Looking at the best earbuds for small ears can be justified for several reasons:

Have you tried all kinds of headphones and they all fit wrong?

Have you ever got that feeling of discomfort in your ears with everything you’ve tried so far?

At this moment you’re probably cursing your ear canals.

But there’s no need to worry because if you have tiny ears then you aren’t alone in this. All you need to do is pick a top set which will fit perfectly inside your ears.

Having tried most earphones already, you wouldn’t want to be getting pair after pair and just hoping to find one with a good fit. This is especially because hygiene issues mean that you can’t even try or return these products which are of no use to you.

It’s not exactly an easy task to find the ideal product that suits you but with the right information you can get rid of this tension headache caused by what seems like an impossible problem to solve.

When you’re affected by a problem like this, you might feel like it’s difficult to do most tasks.

If you like listening to music while working out, not having a decent pair can ruin your motivation. After all, blasting music in the gym provides an excellent energizing effect. This is why we need to find the solution right away.

The first thing we need to do is list the criteria in terms of the features and design of our ideal product. We’re looking to get the best fit and this is our main priority.

Next, we need to determine how much we are willing to spend. Generally, most people with this challenge are frustrated to such an extent that they are willing to spend high amounts. However, if we carry out our research in the most appropriate way you won’t need to resort to this.

Now we need to decide the importance of the sound quality.

Are you an audiophile who requires your earphones to provide top quality sound with solid bass and well balanced mids and highs? If the answer to that question is yes then be prepared to pay a premium price. If not then you can go for a cheaper set of in-ear headphones which will not only do the job but also last you a long time.

We also need to consider the appearance.

If you’re mainly buying running or exercise is then you may want a sporty looking set of headphones. Again, these will probably be a bit more expensive but its 2018 and due to the competition nowadays there is a wide range of attractive designs available at budget prices.

Once you’re satisfied with your criteria, we can start looking at different products products.

Based on my research and tests, I’ve designed a table listing and comparing the best earbuds for small ears. On top of this, I’ve also carried out a more in depth review on each of these items.

Taking your budget into consideration, I’ve selected 3 high end headphones for bigger budgets. In addition to this, I’ve also selected the best 3 wallet-friendly headphones for small ears.

Top 3 Earphones for Small Ears

Klipsch Image X10

According to the manufacturer, the Klipsch Image X10 are the smallest and lightest in-ear headphones ever made in the world. That’s a very bold statement and one that seem certain to be accurate.

Using contour ear gels, this product is specifically designed to accurately adjust itself into the tiniest of ear canals.

The oval shaped soft and unique silicon tips also ensure excellent comfort. If you’re still worried about the fit and remain undecided about getting them then don’t worry about it.

Each model comes with 5 different silicon tip sizes which means that no matter how tiny your ear canal is it is almost certain to give in against these top quality earphones.

As good as this sounds, bear in mind that these are luxury headphones and you will notice this right away with a quick glance at the superb packaging. This means that you’ll need to pay a big price for an eye-catching product.

Now that we’ve established the suitability of the Klipsch Image X10s, it is time to move on to the appearance.

This product truly holds an aesthetic appeal due to the aluminium look with eye-catching copper and black tails. The product is also accompanied by a faux-leather case. You will never have seen such a beautiful pair of earbuds in your life.

In terms of the sound quality, I would be expecting great results due to the price tag and the Klipsch Image X10s certainly don’t disappoint.

It’s actually a mystery as to how such a lightweight and small pair of earphones can sound so great. You hear the full spectrum of natural sound with crisp bass and terrific noise isolation feature.

Basically if you’re not willing to compromise your sound quality then these headphones should be top of the list.

All in all, the Klipsch Image X10s are genuinely perfect when it comes to the general fit provided. They provide a very comfortable fit along with great sound and appearance.

The only downside is that they are quite expensive but if you truly want a top quality product then this product really is exceptional.

Logitech Ultimate Ears 600vi

This Logitech headset is much cheaper than the Klipsch Image X10s above. What does that mean in terms of the quality of these earphones?

Well, in the product description, Logitech promises these as the right fit for you. But how can they support that statement?

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The do this by including soft ear cushions in 5 sizes (ranging from XXS to L). This means that your worries over a nice fit should be solved right there.

The product looks good but don’t expect it to get comments like the more expensive competitors such as Beats by Dr Dre.

