Wireless Earbuds

Are you ready to join the wire-free revolution? It’s hard to imagine life without our beloved earbuds, but wireless earbuds are taking over. Not only are they convenient and easier to use, they also provide a much better listening experience!

We’ve tested dozens of models on the market, and these six wireless earbuds come out on top. With features like noise cancellation, Bluetooth compatibility, long battery life and more – there’s something for everyone here. Read on to find out which earbuds make the cut!

What Makes Good Wireless Earbuds?

​“No Wires” is the first essential of wireless earbuds. If you think where the power comes from, these earbuds have a built-in battery that should be re-charged from time to time. So, in one way, rechargeable battery can be a problem for you, especially when you’re travelling. Another trouble is, ordinary earbuds tend to lose signals beyond a certain range, thereby limiting your mobility from the source. But they also offer multiple channels so that you can change frequency and adjust signals.

Best wireless earbu d s offer high-quality sound without any physical connection between the speakers and the music player. And that’s quite tricky. So, what makes them exceptional? To understand that, you need to first find out about the connectivity modes. There are three major connectivity modes on which wireless earphones are based.​

Basically, their purpose is to transfer signals, waves and data. Following are the three major transmission modes:​

  • Bluetooth

This is actually digital transmission of sound at a fairly low power. Although these Bluetooth earphones are not as abundant as others, MP3 manufacturers have realized the growth of mobile devices and the need of the people to go wireless. So, they are keen to develop Bluetooth earbuds with latest versions that can go with MP3 players. Apple is an exception though, as it doesn’t look keen to manufacture cordless earphones in coming future. However, quite a few third party accessories are compatible with iPods, iPhones and iPad.

Best thing about Bluetooth headphones; you are allowed to connect to more than one device at a time. So, you can use them with your laptop, smartphone, MP3 player, even your turntable.​

  • IR (Infrared) Based Earphones

Well, these headphones are not totally outdated, but due to their low range and LOS (Line of Sight) communication, they are not being used as much as Bluetooth headphones. Price is an exception though. IR headphones are similar to TV remote. The receiver is inside the headphones.

The receiver gets the signals from the record player or MP3 player via IT transmitter, at a range of about 7 meters. Problem is, the source and the receiver must be directly facing each other. So, these headphones are good for watching TV, not for outdoors.​

  • Radio Headphones

Another, rather basic form of headphones is radio headphones. They follow the simple concept of matching frequency, just like the way you adjust FM/AM frequencies. Transmitter sends sound waves and built-in receiver in the headphones receives it. They’re more like Bluetooth headphones, but they are more powerful. These earphones have a long range up to 300 feet. In order to avoid mixing of frequencies, the headphones have different options to adjust to the right frequency.

Bluetooth Model or Transmitter Model​

Wireless headphones may or may not have the Bluetooth capability. So, if you’re looking for the best Bluetooth earbuds , must read specifications carefully. The ones without Bluetooth work with a sound transmitter connected to the audio device.

As far as the range and consistency is concerned, Bluetooth-free wireless headphones offer longer range and smoother signal transfer. In fact, signals can penetrate through concealed rooms, glass windows, wooden floors and cemented walls.

So, you need to make sure that the wireless earbuds you bought should work over a long range, have adjustable frequencies, and they should have latest Bluetooth version that can work with almost all latest devices.

Bluetooth earphones offer more connectivity options whereas radio earphones offer longer range and smooth signal transfer. So, for field work, radio earphones are more suitable, whereas Bluetooth headphones are more suited for workout enthusiasts and audiophiles.

Top 6 Wireless Earbuds Reviews 2023

1. Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones​

First of the lot is the best wireless earbuds for sports persons, gym-hitters and those who take fitness pretty seriously. Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is a serious sound producing gadget that can be your companion for long and stiff workout sessions.

