Motorcycle bluetooth headset can be of many uses.

Imagine you’re travelling at a high speed and suddenly your cell phone starts to ring. What if this is an important call? If this ever happens to you, you’ll be left with 2 options – either pull up by the side or risk missing what may be an important phone call. This is exactly where a wireless set comes into play.

The importance of such an accessory has risen in the past few years due to strict state laws which have targeted drivers.

If you end up buying this accessory, at least you’ll be able to go out with a sense of freedom. Not only this but there’s another important benefit of buying a motorcycle helmet bluetooth headset.

Whether you like to ride because it’s your hobby or this is the most appropriate form of travel for you, one thing is clear – everyone loves music (including you I’m sure)!

Just imagine racing away against the wind while listening to your favourite tunes on full blast. That image seems like a scene from a movie! The truth is that we can’t live without music and a helmet set certainly satisfies this requirement.

So along with an element of safety, this accessory can be extremely beneficial for many other reasons.

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset


So you’ve decided to take the plunge? But you’ll be wearing a helmet so how are the headphones going to work?

Well, if you’ve not looked into this yet, you’ll automatically assume it to be complicated. However, these products are specifically designed for this particular vehicle so the entire system will be laid out to fit onto pretty much any helmet.

The utilization of wireless technology will form connections with your cell phone, mp3 player and even your GPS navigation system.

All of this combines with the easy connectivity aspect of these products to minimize any issues that you think might occur.

The one issue that we will experience is when we’re about to choose the right product. Due to the availability of so many products, it’ll be difficult to pick the right one. After all, there are so many things you need to consider.

In order to focus on this, we have carried out the research and concluded this by listing 5 of the best sets you can buy in 2018. Make sure that you compare each of these products by checking out our comparison table below.

Motorcycle Helmet Headphones List

Product NameMicrophone QuantityWirelessMulti PairWarranty (Years)
SMH10-112YesUp to 42
SMH10-101YesUp to 42
SMH5-021YesUp to 42
SMH10R2YesUp to 42
UCLEAR HBC1001YesUp to 42No products found.
Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset: The Best 2

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Sena SMH10-11

In all honesty, the Sena brand is the king when it comes to this particular accessory we are looking at.

This is evident by the fact that 4 products made by this manufacturer feature on our top 5 list.

When it comes to this particular model, it’s worth pointing out that the SMH10-11 is the number 1 bestseller with the Powersport Helmet Communication category on Amazon.

This along with the near flawless reviews provided me with an excellent initial impression of this SMH10-11.

The most impressive aspect of this set is the easy functionality feature. This allows for a quick and easy connection with your phone or music device.

There are also some convenient controls located on the set which will enhance your entire experience. One of these is the incorporation of a large volume dial which will allow you to turn the volume up or down with ease even when you’re travelling at a high speed.

In terms of the microphone feature, you’ll be surprised to know that there are 2 mics included with this set. One is a large “boom mic” which is detachable while the other is a smaller wired mic which you’ll be able to Velcro to the front of your mouth.

When it comes to the sound transmitted by the product, I must admit I was very impressed. Travelling at high speeds and in windy conditions, you’ll still be able to have your caller hear your voice pretty much perfectly as if you were still at home.

Another impressive feature is the sound itself. If you like to listen to music when you’re out then you’ll be pleased to listen through this bluetooth set.

While the sound won’t be comparable to a home theatre system, this will still be delivered with fantastic clarity and quality.

In my opinion, the above qualities of the SMH10-11 allow it to climb well above the rest of its rivals.

Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset: The Best 3

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Sena SMH10-10 (4.6/5)

Another model created by Sena, the SMH10-10 is quite close to the SMH10-11 when it comes to the overall quality we’re looking for. The main difference between the 2 sets involves the microphone feature.

In comparison to the SMH10-11, the SMH10-10 has one “boom” microphone which is attached to the helmet mounted piece.

While this is advantageous for an open faced helmet, the option of using the Velcro mic for full faced helmets hands the edge over to the SMH10-11 headset.

