Music can sometimes act as a fuel for your soul.

You’ve probably noticed that energizing effect. Monster DNA headphones aim to enhance this effect!

And more and more people seem to be realising that now.

With the popularity of music, a wide variety of audio equipment and more specifically headphones have also been subjected to a surge in fame.

In A Hurry? This Is The Best:
Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones (White/Teal)
  • Advanced noise-isolating design reduces ambient sound
  • Ear cushions for comfort during extended listening sessions
  • Dual audio input jacks let you link your MusicShare headphones together and share the audio
  • Durable yet ultra light materials withstand travel and continuous use
  • Customize your look with a variety of skins (sold separately)

Once constructed as Monster Beats, a part of Beats by Dr Dre, the company eventually teamed up with Viacom to manufacture their own line of premium earphones through which they now compete against the big brands including Beats. In such a short space of time, this DNA line has established its name amongst the best in the music industry. This has partly been due to development of the most futuristic and aesthetic looking earphones in 2018.

One thing’s for certain, just by looking at this accessory, you’ll be mesmerised by the unusually unique design. This means that when you’re out in public, these earphones are certain to grab all the attention. A lot of younger music listeners would succumb to the design before even testing out the product.

But is everything perfect as it seems?

We’ll be looking at various aspects of products created by this company including a quick overview of the design and performance. Following this, the separate products in the DNA line will be reviewed and their features compared against one another. These will then be compared against Beats by Dr Dre, the great former ally. This is simply done to provide you as much information as needed to make your life easier – basically so you can make an informed decision whether to go for these earphones or not!

Monster DNA Review


As I’ve already mentioned, the design looks very modern, with the models in this line seeming almost as if they landed here directly from the future. They certainly seem completely different than any other similar products out there. This means that Monster have rightfully won the attention they desired. Sporting distinctive triangular shaped earpieces, you’ll have never seen audio equipment made like this before. The earphones are available in various styles such as on-ear, over-ear and in-ear (earbuds) and each has a unique eye-catching design which easily defines the word premium.

So if the design is great, what about the actual performance? Let’s focus on that now.


This company promises big things with clear emphasis on clear and detailed music via their renowned technology. They clearly have the confidence to consider themselves as a leading designer of headphones with high performance. However, with price range for their products on the high scale, we don’t expect anything less! The only problem is that performance levels can differ for different products and this is why it would be impossible to group the performance into a general overview.

However, we can do this within the separate detailed reviews for different products below.

Product NameTypeBatteryMicrophoneWirelessWarranty (Years) 
DNA in-earIn EarNoYesNo1Check Price
DNA on-earOn EarNoYesNo1Check Price
DNA Pro 2 over-earOver EarNoYesNo1Check Price
Beats ExecutiveOver EarYes (25 hours)YesNo1Check Price

Monster DNA In-Ear – Best headphones ever!

Despite coming in an in-ear style, this product still manages to adopt the unique triangular design which is quite impressive on this manufacturer’s part. Available in a silvery white colour with a sleek appearance, these earbuds truly do look exceptional. In terms of features, we can see the inclusion of apple control talk along with a tangle-free feature in an ultra lightweight design. Earbuds are commonly associated with ear fatigue on prolonged use but this company promises that this won’t occur with this product. This means that before buying this set, we should be expecting a great comfortable fit. This is enhanced by the inclusion of ear tips in 5 different sizes which means that whatever the size of your ear canal, you should expect these headphones to fit you. We already know that brands make big promises but ultimately fail in fulfilling some of those. So let’s see if these monster DNA earbuds perform as promised on the tin.

In terms of sound quality, there’s not any disappointment as you’d expect. The sound comes across with great definition alongside tight lows, well balanced mids and clear highs. I also noticed that the bass was very detailed and quite impressive. This was further strengthened after a burn-in period of around a week. While I’m not an audiophile, I like my music to sound good so if you’re more of an audiophile and want perfect quality sound, the doubts will probably remain. In terms of the noise isolation, there is some degree of this feature. However, earbuds are well known for a weak sound isolation and this is the case here too.

