Complete Guide on How to Write a SongWe all love music, and most times, we love to think about the amount of work it took artistes to write our favourite songs. Sometimes, we also try to feel like creative geniuses and attempt to write songs, but we almost always come up short. No doubt, writing a song is not an easy task, but how do some people seem to do it so effortlessly? How do their creative juices seem to be in a constant overflow? The secret to the seemingly mysterious genius of song writing will be revealed in this article. When you are done reading, you would have garnered insight into all the key steps required to write an amazing song.

Can Anyone Write a Song?

People often wonder if songwriting skills can only be mastered by a few, but we are here to debunk that myth. Anyone, and I mean absolutely anyone, is capable of writing a song. We will lay out the steps and guides required to successfully wrote a song, and you will see that it is not rocket science.

Complete Guide on How to Write a Song

It can be quite difficult to come up with awesome melody and lyrics, but what exactly does one need to come up with such. What are the fundamental tools, skills and whatnot, which are required to write a song, and how do you effect these tools into action. This meticulously researched guide will help you utilize your existing skills, as well as develop new skills that will help your song writing dreams. Here are some important things you encounter whilst writing songs, and their individual solutions are properly outlined.

Choosing a Song Structure

This is a very fundamental part of how to write songs. Knowing how you want to structure a song will ultimately guide your song writing. The structure of a song is basically the sequential arrangements of its various components – verses, chorus, bridge, etc. A good song structure typically gives the listener an intuitive awareness between the various parts of the song. It should possess enough variety to keep the listener interested, and enough repetition to enable listeners follow the song easily. These days, the most popular song structure is arranged like this – Verse/ Chorus/ Verse/ Chorus/ Bridge/ Chorus.

Giving Your Song a Title

Choosing the title of your song is very pertinent to its development process. Some people decide to write the title before they start writing the lyrics of the song. Some other people always decide upon a title after writing the complete song. There is no ultimate time to create a song title, what matters is that you align your writing process to your decision. Selecting the right song title can also do wonders to your song. Using an action word in your song title could give it some energy, and arouse interest from fans.

Writing From The Chosen Title

If you decide to select a title before writing your song, then you definitely have to align the song to the title. You can turn your title into lyrics by asking the right questions. Every title suggests unanswered questions, so figuring out these questions is the key to turning your title into lyrics. Basically, you have to address the meaning of your title by answering questions it elicits. You should answer questions like – what does the title mean? What feelings does its meaning elicit? What could be the possible cause of its meaning? Once you can answer questions like this, you can easily write from your title, ultimately churning out good lyrics just from your title alone.

Writing Based on a General Concept or Idea

Sometimes you might decide to write based on a general idea, such as love, friendship, heartbreak, deceit, death, etc. Whatever concept you decide on, it gives you an advantage, as you will tend not to stray off the subject, bearing in mind the constraints. You have to capture the emotional side of your concept by totally immersing yourself in it and truly communicating your feelings with listeners. Odds are there are several people writing about the same concepts, so you have to approach this method from a rare angle, ensuring you put your personality into it.

Writing Based on a Melody or Instrumental

Writing based on an existing instrumental is a very popular form of how to write songs. This is mostly common in the rap music industry. Writing via this method will require you to pay rapt attention to the rhythm and progression of the instrumental or melody. Essentially, you are to build your song lyrics around this melody or instrumental. However, you should not let the melody or instrumental totally constrain you. Do not compromise on your lyrical integrity just to fit a song to a melody or instrumental. Never forget that a good melody or instrumental and good lyrics go hand in hand.

Writing from a Chord Progression

Certain people enjoy writing from chord progressions. Whether you are writing with a piano or guitar, you need to tap into the inspiration that the chord progression gives, as it can set the mood for writing the perfect lyrics to such chords. However, you should not rely totally on a chord at the expense of your melody, rhythm and lyrics. You should ensure there is a balance between all components so as to get a quality song.

Writing the Chorus (Hook) of a Song

This is the arguably the most important part of a song, and writing a good chorus to your song will give your song an edge. The chorus is what connects verses, so it will need to be catchy. There are several factors to focus on when writing a song chorus. The song title should determine the direction in which the chorus should take. Also, the melody or instrumental plays a part in deciding upon a song’s chorus. Since a chorus is supposed to be catchy, you can decide to dumb down on the lyrical depth, ensuring it is something that listeners can vibe to. Basically, a chorus is the commercial center of a song.

Looking Everything Over

After writing a song, you need to look everything over. It is often advisable to sleep over your newly written songs, and avoid making instant changes, as you will not be able to see things from a fresh angle. Going over your song will enable you spot all errors and generally ensure the concept of your song follows your intended structure.


Mastering how to write a song is not so difficult after all. There is no one sure way to write songs. The best part is overtime, you will get experienced with more practice. This will enable you write faster and better, and you will certainly get better with initiating and following song structures and concepts. So, go out there and start writing songs, we audiophiles are eager to hear them!