Almost all the people in the world have a taste for music, some like listening to it very loudly while others like listening in a low tone. But it is important for everyone while listening to their favorite track, that they do so without any disruptions.

When you want to listen to that classic ‘Brick in the Wall’, by Pink Floyd, you want to make sure that you listen to it in its proper manner and without any distortions or disruptions. The key here is the equipment that you are using to listen to your favorite song, most importantly the pair of headphones that you are using.

It is observed that most of the people complain about the quality of the sound that is offered by the pair of ear phones that they have. But the defect is mostly not in the headphones but the manner in which they use it or place it.

When you want to listen to some quality music with minimum amount of external noise the best pick for you are the in-ear headphones, since they sit very close to the ear drum therefore the sound quality that they have on offer is quite good and also are great in blocking the external noise. But the one thing that should be kept in mind, if you want to make your in-ear headphones to perform in their optimum state, is to place them in the right manner.


Here are some tips through which you can improve the quality of sound when listening to one of these in-ear headphones.

  1. The Right Size

It is a common fact that everybody’s ears are different from in other in shapes and sizes; therefore it is important that you find the perfect fit for your ear that fits well in both the ears and gives you a comfy feeling. There are headphones available in the market that come with silicon or foam lined ear pads. The sizes of the ear pads are different, so that they can match or fit different ears. If your in the ear headphone does not have foam tips you might want to switch to a better brand.

The foam tip is probably the first step in finding the right size for your ear because, they suit almost all the ear types and can fit with utmost of ease in the ear. Mostly both the ears are not of the same size, therefore it is important to find foam tips that perfectly fit both your ears.

  1. Make the Ear-Tip placement Firm
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The key to a comfortable fit and the best sound quality by the in-ear headphones is the placement of ear tip of the headphone and the ear canal at the same level. By just pushing the headphones in the ear you are not making matters any good, and the process of sealing is not that effective.

You will realize that you have placed the tip correctly when the sound from the surroundings is no more to be heard in your headphones. The tick here is to be gentle in the placement of the tip with the ear canal.

  1. Earphone Tips Should Be Secured During Sports

While working out jogging or hitting the gym, it becomes a task for you to keep the headphones in a proper manner, so that they do not fall out. Because of the excessive movement it is hard to adjust the headphones properly while performing any sports activity. Even if you have inserted the headphones correctly, it is hard to keep them in place.

There are ways through which you can keep your headphones intact and prevent them from falling out of the ear while carrying out a sporting activity. One trendy but scientific way is looping the cord from back of the neck and to the top of the ears. Another way is to reverse the tips i.e. insert the left tip into the right ear and right tip into the left, because of the angled shape the tips will stay intact during sports, with not much effect on the sound quality.

  1. Shirt Clips, Specialized Tips and Ear bud Stabilizers are a Good Option

There are headphones available in the market that comes with stabilizers, especially with the in-ear headphones. These are plastic based components designed to prevent the headphones from falling out from the ear and sit on the ear perfectly, while you are moving or jogging.

When talking about special tips, they refer to tips having double or triple fingered tips, giving them a strong hold as compared to the regular tips. These special tips can be purchased from the market but it would be wise at your end to purchase them from the manufacturer of your headphone.

Another factor through which you can prevent the wobbling of your headphone cord is by getting a clip attached to be attached with your shirt, while running or walking in a fast pace to your desired destination. You can get these shirt clips from Amazon that has a complete range of headphone accessories.

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Bottom Line

People think that the sound quality offered by the headphones they have is defective, without considering how they placed the headphone in the ears. The sound quality is somewhat dependent upon the correct placement of the headphones in the ear.

When talking about the in-ear headphones or the ear buds it is very important for them to be placed correctly. Such headphones are known to block all the external sound that is audible in almost all the other headphones, but if not placed correctly they might fail in doing so.

Sealing the ear properly is important, so that no external sound is audible within the headphone. Otherwise, there is no use of using it.

Referring to this user guide might feel like a pretty time consuming activity, but if all the measures mentioned in this guide are taken into account you can experience the sound quality of your in-ear headphones at a complete different level