one of the most rugged and portable headphones. They are very comfortable, and you don’t need to adjust them.


  • The headphones are made with Nylon Damped cone and have an acoustic coating
  • The diaphragm is large
  • The ear cushions have a dual cavity
  • The ear cushions are changeable
  • The headphones have a 3.5mm jack
  • 2x 40mm (1.6in) full range
  • Frequency range: 2Hz to 30kHz
  • Impedance: 22 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 111dB/V at 1kHz
  • Input power: 50mW

P9 has a tight and deep bass, the bass in P9 has a lot of impact and detail, and the bass doesn’t feel stuffy. The bass, despite being prominent, sits nicely with other frequencies. The mid-range is clear with instruments and vocals are very clear and accurate; the timbre is tonally balanced. Despite being closed back, the headphones give a nice sense of air space and instrument separation. The overall sound, in general, gives ample room to breathe, making the experience a lot better.

  • The built is great
  • The headphones are comfortable
  • The sound is beautiful
  • The sound stage is great for closed-back
  • Expensive

P9 is a lot better than P7 the headphones are elegant and are very comfortable if the price is not an issue for you then you should definitely buy these.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor...
  • Critically acclaimed sonic performance praised by top audio engineers...
  • Proprietary 45 millimeter large aperture drivers with rare earth...
  • Exceptional clarity throughout an extended frequency range with deep...
  • Circumaural design contours around the ears for excellent sound...
  • 90 degree swiveling earcups for easy one ear monitoring and...

The sound of ATH M50 is tight, controlled, and accurate; the bass is perfect. Once you start listening through these headphones, you will realize you are missing a lot.


  • Impedance is 38Ohm
  • The frequency response is 15-28,000 Hz
  • The headphones are closed-back
  • They are made up of plastic faux leather and metal

Subtle details will emerge, and the sound will envelop you completely. Though the headphones aren’t noise-cancelling buy, you will not feel the need for it. The music will deliver a feel of the sound stage. Since the headphones are open back, the sound has a lot of room to breathe. The headphones are very comfortable; they are snuggly and sit well on your head. The headband is padded, but it will not give you any discomfort. The headphones are very solid and don’t break despite manhandling. The headphones are very flexible, and flexibility increases the longevity of the headphones. The ear cups after usage may start to peel off, but then they can be replaced.

  • The bass is deep and tight
  • The clarity is extremely vivid
  • The sound stage is great
  • The built is sturdy and not too heavy or too light
  • You can carry them comfortably
  • The wire is protected with a metal coil
  • You can manhandle them but a little bit
  • The earpads start cracking peeling
  • The closed-back design can lead to fatigue if you listen to the songs for a longer period of time
  • The straight cable is long, so the headphones become a little less portable

All in all this headphone is  great if you want studio headphones or love to listen to songs casually since the bass hit hard people who are a fan of pop music should definitely pick this up. At this price range, the headphones are a steal deal because the built quality is amazing; the longevity is great.


Pop music is not very demanding when it comes to choosing a piece of equipment that will be used for listening to it. Pop music will need a pair of headphones that will deliver music, but it should have loads of energy and a bit of accuracy. The bass in these headphones need to be fast, but in a controlled manner and lastly, there should be clarity in mids and highs. You don’t have to look for headphones that are not very analytical, because pop music is meant to be all fun. Make sure that your headphones aren’t sounding very harsh and are easily accessible.

The sensitivity in low impedance headphones is fairly high; thus, they work well with mobile. For that matter, the sound quality of your music also depends upon the source file as well as you D.A.C. Please keep all these things in your mind before buying the headphones.