Best Headphone Brands in 2019: Our Top 20

Throughout our previous guides and reports, we’ve regularly spoken about the list of the best headphone brands created by Time magazine last year. But, we’re going to come out for the first time to say that there were some elements of this article that we disagreed with. The problem is that creating such a complicated list is an almost impossible task. Why? Simply because we’re all different! Some people are into audiophile-quality sound and love to spend big on a pair of world class cans while others ridicule this will to spend such vast sums… Continue reading…

Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Enhanced Bass Earbuds Review

There are many reviews roaming around these days for these earbuds. This is simply due to the popularity of the product, made by one of the top headphone brands around! However, due to the age of this product, most of us are looking for a more up to date 2018 review. This merely indicates how the 300 ii has maintained its position on the most popular headphone charts. However, with the creation of new sets in combination with advances in technology, it can be difficult to determine whether to go for these CXs or not.… Continue reading…Best Headphone Brands 2

Headphones like Beats: Best Alternatives in 2019?

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Best Skullcandy Earbuds Available in 2019

There are some common questions amongst earbud fans: A lot of people ask “what are the best Skullcandy earbuds”? This is mainly due to the criticism of the overall build quality of this style of headphones. After all, most of us have been through so many pairs without finding a worthy set. Well, it’s actually quite useful to know that our manufacturer of interest is one of the most popular headphone brands around at this moment in time. Their products are unique in design, sound quite good and provide all the best features that in… Continue reading…

Best Monster DNA Headphones to Buy in 2019

Music can sometimes act as a fuel for your soul. You’ve probably noticed that energizing effect. Monster DNA headphones aim to enhance this effect! And more and more people seem to be realising that now. With the popularity of music, a wide variety of audio equipment and more specifically headphones have also been subjected to a surge in fame. Once constructed as Monster Beats, a part of Beats by Dr Dre, the company eventually teamed up with Viacom to manufacture their own line of premium earphones through which they now compete against the big brands… Continue reading…

Audio Technica Headphones: Best Picks in 2019

We all love music. And we certainly love Audio Technica headphones! Whether it’s during exercise or travel, we bring our music along side by side. This increasing popularity is parallel to the fame of not only this manufacturer or other brands but all headphones in general. It’s got to the point where everyone wants to experience top quality audio regardless of whether they consider themselves to be an audiophile or a normal casual music listener. Naturally, this means that this company holds an edge when compared against its competitors. For those who aren’t aware, this… Continue reading…

It’s now coming towards the start of 2018 and times are changing.

An increasing number of people are forgetting about real quality and giving in to the marketing schemes of multi-million dollar companies. Nowadays, we just look at headphone brands in an illogical way.

We see an eye-catching, celebrity-endorsed pair of earphones and automatically assume that this product is the real deal.

If someone asks you to name the best headphone brands, what would your answer be? Certainly Beats by Dre, Soul or Monster would be on the list.

We’ve become overwhelmed by what these companies want us to think to such an extent that we’ve now forgotten headphone brands associated with true quality. Just because a famous singer or musician recommends a particular model, it doesn’t mean that it’ll be the best. Bear in mind that they’ll be getting paid to make that recommendation. In fact, by looking at over 3,000 pairs of earphones, have carried out considerable research through which they’ve finalised a list of the top 18 brands on the market in 2014.

18 Top Brands of Headphones

Best Headphone Brands 3

As you can see, more affordable manufacturers like Creative, JVC and Philips are higher than Beats by Dre. This is especially considering this list has been drawn up following extensive research which included expert reviews and product features. Another point worth making is that if you look at the cost of the earphones belonging to each manufacturer, Beats by Dre would be fighting for the top of the most expensive list.

While it’s ok if you admit that you’re buying celebrity-endorsed products due to the appearance or to catch the eye in public, you shouldn’t be thinking about buying these products if you’re looking for the best sound quality and features.

As a part of this category, we discuss some of the best models and review them for your best interests.

Please note that this is done randomly without ranking and our list of topics aims to cover each maker. For this reason, we’ll be updating our top picks regularly.

Best Headphones Brand – Our Top Picks

Audio Technica

Audio Technica enters the top 10 of the best headphone brands in the list above. The Japanese company is very well-known in the music industry due to the overall quality of their products. Within this guide, we’ll be providing complete in-depth information you need to choose the best Audio Technica earphones. This is regardless of your preference in style as earbuds like the Sonic Fuel ATH-CKX9iSs are also discussed. Furthermore, there are no worries regarding the budget as we’ll be looking through a range of audio technica products including the best models under $50. In one sentence, this will be an ultimate guide that you can use to make the best decision when purchasing a product from one of the top headphone brands around.