The headphones can operate continuously for 8 hours , thanks to powerful lithium battery . Plus, there is a built-in remote to control volume, take calls and skip/select songs. With a total weight of just 10.56 ounce , Jaybird X2 are right there as the best wireless earphones.​

Talking about sleek and trendy construction , these headphones offer secure fit for any ear shape. They are designed for high comfort and least stress on ears. Regardless of the sports you play, these earbuds can withstand extreme situations and won’t get damaged. The ear tips are made of Premium Sport memory foam that conforms to your ears. It will also help you remain fresh and focused on your game.​

For those who are not comfortable with over the ear headphones , they can try Jaybird X2’s amazing under-ear grip for perfect fit. So, even if you play physical sports, such as beach volleyball, these earbuds are not going to let go of your ears.​

Sweet-proofing is an important factor for people playing physical sports. Last thing they want is fix those earbuds every now and then. This is the reason why Jaybird X2 is designed to withstand sweet and provide comfort to your ears during intense exercise sessions. Another plus for sports professionals is, Jaybird earbuds offer lifetime warranty for sweat proofing.

The headphones come with secure-fit ear fins and there is a lovely friction-free carrying case made of silicone. The ear tips material is also made of silicone , which is a sign of high standard set by these headphones. The cord management clips provide distraction-free workout.​

2. Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone​

These in-ear headphones offer perfect support to your ears due to flexible and sleek construction. The best Bluetooth earphones feature lightweight earbuds, making the entire package as light as a feather. With just 1 ounce of total weight (that includes the weight of the earbuds connecting wire) you’ll literally feel nothing on your ears.

Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone has a latest Bluetooth technology that can work with any Bluetooth device. The flexible ear hooks at each end provide secure fit and make them extremely comfortable to wear. Flex earhooks are quite helpful for those with different size of ears. Yes, size doesn’t matter with these powerful wireless earbuds, because you’ll get 4 pairs of eartips, each in different sizes and shapes.

The wrap-around cable is tangle-free, which means, you can fold the headphone and put in your pocket, and when you re-use them, there’s no need to untie the knots. Moreover, Po werbeats 2 Wireless offer impressive 30 feet range, which is a big plus for music lovers. You can take calls for hours without experiencing any disturbance or distortion. The reason why we say “calls for hours” is, Powerbeats 2 in-ear headphones offer massive 6-hour rechargeable battery, which is not often the case with ordinary earphones.

Sports enthusiasts, outgoing freaks and audiophiles can use these earbuds wherever they go, as they are water and sweat resistant. Hang on! There’s more coming your way! The earbuds feature over-molding RemoteTalk for easy handling. The no-slip grip allows you to change volumes, switch tracks and take hands-free calls fairly easily.

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As far as sound quality is concerned, Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear headphones feature dual-driver acoustics. That means, you can literally cut yourself from the surroundings and concentrate on your workouts. These in-ear headphones have gathered a handful of highly satisfied customers, and this is why they’ve been included in the list of best wireless earbuds .

​3. Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphone

​Don’t confuse them with on-ear headphones, as Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones have all the qualities of in-ear headphones. They’re sleek, durable, quite comfortable, and offer high-profile music to everyone, especially for sports persons, athletes and body builders.

The earbuds are tailor made for workaholics and people on the move. The flexible design ensures earbuds stay where they’re meant to be as you run, work-out, climb stairs or take a swift move.

Plantronics BackBeat Headphones are sweat- and water-proof. The earbuds have nano-coating technology to protect them from excessive sweat and water. The headphones have been tried and tested for waterproofing and have an Ip57 rating. They can withstand 1-meter of fresh water for up to 30 minutes. So, if you’re splashing water on your face, you don’t need to remove the headphone. Moreover, the earbuds feature safety-oriented design to connect you with the world when you want to.

Since these headphones run without wires, they kill the worry of tangling or plugging. The headphone battery is meant for long-lasting performance, delivers 8 hours of continuous wireless listening. Even better, you can take calls and control music by means of on-ear control.