However, you can be sure that when used appropriately, the sound quality associated with Sena SMH10-10 will be just as impressive.

Even when you’re riding your motorcycle at a high speed, you’ll still be able to hear the conversation with great clarity. This clarity is also exhibited when you’re listening to music.

This set also has that easy connectivity feature which means the entire system will be up and running within a few minutes.

Overall, I think that this set isn’t too expensive for the quality it can deliver. However, considering the fact that it costs just a bit less than the SMH10-11, I’d probably spend a bit more for a better quality set with 2 microphones.

Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset: The Best 4

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Sena SMH5-02

A lower end Sena product, the SMH5-02 is the cheapest product on our list. This doesn’t stop this product from performing well when compared to its more premium competitors.

Costing just under 100 dollars, this set would be ideal for people who want to buy a quality product without overspending.

Available in a similar design to the Sena products we’ve already talked about, this set doesn’t actually sound amazing but this is exactly what I expected after checking out the small speakers included with this set.

The overall sound quality is decent however and the call quality is very impressive indeed. However, due to the small size of speakers, you might see yourself asking the person on the other side of the line to repeat what they just said.

Having said that, the installation process is very easy and you’ll have everything set up with the wires hidden in no time at all. At the end of the day, for such a low price tag, you’ll be getting an incredibly reliable wireless set here!

Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset: The Best 5

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Sena SMH10R

The SMH10R is probably the nicest looking out of our list. This would be more suited for a sports bike due to the slim and lightweight design.

The overall appearance of this headset is incredibly attractive.

Containing a wired microphone along with an attachable “boom mic”, this set provides the same advantage that we observed with the SMH10-11.

Just as most Sena headsets, the SMH10R can also be installed very easily which will provide you with more time to enjoy your ride rather than pull your hair out during the set-up process.

The sound will be great regardless of whether you’re listening to music or an audiobook while you ride. However, it’s important to remember that the music won’t be like full-size headphones. After all, this is a set suitable for using when riding.

Despite this, if you want to listen to music while sitting on a thundering engine, you’ll be content with the sound delivered by the SMH10R.

In terms of the call quality, you’ll be delighted! Due to the positioning of the microphone and the associated quality, you’ll be able to get a great conversation going. The person on the other side won’t even know that you’re out riding!

If you have a sports bike and are looking for a stylish yet slim and modern looking headset then the SMH10R would be your best bet. However, the main drawback is the premium price which makes this set even more expensive than the SMH10-11.

Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset: The Best 6

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When looking at motorcycle headsets, Sena is the best brand if you’re in for pure quality. However, buying the HBC100 created by UCLEAR may also be worthwhile.

This set looks quite lightweight and small which can be advantageous. Let’s see how this wireless set performs!

While the call quality is superb with this model, there are some obvious issues which prevail. Firstly, the sound quality is quite disappointing when you’re listening to music.

I’m sure you won’t be pleased with the bass delivered by this set.

On top of this, when you’re taking a phone call, you’ll notice one thing. While the person at the other end will be able to hear you clearly, you won’t be able to hear yourself!

This can be common if you’re travelling on a bike but I found this to be quite profound with these motorcycle helmet headphones.

Another disadvantage is the cost of buying this set. Costing around 160 bucks, this is one of the more expensive sets on our list.

For this reason, I’d probably avoid this and spend my money on a better set.


Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset: The Best 7

Having looked at a huge list of bluetooth headphones for motorcycle helmets, we have briefly reviewed 5 of the best sets available to buy in 2018.

As we can clearly see, Sena is the brand which is associated with top quality if you want to buy a bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets.

Personally, after checking out the above list and the comparison table, I’d be left with two clear cut products. One is the SMH10-11 due to its efficiency and overall quality – it’s a bestseller for a reason! However, if I wanted to spend less than 100 bucks then I’d most likely to go for the SMH5-02.

While this won’t be as good as premium bluetooth models, it’ll still bring decent quality to the table without warranting a high price.