Best Headphones under 50 DollarsHave you made buying the best headphones under 50 dollars your main priority?

Well, it’s probably a good decision considering the fact that the olden days when cell phones were merely used to make phone calls are long gone.

As we enter 2020, you’ll have noticed that smartphones and earphones go hand in hand. Literally everyone wears them nowadays regardless of age, gender or even profession.

This audio accessory comes in a range of price tags and it’s entirely up to you whether you go for the this particular price tag or something more expensive.

Whether you’re trying to buy a pair of earphones as a replacement set for your smartphone or you’d just like a better quality model compared to the one provided with your phone, you’re in luck because there’s so much variety available. I say luck but this can either be a good thing or a bad thing. You see, because there’s so much choice available, you’re going to find it extremely difficult to decide what features to look for and ultimately which product to go for. That’s where this guide comes into play!

If you go out to buy earphones, you’ll notice that they can be available in various styles and this is the first challenge you’ll need to face. These styles include in-ear (earbuds), on-ear, over-ear, behind-the-head (neckband) and earhook headphones. While most of you will already know exactly which style to go for, many beginner listeners are usually confused when it comes to this step.

Your choice will depend entirely on the purpose of use. For example, do you need a product which motivates you in the gym or do you want a pair of earphones which catch the eye in public? Maybe you wish to enjoy your music with sound quality on the same standards expected by an audiophile? You’ll need to ask yourself these questions to enable you to make the best choice. The budget is also a major part of the product selection process and we’ve set ours already.

In order to accommodate every personality, I’ve selected 3 of the best in-ear headphones under $50 while also making a separate best from the rest list which won’t include the earbud style. These will be the best earphones under 50 dollars available on the market in 2020. Our main aim here is to find the best quality products which provide great sound quality and comfort with a decent appearance while also providing a bang for your buck.

Best Headphones under 50 Dollars in 2020

Sony MDRZX300

The MDRZX300s are stereo headphones which show us what Sony are all about. They’re also the cheapest earphones on our list. If you’re into this type of style, you’ll easily be able to understand why these would be the perfect fit for you. Available in a neat design with different colours, Sony have made a sturdy product which can be folded slightly at the earcups to provide convenience for travelling. The durability is actually quite impressive with a thick cord and music that won’t lose quality over time.

The sound quality is great with deep bass and fantastic natural clarity. You might even feel like you’re at a concert that’s how well this product does. There is also the addition of a noise cancelling feature which is very impressive in blocking out external noise. While the sound is excellent, strict audiophiles may not appreciate a set like this. However, even they’ll appreciate the overall product for the price range we’re looking at. In my opinion, the MDRZX300s will definitely give more expensive products a run for their money.

Most users find that MDRZX300s provide a comfortable fit. This is because of the material of the earcups and the ability to adjust the earphones according to your head size. However, I found that the earcups are a bit small so if you have big ears, you’ll experience ear fatigue fairly quickly. Furthermore, your ears will also start sweating quite quickly if you wear the MDRZX300s for too long without any rest. To make this worse, the earcups don’t swivel which will further reduce the comfort. You need to remember that not everyone will experience this and despite this negative point, Sony has made a top pair of inexpensive headphones, in my opinion.


Another model produced by a well-respected brand in JVC, the HARX700 is an impressive pair of full-size earphones. It actually comes in a very attractive appearance and I’d have no doubts about bringing it out with me. This is especially considering I’m usually fussy regarding audio accessories looking good when I bring them out. The HARX700s are quite a large, bulky looking set with incredible durability that’s synonymous with the brand they were created by.

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So we’re delighted by the appearance! But what about the comfort? From first impression, we see that the HARX700s occupy snug looking earcups which give a real feeling of top of the line comfort. Surely that can’t be right considering they cost so little? This is actually what makes them one of the best sets within our budget! The earcups are quite large and will cover your ears fully thereby establishing a nice seal. This enhances the comfort while also doing well to block out most of the sound. However, the earcups are made from pleather which means that your ears will get warm and sweaty on prolonged use but this is common with most products made from this material. In overview, the JVC HARX700s should allow you to listen to your music without leading to any ear discomfort for a few hours.

The sound quality is absolutely fantastic and would compete against more premium products which perhaps compromise a little bit of quality in favour of the big name. Just bear in mind that when you first start listening to music through these earphones, you’ll be less than impressed. However, these do require a burn-in period for a few days after which, you’ll absolutely love them. There’s no doubt in my mind that if the JVC HARX700s were a little bit cheaper, these would most certainly top the list.

Monoprice 108323

One of a very few DJ style headphones available within this price range, the Monoprice 108323s come in an over-ear style. While they’re not constructed by a well-known brand, they still look the part just as premium DJ sets do. They’re definitely one of the top contenders for best headphones under 50 bucks. Not only are they durable due to the design and cord thickness, they also come with detachable cables. This can be a major advantage for some of us who are regularly frustrated by long tangling cords.

Even though they boast softly padded swivelling earcups, a common complaint with the Monoprice 108323s is that they can be uncomfortable. This will be common on prolonged use but may even occur as early as 15 to 20 minutes of putting them on. This is due to the tightness of the headband and the size of your head means this will probably be a common occurrence for some people more than others.

Despite the comfort problems, these earphones would put up a fight against most higher-end models when it comes to sound quality. They provide a decent sound stage with great clarity and balance. Depending on the size of your ears, the earcups should establish a seal by covering your ears. However, keep in mind that this may make your ears warm after a little while.