If you’re not using them, Plantronics BackBeat can go to hibernation when you take the phone away. This is meant to extend the battery life.​

​4. Bluetooth Earbuds TREBLAB XR100

Bluetooth earbuds, such as Treblab XR100 are tailor made for regular gym-hitters, audiophiles, field workers and people on the move. They’re by far the best Bluetooth earphones around with most noteworthy features. Everything including design, weight, comfort, sound and price are spot on, making these earphones a must-have.

Treblab is offering XR100 at a fairly reasonable price range, and the product has gained massive popularity online. These are probably the best wireless earbuds at a price below $50, and everything from design to the sound quality turns out to be well-synched.

Worth noticing factor about these earphones is its design and construction. The earbuds are made of silicone, which is by far the best material offering all-day comfort. To add to comfort, ear tips are sweat-proof, so they won’t irritate you during intense workout sessions.

First surprising factor for the headphone lovers is, these earbuds utilize latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology with apt-X support. That means, Bluetooth Earbuds TREBLAB XR100 are compatible with almost all Bluetooth devices and offer smooth signal transfer as well.

Second surprising factor, and most talked about feature of these earphones has been longest playtime. You won’t expect wireless earphones to last for 9 hours on single charge, would you? Given that, you need to charge those batteries for 2 hours for maximum charging.

Another attention grabbing feature about XR100 has been the noise cancelling feature. All In-ear headphones offer passive noise cancellation, but these pair of earbuds has expandable foam tips to make your workout sessions more result oriented.

You can take calls, change tracks and control volume with a single press of a button without breaking your exercise in the middle. Last but not the least, these in-ear headphones offer one-year manufacturer’s warranty, which makes your purchase safe and secure.​

5. Bluephonic Zone Wireless In-Ear Workout Earbuds​

Since large share of people using wireless earbuds belongs to sports enthusiasts and fitness lovers, Bluetooth earbuds have been made to support your ears during movement. So, first and foremost has been the design and construction of the earphones.

Bluephonic Zone Wireless In-Ear Workout Earbuds have been optimized for active lifestyle. The earbuds can withstand sweat and water, and therefore, last longer than ordinary headphones. In connection to sweat-proofing, these earbuds offer extreme comfort and secure fit for your ears, thanks to flexible earhooks. So, if you’re a regular gym-hitter or are enthusiastic about your fitness, Bluephonic Zone Wireless In-Ear Earbuds are just perfect for you.

Support and comfort goes hand in hand with the weight. Slightly overweight earbuds can put extra burden on your ears and can irritate you during long workout sessions. The earphones weigh just 4 ounces, although slightly heavier than the best wireless earphones , but they wouldn’t bother you during long music listening sessions.

Talking about the best Bluetooth earbuds, technical specs and sound quality are what make them the best in the market. In-ear headphones offer impressive 8 hours of continuous talk time. Plus, they have long standby time of 240 hours. Best thing is, they offer a long Bluetooth range of 33 feet, which is better than most high-quality wireless earphones in the market.

As far as Bluetooth technology is concerned, Bluephonic Zone Wireless In Ear Earbuds are equipped with Bluetooth 4.1+EDR, which makes them compatible with almost all Bluetooth MP3 players and sound producing devices. You can connect your earphones with your smartphone, tablet or laptop without any upgradation.

Apart from the passive noise isolation all earbuds have on offer, these particular earbuds offer CVC6.0 noise cancelling for unmatched sound experience. To add to that, EDR audio technology offers unmatched bass and extreme highs and lows.

You’ll get 3 pairs of extra ear tips along with the package. Plus, there is a manufacturer’s warranty of one-year.​

6. TOTU BT-2 V4.1 Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Music Stereo Sports Headset​

TOTU BT-2 offers amazing sound acoustics, thanks to Bluetooth 4.1 technology and advance APTX sound. The headphones are capable of delivering astonishing acoustics, plus latest Bluetooth technology also makes them compatible with all the latest devices. The earphones are compatible with latest mobile devices, such as iPhone 6, 6S, 5S, 4S, Samsung Galaxy S4 – S6, iPad, HTC, LG flex and many others.