Another feature included in this headset is the integrated microphone and volume control on the cord. This means that it’s possible to pick up a phone call, change music tracks and volume without needing to pull the cell phone out of your pocket.

Not all earbuds have this feature which provides additional convenience in my opinion.

These Logitech earbuds are quite comfortable due to the silicon ear cushions which are very soft.

The packaging also includes comply foam tips which greatly enhances the comfort associated with these earphones leading to a very comfortable and accurate fit, no matter how small your ears.

You’ll also notice that these are very lightweight and will pretty much disappear while you’re wearing them. You won’t even realise that you have them on and this again contributes to the enhanced comfort.

In terms of sound quality, the Logitech UE 600vi set needs a break-in period to sound great.

If you’re not an audiophile you probably won’t even notice. However, if you’re very much into your loud music with a great detail and deep crisp bass then you will notice that this product noticeably improves in sound quality after a day or 2 of a break-in period.

Alongside this, the secure fit creates an effective seal to block out external noise leading ultimately leading to an impressive 3d soundstage.

All in all, these are a pair of fantastic headphones with great sound quality and comfort which are sure to provide a great fit for you.

Audiophiles consider these earbuds to be cheap and this just shows you the quality of what we have here.

When compared to the Klipsch Image X10s, these cost much less and if you’re not willing to spend so much money on a pair of headphones, then these will do the job perfectly.

Thinksound ts01 10mm

The initial impression of the Thinksound ts01s is that they are a really attractive pair of earbuds.

Sporting a hand-crafted wooden material coupled with an aluminium appearance to provide a sense of luxury, this product really stands out when you first unbox it.

The main problem we are looking to solve is that of fitting. The fact that the packaging comes with 4 sets of different cushion sizes ensures that perfect fit.

In order to get an accurate and comfortable fit, make sure that you try on all the sizes. They won’t fit into canal like standard earbuds but rather they twist into your ear to get a better fit.

Another great positive point is that these thinksound headphones come with a 1 year warranty which is reassuring.

If you thought that was great, Thinksound are also renowned for their great customer service so if you experience any problems, I’m sure they’ll do their best to help.

The sound quality with these earphones is great especially considering they’re boosted by a 10mm driver which allows the bass to stand out.

The sound quality is very good while being complete and rich with reasonably well balanced crispy highs and mids.

If they don’t sound great when you first use them then remember that these headphones will also require a break-in period of a few days. If you keep that in mind, I’m sure you’ll notice the sound quality significantly improves after this period.

In summary, this product is great value at this price as it provides great sound quality with comfort.

Best of all the Thinksound ts01s are truly great fitting earbuds. The only issues I’ve heard of which may cause raise a question mark is the build quality. While the overall build quality is decent and they seem durable, many people complain about the headphones falling apart near the wooden area.

This shouldn’t be an issue if you keep them well maintained but it’s a point worth considering.

Top 3 Inexpensive Earbuds for Small Ears

Yuin PK3 Earbuds

These entry level Yuin PK3s are not your typical in-ear headphones.

They incorporate a very functional design which allows for a good fit for any canal size. I’m sure you’ve noticed that sometimes earbuds can push into your ear canal and when you pop them out, they are smeared with ear wax.

That’s gross right? I thought so too. This product does not press on your ear canal and collect ear wax and this is why it deserves praise.

The best point I’d like to mention is the price.

Not only are they inexpensive at full price, they are often associated with great money saving deals which makes them a great purchase in our list of affordable earphones.

This product is incredibly comfortable and at this price even if they needed replacing, it’d be totally worth the price.

The sound quality is pretty good too as it exhibits the smooth and natural notes really well. However, these will leak sound especially if you consider that they are open headphones. This means that people around you will be able to hear your music if you like to blast it out in public.

Still though, a small price to pay for the quality being provided.

Despite the build quality being called into question, I’ve experienced no problems with this set.

Even if they were to last you a few months, they are worth replacing especially if you can buy them on sale. The bottom line is that the Yuin PK3s perform just as well as some of the more expensive sets in the range of $100 to $200.

The comfort and sound quality impressed me despite the price tag.

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JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs

he name JVC HAFX1X Xtreme-Xplosivs suggests a very powerful sounding model.

The manufacturer promises “dynamic deep bass” so we’re expecting a set with solid sound quality.