These in-ear headphones do as they promise when it comes to comfort and fit. They’ll beat most similar models by staying in your ears for longer and the best thing about this is that there’s a feature of long-lasting comfort combined with a secure fit. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy your music for an extended period of time without experiencing discomfort. This product is almost feather weight and this is the reason that there are common complaints regarding the build quality. While, they are light, this doesn’t mean there’s a presence of cheap quality here.

All in all, I feel that these are great earbuds which look pretty darn cool with that highly innovative design. However, we all know how expensive they are! This is why I’d probably advise against buying these earphones. As great as they are, the sound quality and comfort would put them in the $50 bracket. Unfortunately, we’re being made to pay almost double the price for just that futuristic design!

Monster DNA On-Ear – Worth What you Pay For

We’ve already spoken briefly about the trademark design of Monster DNA headphones. The on-ear model is probably the one that has benefitted the most from this. This model is truly eye-catching with an exceptional sleek design. It looks and feels quite lightweight yet extremely durable to provide convenience for extended use. The earphones also fold just above the ear cups to make them suitable for storage and ideal for travel.

All this while looking pretty!

Another massive plus point is the availability of a wide range of skins. The price of each skin differs with the white tuxedo skin being the highest priced. There’s a reason for this! The white tuxedo skin is easily the classiest looking skin and even the name indicates premium luxury. In general, the different skins mean that there’s something available to suit every personality.

In terms of the sound quality, we are promised a real live music experience via pure monster sound. The super soft ear cushions are also alleged to produce highly efficient sound isolation with impressive comfort that will keep you going for hours. Another unique feature incorporated is the use of musiclink. Through this, you can connect your earphones with a 2nd set via the dual audio jacks and this lets you share music between both pairs of earphones. That actually sounds pretty cool!

The actual sound quality delivered is absolutely marvellous and well-balanced. The clarity of the sound combined with crystal clear bass and one of the best mids around mean that these on-ear headphones truly justify their praise. Their features would compete with the best brands including Bose and Sennheiser. While the sound is great, the comfort is equally as good due to the soft, cushioned ear cups. You can wear them for a long time without any problems. There is an exception to this as the earcups are quite small so if you have big ears then this might create a comfort issue.

When you’re hunting for a pair of earphones, there should be a balance of eye-catching appearance and sound quality. Unfortunately, most models available on the market in 2018 provide either one or the other. This brand is truly the only ones who’s managed to deliver the best in this case. While we know that Monster products can be on the expensive side, it should be worth noting that this depends entirely on the skin you choose. For example, the white tuxedo skin is available for around $200 when compared to the plain black colour which costs just under $100. This means that if you’re on a strict budget, you can opt for a simpler colour with that same innovative design and high performance features. It really is a no brainer for me because I’d prefer to take advantage of this appearance and performance balance. In overview, these headphones have a custom-made appearance that has not been beaten by any of its rivals.

Monster DNA Pro 2.0 Over-Ear – Stylish. Durable. Convenient. Quality.

Being the most expensive product in the DNA range, this pro over-ear model differs to the on-ear headphones. Firstly, we don’t have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of skins. In fact, we only have 2 colours to choose from – black and white tuxedo which ends up looking even classier. The unique triangular design is a standout feature again but on first impression, the pro version looks (and feels!) more expensive than the on-ear version. It’s bulky with extra padding around the ear cups yet it retains the light weight similar to the previous version. This not only generates an image of durability but also a feeling of extra comfort. Furthermore, the musiclink feature which provides the means to share music by connecting 2 pairs of earphones also remains.