Despite some obvious cons, the price – performance ratio ensures that you get a bang for a buck. This means that the Monoprice 108323s put up a strong case to be considered as one of the best cheap headphones.

Best Earbuds under 50 Bucks

Symphonized NRG

After going through a huge list of in-ear models, I’ve decided to put the Symphonized NRGs at the top of my list. As I’ve already mentioned, I usually look for a balance between the cost, comfort, sound quality and appearance and these are the perfect result of that. Sporting a wooden build at the earplugs, the Symphonized NRGs certainly look the part and this means that they’re certain to catch the eye regardless of the setting find yourself in.

If you’re into your music sounding great, prepare to be impressed by a product which costs a wallet-friendly 25 bucks. The clarity is excellent with fantastic accuracy, well-balanced rich tones and mids which truly stand out. The NRGs are also incredibly snug when you put them on. Initially you may think that the fit doesn’t feel right but make sure you try the different sizes of silicone earbuds before you finalize your judgement.

I feel that for a lowly $25, you’re getting a well-rounded pair of earphones which provides an eye-catching look, sturdiness, comfort and sound quality. If that was good enough, we also find a microphone incorporated into the design which makes it easier for us to use our smartphones.

Sennheiser CX200

Next up is the CX200 model created by Sennheiser, one of the most famous audio equipment manufacturers. This means that when it comes to the overall quality and features, we are sure to be looking at something special within this price range. Incorporating a new twist-to-fit structure, the CX200s are definitely one of the best headphones under 50 dollars when it comes to fit and comfort. This new system allows the CX200s to edge its competitors by providing exceptional comfort and fit by adjusting the earbuds into your ears. Just bear in mind that this model doesn’t have an integrated microphone so if this feature is important for you then you’re better off with the Symphonized NRGs.

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The sound quality is great but we are let down slightly by the bass. While it’s loud and clear, it’s not as powerful when compared to some of the other earbuds available on the market within this price range. In fact, Sennheiser’s enhanced bass model is available for just a little bit more. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your music through the CX200s. If you’re into casual listening, I’m sure you’ll eventually grow fond of this product. Having said that, if you’re an audiophile on a budget, you may want to keep searching for a better product.

In overview, the Sennheiser CX200s are beautiful looking yet highly durable earphones which are constructed using the expertise from a top earphones manufacturing company. This means that you can be guaranteed a bang for your buck.

Zipbuds JUICED 2.0

Zipbuds Juiced 2.0s are much different to the above products we’ve just discussed but they’re still made from great quality. While Symphonized NRGs and Sennheiser CX200s place great focus on a well-rounded image, these zipbuds do the same but with greater emphasis on durability. This is highlighted by the use of military grade fibers in the design. As the name suggests, the cable can be zipped up and adjusted as per your wishes. This can be a major advantage for some of us who are consistently enraged by cord problems. On top of this, the cabling has a tangle-free feature which again could solve a major problem for some of us.

Including 3 different ear bud sizes, the Juiced 2.0s also incorporate comfortfit2 technology through an angled design around the ear buds which induces a secure yet comfortable fit. When it comes to sound quality, people will have different opinions due to different experiences and standards. I personally felt that the sound delivered by these zipbuds was better than average but nothing great. The bass is also quite heavy at times so if you’re very much into your music, you’ll notice this straight away. While these are great earbuds, I feel that with the zipping feature and glow-in-the-dark option, perhaps zipbuds are targeting a younger market that is less serious about sound quality. For this reason, I feel that it’d be better to go for another pair of earphones. However, let’s not take anything away from zipbuds as they may be the perfect fit for some people.

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Final thoughts

It can be quite difficult to pick the best headphones under 50 bucks because there are a lot of products out there. Generally, a lower price usually means most of these sets will be of poor quality. However, there’ll always be some great quality bargains if you look hard enough. Another problem is that this takes a while and you might not know what to look for. For this reason I’ve carried out this research for you and drawn up 2 lists of the best products regardless of your personality. Whether you prefer earbuds or over-ear headphones, you can be sure that we’ll find something that suits you.

I usually base my research on finding well-balanced products which in this case will provide a bargain. This is why if you’re into earbuds, whether it is for exercise or travelling, I’d highly advise you to go for the Symphonized NRGs. I think that these provide an appearance of much more costly earphones for a very reasonable price. On top of the appearance, the sound quality, overall fit and comfort is impressive and the NRGs also comprise a built-in microphone which isn’t the case with most earphones within this price range.

Making up the 2nd list was a huge challenge for me as I had to make several tough decisions. In the end, I went for 3 models which rivalled each other very closely. I ended up going for the Sony MDRZX300s as my top pick. This product probably just about edged it due to the price which comes to a total of $29. This is an incredible price for any earphones let alone a pair of stereo headphones. The MDRZX300s are truly a well-rounded candidate with good sound quality, comfort and appearance. However, I felt that the JVC HARX700s were much better overall. As mentioned, these were a little bit more expensive but if you’re willing to spend a bit more then I highly recommend them. In general, if you were impressed by these earphones, just be aware that all 3 models are very close to each other with the Sony MDRZX300s being the cheapest from the 3. At the end of the day, you might like a different product which might be equally as good but picking any one from the lists above may be worthwhile.