Each of the products discussed will undergo an in-depth review which will provide valuable information which ensures you make no mistakes. These models range from ATH-M50xBL to ATH-M20x.

Best Skullcandy Earbuds

Many users prefer earbuds to other styles such on-ear and over-ear. This can be due to a variety of reasons including comfort, fit, and planned use or even just plain personal preference. Skullcandy is a manufacturer which creates eye-catching earbuds that can look cool in any environment whether it be in the gym or when going for a morning run.

If you’ve decided that this is the company you’re going to go for, we have reviewed and listed 5 of the best Skullcandy earbuds available on the market in 2018. Each of these models has been reviewed in detail and compared to one another in features, appearance and cost. We’ve also provided additional guidance on what to look out for and how to make your decision in an organized and logical manner.

Best Sennheiser Headphones

Sennheiser is one of the manufacturers which have associated themselves with celebrity-endorsed products. Generally, it is one of the most popular companies but with popularity comes higher prices. These inflated prices are also due to the appearance of Sennheiser products. Regardless of this, this company was placed 7th on the above list which means that they must be doing alright. Well based on their prices, Sennheiser should be higher on the list. However, many people have now become brand loyal and will stick by their favourite company irrespective of the price.

For this reason, we have designed the ultimate guide for selecting the best Sennheiser earphones. This will provide you complete support to make the best decision when picking your Sennheiser product regardless of whether you’re looking for premium earphones or a more modest set.

Bose headphones review

Placed 12th on the list, Bose is undoubtedly one of the better companies. While they’re famous for their sound technology, they also rely on a couple of exclusive earphones. Unfortunately, this means that we have to fork out more than we should for Bose earphones.

Therefore, if you’re planning to go for this company then you need to be prepared to spend big.

Within our report on this topic, we’ve looked extensively at the best headphones made by this manufacturer. This includes earbuds and other styles to suit any personality. Each of these products is reviewed in detail and the price-performance ratio is assessed to ensure that you make a highly accurate informed decision when making your purchase.

Bose Quietcomfort 15

The QC15 is probably the main flagship model made by this brand. It utilizes the expertise of Bose’s top of the line sound quality in combination with incredible comfort to take its place amongst the earphone greats. Unfortunately, with such a reputation, we’ll need to pay inflated prices.

The Bose quietcomfort 15 review provides you a completely detailed guide on this product specifically. We look extensively at the sound quality, comfort, appearance and various other poorly focused areas to ultimately determine whether the Bose QC15 is worth spending all that money for. If you’re looking at this pair as a possible purchase, you can use our extensive research and guidance to make the best decision possible.

Monster DNA

Sporting a highly innovative and futuristic design, Monster DNA earphones have adopted a completely new outlook when compared to the monster beats produced in partnership with Beats by Dre. They’re certainly the best looking model on the market in our opinion. However, this shouldn’t be used by Monster to ignore the rest of the qualities required by a pair of great earphones.

Within this detailed report looking, we’ve focused on reviewing every feature of these earphones. We’ve shared our experiences with this brand’s products along with providing recommendations on the best models to go for and the products to avoid. Additionally, there’s always the inclusion of generic guidance to help you look at each criteria in detail and assist you to select the best product you desire.


It’s been quite clear that we’re not very fond of celebrity-endorsed audio accessories. Nevertheless, the brand Soul electronics has done well to create a product line “Soul by Ludacris”. Just because they come in a cool colourful design and are endorsed by a famous rapper doesn’t mean the sound quality and comfort will be top of the line. Generally, before even looking into any of the models, we can expect to pay inflated prices. However, in order to clear our minds, we’ve looked at the SL300 and SL150 models as a part of a detailed review of the Soul by Ludacris line. Through this review, we’ll be providing extensive guidance on whether to go for these Ludacris earphones or if you’re better of spending your hard-earned money elsewhere.


Best Headphone Brands 4

As we approach 2018, the earphones market is expanding rapidly with the emergence of amazing designs and features. Celebrity- endorsed earphones were incredibly popular in 2014 but only some of these have an ideal price-performance ratio worth spending such inflated prices for.

As we get the chance to test out more and more sets, we’ll be updating our list of top picks in order to share our experiences. We know how important this is to you and hope that our hard work and effort helps you to save money. We hope that you do this by picking a product with your most desired features and the best price-performance ratio.