Just like the previous version, the pros don’t let us down in terms of the overall quality. In fact as suggested by the price, these will be a step up when compared to the on-ear set. The over-ear pros will add incredible crisp to your music and will beat most rivals within the $150 to $200 price range. Bear in mind these will cost you over $200. But with an appearance which will beat the best models, these headphones seem to be worth the price. Due to the over-ear style, the pros also add a greater noise blocking feature to the locker. This means that this model does a great job in blocking out external noise while also minimizing sound leakage (there is some leakage!) which would normally disturb people around you.

As I’ve already mentioned, the earcups are padded with extra soft lavish material which provides extremely pleasing comfort. However, some of us might still have ears which fail to give in to these beautiful monsters. This means that it remains possible that you will feel some form of discomfort during prolonged use. You just need to remember that this doesn’t happen to everyone and before buying perhaps it’s a good idea to try them on first. A lack of swivelling earcups is also a bad point while another common issue can occur depending on your head shape and size. The pros are known to clamp down on your ears causing discomfort if used for a while. If this is a problem then just make sure you carry out the necessary adjustments while giving them at least one week’s burn-in period which should hopefully lead to an improvement. No guarantees though!

Monster DNA Headphones Vs Beats Executive

We’ve already discussed how the breakup between Beats and Monster led both companies to go their separate ways. While Monster has produced their DNA line which includes the pro over-ear model, Beats’ model which directly competes against the pros is the over-ear executive. The executives look quite attractive but the overall appearance of the pros seems to edge them. Having said that, the futuristic design of the pros may not suit everyone! Another common feature for both models is the compact, foldable design which provides a sense of convenience when travelling.

The first argument against the executives is the requirement for batteries. Even if you’re willing to change batteries every few months, it’s not going to be funny when you repeatedly forget to turn the earphones off? This is a big negative point which is not experienced with the DNAs.

While both models are comfortable, the Beats executive, which is the first set of earphones created without any help after both companies split, delivers decent sound quality. By decent, I don’t mean great, it’s just decent! On top of this, the noise cancellation is average and commonly delivers a hissing sound. We’ve already discussed how the pros perform so it’s a no brainer to decide which one to go for.


Best Monster DNA Headphones to Buy

I’m not a massive fan of earbuds but I do like to use them for working out and other similar activities. The in-ear model produced by Monster is impressive in appearance and decent in performance. However, it’s an expensive pair especially if used in moderation. In my opinion, I would only opt for this product if I heavily used earbuds and wanted something that had the ability to catch the eye in public. For running headphones though, I’d prefer to stick with simple $10 pair of earbuds.

While reviewing the rest of the top sets, I concluded that both on-ear and pro over-ear versions were top class in terms of the balance in appearance and performance. Personally I’d opt for a cheaper on-ear set simply due to the choice of skins available. These include highly appealing colours such as carbon fiber black, laser blue and rose gold. Despite this, if you’re about to spend $200 for the white tuxedo on-ear version, it’s worth mentioning that the white tuxedo in the over-ear style costs around $240 in 2018. Considering, the pro over-ear model provides better comfort, durability and overall quality, I’d much prefer to spend an extra $40 for this. Otherwise, I’d much prefer to go for the cheapest black on-ear version for $99 as this would be well within my budget. This would also mean that I’d be able to take full advantage of the innovative design and impressive sound quality at an affordable price.

A lot of critics insist that headphone brands such as Beats and Monster look to take advantage of their customers through the use of celebrity-endorsed music accessories. They also insist that their performance is nowhere near the more reputable brands renowned for top quality sound. I personally have mixed feelings regarding this statement.

While it’s true that these brands aggressively market against younger people in the hope of luring them in with their fashionable style, I believe that the sound quality isn’t compromised. I also agree that these products are reasonably overpriced however; they do make up for it through their appearance. I personally think that the overall appearance is stunning but these products will probably suit younger people and teenagers more.

As I’ve mentioned, none of the more reputable brands have created products which provide that balance in appearance and performance. In my opinion, this is the main reason why people would buy Beats or the best Monster DNA headphones over other better performing models.

5/5 (3 Reviews)