I’m sure you realize the importance of buying the best speakers on the market. In fairness, no matter how good the rest of your sound system is, it’ll be useless if the speakers are below-par! This factor is even more important nowadays due to the increasing popularity of these accessories and our willingness to spend big on complete entertainment systems!

Now that we are clear on the importance of these accessories, it’s important to mention one point. Buying these isn’t an easy task and it certainly shouldn’t be considered an easy task! What I mean by this is that you should start with intention of carrying out significant research to pick the best possible option. You shouldn’t be heading to your nearest electronics store and coming back with a system ready to use! This is because there are several factors you need to take into account before you make the purchase. Focusing on these would ensure that you minimize any mistakes which in turn would have a massive influence on whether you remain happy with your purchase in the long run!

Let’s take a look at some of these factors now!


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How many times has this happened to you? You head out to the electronics store to buy something/anything with a specific budget in mind. Maybe you’ve not even decided on a budget yet and you’re just visiting the store for research purposes! But, instead of returning home with a better idea about your future purchase you return having spent more than you ever thought you would. That’s what the salesmen at the store are there for – to make us all excited thereby making the decision for us! This is a situation we really need to avoid as it’s not ideal for obvious reasons!

What we need to do is keep a number – the maximum total amount of money we’re willing to spend on the side! The next step is to start off your research by exploring online marketplaces. To be honest, these days there’s no need to even visit the store, you can usually find exactly what you need online! Once you’ve chosen the final product, visit marketplaces like Amazon for its availability! If you’re one of those people that like to test out the system before buying it then visiting the store makes sense. At the end of the day, you must stick by the rule of not spending more than the fixed pre-determined budget!

Room Size

This is one of the most important factors in choosing the right speakers! This is because if you don’t take this into account then you might end up making the biggest mistake you can possibly make in this situation! The size of the room is very important as the sound system will have a maximum volume which might not be able to spread to further areas if the room is massive.

The layout of the room is also important as this will determine whether you go for a wall-mounted or standing system etc!

Some of our Top Picks

I’m sure you’re already aware of the enormous number of products available to buy. This is why merely searching for the “best speakers” is useless! The truth is that you could literally be looking for anything and this along with some of the points discussed above can complicate the product selection process! Basically you need to decide your main use for the speakers you’re about to look for!

Based on some of the most popular categories, we’ve focused on making separate detailed guides on each of these groups of speakers. Rest assured, we’ll keep adding to these over time to leave you with a complete library of buying guides!

6×9 inches

If you’re looking for a system for your car then this will be one of the top groups of product you’ll come across! Let’s face it, blasting music while travelling can provide an entirely different dimension to your journey and a great sound system is necessary to make this possible.

Our ultimate report regarding this topic will help you to take every angle into consideration to make the right choice.


Moving on from your vehicle, we’re now looking at sound systems for DJs! See how many different products can come under this category?

Having had a look at some of these products, it’s clear that they can be very expensive sometimes! Our role here would be to make the entire process easy for you by reviewing different products across a huge price range. Focusing on this aspect, we’ve designed a complete guide to help you target the price-performance rating to find a top product that’ll be ideal for you!

Wakeboard Tower

Speakers: best portable speakers for any budget 3

In complete contrast to the above two categories, this section is all about getting the boat party started – that’s right, we’re talking about the most perfect sound system for a boat! Considering the fact that not many people look for such products, it can be tricky to find accurate information and reviews! As you can probably guess, this seems like a very challenging task but no need to worry because we’ve done the entire research for you!

In our definitive guide, we recommend the best sets which will provide quality rather than rip you off! Make sure that you read each review with full concentration and note the pros and cons of each product!


There are many advantages of buying powered speakers with the main one being that they make the entire system quite simple! You’ll be able to set them up quite quickly and easily. However, as always, there can be some disadvantages. Our aim is to help you to decide whether this is a system you should be going for!

Within our highly detailed report, the team has tried and tested a huge number of systems. In consequence, we’ve reviewed the best ones as a part of this guide! Focusing on price and performance, we’ve selected the best speakers you should be going for if you’re looking for a powered system!