TOTU BT-2 V4.1 Bluetooth Sports Headphones are tailor made for sports enthusiasts. Take a look at their ergonomic design, extremely light weight and added ear-round support. Slipping is one major issue athletes and workout enthusiasts face while wearing in-ear headphones. TOTU BT-2 have been specifically designed to support your ears in more than one way. The sport earphones weigh just 0.64 ounces, which is the least you can get in earphones market.

The silicone earbuds rest comfortably inside your ears and confirm to the internal ear shape, while added support of flexible stabilizing ear hooks offer maximum protection against slipping and falling. Moreover, silicone earbuds are sweat-proof so there is no chance of slipping anyhow. A thin layer of liquipel is also there to prevent any moisture penetrating inside and deteriorate the internal components of the earbuds.

Ordinary Bluetooth headsets and earphones have major issue of connectivity and smooth signal transfer over long distances. With TOTU BT-2 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headsets, you wouldn’t find any difficulty getting signals up to 10 meters. The Bluetooth range is quite impressive, thanks to latest CSR chipset, for most headphones can’t reach up to 30 feet.

With so many astonishing features, TOTU BT-2 have one drawback; it offers 7 hours of continuous talk time. That’s an hour less than industry standard of 8 hours talk time, but at the same time, these earphones offer longest standby time up to 100 hours. There is a built-in microphone and a single touch control for taking calls, pausing music and switching songs. That’s not it, as you also get one-year warranty, a carrying case and a user’s manual in the package.​

7. SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headphones Stereo Wireless Earphones for Running​

They are sleek. They are trendy and they’re easy-to wear. SoundPeats Bluetooth Stereo Wireless Earphones are just the right set of earbuds for gym hitters, travelers and other people on the move. Starting with the variety of choices, these in-ear headphones are available in 9 different colors to match your outfit. Plus, they’re extremely cheap, in fact, cheaper than the best wireless earbuds in town.​

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You’ll certainly like the design and wearing comfort as these earphones weigh just 3.17 ounces. They offer long standby time of around 145 hours, but the play time of 6 hours is below par considering that other good models offer up to 8 hours of continuous play time.

SoundPeats Bluetooth Wireless Earphones are equipped with IPX4-Rated sweat resistant technology. So they can withstand extreme sweating and moisture during intense workout sessions. Not to forget the ergonomic design tailor made for sports enthusiasts, offering exceptional support while running, jogging, cycling and hiking.

One impressive thing about these headphones is dual connectivity. You can connect to two devices simultaneously, thanks to Bluetooth 4.1 technology. Once paired successfully for the first time, the headphones will connect automatically to your device anytime later. Latest Bluetooth technology enables you to connect to maximum number of Bluetooth devices – smartphones, laptops, MP3 players, tablets and more.

Noise isolation is one major plus for in-ear headphones, but these stereo earphones take listening to the next level with CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology. The headphones guarantee high definition surround sound, disconnecting your from your surroundings and keeping you focused on your activity

SoundPeats Stereo Earphones are not new to the world. They have a proven track record, thousands of highly positive customer reviews and millions of sold products. Plus, they offer S/M/L ear tips for all types of ears and you’ll also get two types of ear hooks, one of which will definitely suit you.

Wireless Earbuds Buyer’s Guide


Well, if you’ve been reading the post line by line, you must have understood what features you need to consider before buying the suitable pair of wireless earbuds. But this is not it, as there are certain other elements to consider in order to make your investment more secure and economical. Here they are:​

If you think noise isolation and noise cancellation are identical terms, you’re wrong. Noise isolation does not necessarily refer to noise cancellation. In ear headphones with noise isolation features offer proper sealing to your ears, thereby block the outside noise physically. The seal may be inside of your ear or around it, and it totally depends upon the form factor.

Noise isolation headphones are good, but not as effective as noise cancelling ones. Noise cancelling earphones have separate pair of batteries in them. While noise isolation headphones offer perfect fit to reduce external noise from the surroundings, batteries in noise cancelling earphones produce sounds of equal but opposite wavelength of the sound coming from the surroundings. In this way, they reduce external noise to negligible limits.

