Are you looking for headphones to accompany you on your run?

If so, you must add JVC sport headphones to your list of potential products!

Selecting the best pair of earphones for this purpose is generally quite tricky. This is especially due to the nature of your movements while enjoying a specific activity or while working out. Traditional earbuds can be spontaneously knocked out of your ears without much effort. For this reason, we need to find a pair which is the right fit for our purpose.

JVC is a popular yet underrated manufacturer of earphones. When you think of this brand, you won’t think of it as positively as you would for other celebrity-endorsed brands. This is because products created by this brand go about their task under the radar. In fact, this company was placed within the top 10 brands in a list derived by This should tell you something about this manufacturer.

While the products undoubtedly possess fantastic quality, the one area these really excel is the overall build and durability. This is definitely a quality that you should be searching for and you’re bound to find in a pair of JVC sport earbuds.

JVC Sport Clip Headphones

JVC Sport Headphones: Best 3 Sets to Buy 2

We’ve already mentioned the importance of the fit provided by your earphones. Therefore, it’s essential that you prioritize a secure fit above anything else. Considering the fact that only a small number of traditional earbuds will stay in your ears during exercise, looking for a different favourable design will be beneficial. This can be provided through a variety of ways including the utilization of a clip, something that’s a prominent feature in sport headphones made by JVC.

From out search, we can confirm that there are lots of products which may be of interest to you. However, the majority of these have average to poor reviews. Through our testing and further research, we’ve listed the top 3 sets which will be suitable for most forms of exercise.

JVC Sport Headphones: Best 3 Sets to Buy 3

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When observing the HAEBX85Ws, I didn’t find them too exciting when it comes to the design. Appearing in a completely plain and depressingly simple look, these earphones won’t be catching anyone’s attention while you’re exercising. This can be a disadvantage but most people might consider it to be a plus point. This is because a lot of people like to remain in focus while on the training pitch. I doubt those type of people will even care about what these accessories look like as long as they fit, are comfortable and provide decent sound. This is exactly what these earphones are good for.

For the above reason, if you’re someone who likes to look good even when working out, you’ll probably want to give these a miss and opt for a more flashy set.

If you’re still interested in the HAEBX85Ws, then you’ll want to know how this set will fit you. Coming in an earbud style, this set will fit inside your ear canal. The clip will further secure this fit thereby ensuring that the buds don’t get knocked off on sudden movements during a specific activity. You just need to make sure that you try all the included ear tip sizes in order to pick the one that fits you the best.

The sound quality is really good but if you’re used to really high sound quality then this will really disappoint you. Make sure you take this into consideration before making the purchase.

JVC Sport Headphones: Best 3 Sets to Buy 4

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The HAEBR80R created by JVC is the most eye-catching set when compared to the other 2 on this list. This is definitely due to the splitting half colored and half black design. The availability of this model in other colors including red, blue and silver further enhances the overall appearance. This is especially considering the fact that this set will cost you just over 10 dollars. Even if you end up losing them after a few months, you probably won’t feel that bad.

A built-in microphone is also added to the design which is really surprising when you consider the cost. The design also incorporates an in line remote through which you can play/stop your music while also having the ability to answer/end calls. Despite this, the downside to this is the fact that we don’t have an in line volume control. However, I don’t think we can expect too much from JVC on this occasion.

The adjustable clip/hook will provide a secure fit when you’re out for a match or if you’re on the treadmill in the gym. The buds are made from plastic and you won’t find different bud sizes included in the packaging. These plastic buds can usually be more uncomfortable when compared to standard silicon tips but these won’t be placed inside your ear canal but rather just outside your ear. While wearing this set, whether you experience any ear fatigue will depend entirely on your ear size and shape.

The sound delivered by the HAEBR80Rs is quite good and clear. Obviously, you can’t expect anything fantastic here but these do a really good job.

JVC Sport Headphones: Best 3 Sets to Buy 5

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While all of the best sets which feature in this article aren’t too pricey, these HAEB75Bs practically cost nothing. This is simply astonishing when you consider the price of most standard sets let alone sport headphones on the marketplace nowadays. Costing around 8 bucks, this set is a true bargain.

But if it’s so cheap surely the associated quality is going to be poor right?

While we can’t expect a perfect product for this price, the HAEB75Bs completely fit the bill if you’re looking for a pair of JVC sports headphones. The design looks quite cool and much more attractive than the more expensive HAEBX85Ws.

The utilization of the splash proof feature will allow you to go for a run outside without worrying about ruining your earphones.

In terms of the fitting, the sport clip design will do well to ensure that these don’t fall off. However, you may have trouble keeping them on during intense explosive movements. On top of this, the cord length of this set is 3.94 feet and this may prove to be another obstacle during intense sporting activities.

The comfort associated with this model is decent. The plastic ear buds can hurt when worn for a long time. However, I’m sure you’ll be content with the comfort levels if you wear them for two or three hours.

The sound is quite good too but don’t get this set if you’re in love with amazing quality sound. In order to get this top-notch sound, you’ll have to spend quite a bit more. While a sound blocking feature isn’t advertised with this set, I noticed that there’s a small degree of it present. For this reason, if the music in your gym isn’t quite up to your taste, then you might want to go for a cheap pair like this.

Final Conclusion

JVC Sport Headphones: Best 3 Sets to Buy 6

This brand doesn’t make very costly products but you can be sure that you’ll still be obtaining great quality and durability. The price-performance value for each of the 3 products is absolutely fantastic. For this reason, I believe any one of these is ideal to keep for the gym or as a back-up pair.

Before you pick your favourite pair, just remember that the first set (HAEBX85W) we’ve talked about comes in an in-ear style. This will include different silicon ear tip sizes which increases the chances of finding the right fit. In comparison, the other 2 sets have plastic buds which may cause more discomfort.

You also need to bear in mind that the above products are all wired sets. This means that you’ll need to be cautious in terms of your movement which has the potential to pull on the cord and knock the buds out of your ears. On top of that, as we’ve already mentioned above, the cord length of all 3 of these sets is on the long side so just make sure you don’t have a problem with this before buying.