This pair of inner-ear headphones should fit you great but if you have tiny canals then there might be a problem. This is because unlike the other models we have discussed, these don’t come in XS or XXS sizes.

In fact, the packaging only contains 3 sizes (S, M and L). This means that if you have very tiny ears and this is a major problem, it would be a good idea to look elsewhere. At $30 though, it could be a risk worth taking.

If they do fit you however, rest assured that it will be a comfortable fit.

This product is also very light which further enhances this comfort.

JVC are actually very well known for their build quality and the durability of the JVC HAFX1X Xtreme-Xplosivs is a testament to that. All the material feels very rigid and strong quality.

Moving on to the sound, this model does quite well especially if you look at the price.

The bass is the most eye-catching in this area and does very well especially when coupled with the fact that the volume on these babies is louder than with other models. The sound is quite clear but this set does have a couple of days of a break-in period.

Overall, I feel that at $30 the JVC HAFX1X Xtreme-Xplosives provide a great bang for your buck. They are sturdy so there is a good chance they will last you a long time. However, just be careful regarding the fit if you don’t want to risk $30.

JVC HAFX8B Riptidz

The JVC HAFX8B Riptidz is the cheapest product on our list.

The normal price for this product is $10 but it has also been seen for less on sale. The fact that these are available for such a low cost sounds ridiculous.

Surely this compromises the comfort, fitting and sound quality? Well we’ve already discussed the popular name of JVC in constructing sturdy and durable products and this is the same case here.

The earbuds come in a plain black, sweat-proof design which is bound to last you at least a few months.

They’re not the greatest looking but surely you weren’t expecting eye-catching earbuds for less than $10?

When you listen to your music using the JVC HAFX8B Riptidz, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how good the sound quality is. The bass is solid with well rounded mids and sharp highs. There is even a noise isolation feature incorporated. This may not compete against the premium products but it still impressed me.

The angled ear piece allows for a comfortable and secure fit.

Despite this, it is worth mentioning that just like the JVC HAFX1X Xtreme-Xplosives, these also come in only 3 different bud sizes. This can make it difficult to determine whether they will fit you or not. It simply depends on how small your ears are.

I personally feel that for such a low sum of money, you should take the risk. Who know, you might get lucky!

In general, I think that the sound quality and comfort make these headphones by far the most affordable on the market. Even if I wasn’t fully convinced regarding the fit, I’d still spend $10 just to use them as a backup.

If they fit you then great but if they don’t I’m sure you’ll put them to good use somehow.


As I’ve mentioned above, the size of ear canals can greatly affect a person’s lifestyle.

It can be frustrating when your earbuds keep popping out in the gym. Similarly it can be a very annoying experience when this is happening while travelling or while carrying out any form of activity. You may be forced to solve this problem due to the nature of it. This can be done easily with the right organization.

Firstly, you need to decide:

  • How much you are willing to pay
  • The importance of appearance
  • The importance of sound quality

I haven’t listed comfort in the above criteria because I feel that we all want the most comfortable product available regardless of the cost. In order to match these criteria we looked at 3 of the best premium products along with 3 inexpensive yet top quality products.

After reviewing products, I usually pick the best product on the basis of its features and the value for money. However, after reviewing these 6 earbud sets, I decided that I would buy 2 rather than 1 pair of earphones.

Yes, you guessed right!

The first product which I believe is a must-have is the cheapest product we looked at.

The JVC HAFX8B Riptidz is a product that is worth taking the risk for. For a measly $10, we are getting a high quality product created by a well known manufacturer. With great features, these earphones can definitely compete against products which cost $30 to $40 more.

They’ll fit most of the population really well and this is why I consider these JVCs the perfect backup for me whether it is for my morning run or just chilling in my room.

The Klipsch Image X10s are the best earbuds for small ears but they also cost almost 3 times more than the Logitech Ultimate Ears 600vi headphones.

This is why the 2nd pair of earphones I’d get would be the Logitechs. The fact that these come in 5 sizes including XXS provides a great advantage while the overall product design and quality looks immaculate.

As good as they are (and they’re pretty damn good!), I just feel that spending over $150 on Klipsch Image X10s would be a mistake as I’m just a casual listener rather than an audiophile. However, if you’re very much into your music and buying premium quality, then you should definitely give the Klipsch Image X10s a go.