This feature is very effective, but the headphones come expensive. You also need batteries for such headphones. This particular feature can be found in both, ear pad and full size headphones, but the latter offers better noise cancellation.

  • Form Factor​

As you have noticed, headphones and earphones are available in several different shapes, sizes and wearing styles. The purpose of each is same – offer perfect fit and extreme comfort for your ears. This makes form factor the most vital element of choosing earphones.​

So, before choosing any earphones, consider how long you are going to wear them. Will it be for daily use or occasional listening? What kind of music will you be listening? Will you wear earbuds just for communication?

  • Best Companion to Enjoy Music

Since, we are dealing with best wireless earbud s in this post, you need to know their advantages and limitations.​

Earbuds are portable, offer secure fit and best for music on the go. You can use them wherever you like, especially in public places, as they offer certain amount of passive noise isolation. Because the earbuds offer closest proximity with the eardrums, you get high level of ambience and noise isolation as compared to over-ear headphones. They offer better comfort compared to over-the-ear headphones, since you give your ear muscles a little more breathing space.

Earbuds can be your good companion if you just like to enjoy any music and are not concerned too much about the sound quality. They’re good for comfort, but they’re not as good as over-ear headphones when it comes to sound quality. Good quality earphones should provide excellent sweat-proofing, otherwise they will slide out during intense exercises. Sliding out has been a concern for some people, this is why choose earphones that not only offer good fit from the inside, but also provide extra support outside the ears. Moreover, look for the ones that offer at least 3 pairs of extra ear tips.

  • What You Need to Do While Buying Earphones Online​

Since online purchasing is quite popular, it is important to do certain things right before pressing that “purchase” button. While you get more than plenty of choices online, you don’t have a chance to physically experience the earphones. Moreover, prices of online products are far less than the ones purchased in-store. Good online stores, such as Amazon.com offer deals and discounts from time to time, and if you keep searching for one product again and again, chances are, you’ll be able to get it at the least possible price.

With earphones, experiencing is important as they will be in contact with the most delicate parts of your body, and you don’t want to take any risk. So, go through these important tips to make your online purchase safe.

  • Always Buy from Trusted Stores

Ideally, you want to go the local store and choose the pair of head gears, but local stores often sell items on higher price. That’s simply because, the thing is readily available and the customer has the option of checking it.

Anyhow, local stores don’t have a large variety of headphones or any other products, like online stores. Moreover, online stores offer amazing discounts and deals from time to time. So, if you want to find the best wireless earphones , Amazon.com is the place to visit.​

  • Read Customer Reviews

​Buying any product just because it looks good in the image, is the worst mistake you can make. The best thing is to check what other customers had to say about the product. Same is true for headphones. There are some great e-commerce stores where customer reviews are available, but Amazon.com is the best.

  • Expert’s Pick Might Help

​If choosing the perfect pair of earphones looks confusing to you, you can take help from experts’ opinions and reviews, just like this post. Experts’ opinions are based on several different factors, such as durability of the headphones, comfort level, amount of accessories includes, quality of sound, charging time, play time and more!

So, there is no chance of any mistake once you follow experts’ advices in buying these wireless earphones.

  • Read Read Read

​Specs and product description is what manufacturers mention, and there is no need to fall for it. You need to go through FAQ section, read questions from the customers and answers from those who have tried the product before. This way, you’ll figure out whether the earphones you’re about to buy will be the right pick for you.

  • Check Warranty

Last but not the least, earphone warranty plays a decisive role in their sales. You need to make sure that the product you’re buying should offer at least one-year warranty.


Now you know the basic elements of the best wireless earbuds . You have understood what it takes to buy the perfect pair of earbuds. You have read expert’s opinions about select wireless earbuds. All you need is, visit the e-commerce store and hit that purchase button. A quick revision would help:​