Music to RunningIf you’re a runner, chances are you already have your go-to playlist ready to be pressed play once you hit the road. But if you don’t (or if your favorites are starting to get a bit stale), then here’s what else you need to know about music and running.

Music to Running – Six Surprising Benefits​

Music and running always go together. We are not difficult to see someone listening to music when they are running. Even, there are plenty of musical player for runners. It can say that music plays a positive role in improving the skills of the athletes in order to perform the certain exercises. Anyone can recognize this, especially after they have experienced the activities that can be outdoor or indoor, along with the desired melody of music. Those who want to burn a lot of calories through exercises with music can receive the positive changes of losing your weight, enhancing the speed in running, strengthening the muscles, for example.

Becoming a better runner is your desire, isn’t it? How can you enjoy the hard exercises? Well, you can consider adding the music into your habit; and then, you are going to recognize the difference. What could music do to minimize your pain when training? Here are a couple of refreshing things.

  • The runners can realize the effects of the music when they feel the intensity of the pain that is gradually lower. At once, they begin enjoying the performing exercises whether the requirement is pretty stern.
  • The normal people listening to music are to relax, but those who playing sports desire to reduce the pain, stress, tiredness, and pressure through music while exercising. Correspondingly, the effort is minimized in the entirely performing period, but it creates the feeling of enjoyment.
  • Thanks to the positive thoughts that music has brought, it makes you happier. In additional to that, the positive hormones for your body are stimulated and produced anymore.
  • Music also makes us forget the worries of the day. This leads to relaxing and is a main cause of the blood circulation better. The majority of the athletes considers the music like the definite drug for the demands of the workouts.
  • According to several studies, the movements of the body is correlative with the beat of the music, which is utilized in any hard exercises because the amount of oxygen in the body will be less 6 percent.
  • As what Dr.Costas Karageorghis said, the physical skills of the athletes are imitated by the rhythm of the music, so the techniques are enhanced during the process of accomplishing exercises and the movement also becomes more efficient.
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Disadvantages of the Music While Running

  • The surrounding noise can be blocked by the music, the siren of the car or train, for example. Like that, it is very dangerous. This one can lead to an accident whenever. Accordingly, the runners need to have to consider their running environment a careful way, unless they will be able to hurt themselves and even anyone else.
  • The melody of the music may influence the cadence of running. Certainly, you also know that not all songs are suitable for your running cadence when listening to music, except your music is to synchronize and adapt your rate of progress.

This issue is difficult to clear up. Of course, you can choose to run with the music, but it is important that you must pay attention to your own safety, by adjusting the proper volume. Let’s remember that the safety is the leading priority. There is a reason why you should not run with your headphones near traffic or on sidewalks. It is certain that you do not want to become a deaf runner!

Running with the Headphones – 6 Safe Tips Should Know

At present, we caught the dubious eye about listening to music while running of some people. They assume that this is dangerous. This information has caused no less the discussion between joggers, walkers, and runners. Should they wear the headphones to listen to music when performing the outdoor activities?

The problem is that no one actually solves the root cause. We just need to clarify that the music is not the origin cause, the headphones, too. So, where is the origin cause from?

Basically, you need to be aware the surrounding environment of your outdoors; especially, if you have tended to run a traffic or danger environment. Nowadays, the manufacturers of the headphones understand this issue, so the last models enable the runners to make the most of the music while the awareness is maintained. The important one is a safe running with your headphones if you have the essential precautions. Here are 6 simple tips in order that you can run a safe manner.

1. Because the surrounding noise will be blocked by the noise canceling headphones. As mentioned above, you must be aware of the environment around you when you both listen to music and run.

​2. It should wear the headphones that are made from the reflective material

This idea is ideal for those who are running before dawn or after dusk. It can choose a pair of workout headphones with the reflective material.

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3. It uses the iPhone application

It can say that the iPhone App is one of the leading apps. It is also necessary for those who both listen to music and run. Thanks to this app, you not only can listen to your favorite music but also hear the surrounding things, including, talking of people around.

4. Let’s run in a group

It is certain that you have heard the adage – the safety in numbers. In comparison with only one, running with two or many people is more helpful. Correspondingly, if you enjoy listening to music while running, you should try running with another one.

5. It considers wearing workout headphones

These headphones are suitable for those who like exercising, including running. They allow you to adjust your headphones in selecting a couple of ambient noise, cars or train, for example.

6. It always keeps the volume at the low level

You must remember that the loud volume will drown out the surrounding sounds, so you have to ensure the proper volume. On the other hand, the loud volume can damage the hearing yours.

Let’s remember that you must pick up the music with the suitable tempo for your exercise. The music must reach the medium volume. Don’t forget to choose a right pair of headphone. Happy running enjoy!​