PHIATON 100 BA is a wonderful tool to watch while listening to the music. Apart from so many plusses, it is quite different from the other products in the market. In fact, the ear bud delivers exemplary performance day in and day out.

People who have used the new kid on the block, swear by its capabilities, so let find out what’s under the hood of 100BA.

Phiaton MS 100 BA Balanced Armature Earphones with Mic
  • Balanced Armature drivers (made by Phiaton) for superior sound...
  • Built-in Microphone for hands free talking
  • Sleek Design in an armored aluminum body
  • Oval shaped cables for tangle free use
  • Warranty: Continue to enjoy your bluetooth wireless device long after...

PHIATON 100 BA “Impressive Design”

PHIATON 100 BA offering is different from the peers as the ear buds are not only sporty but also elegant. As far as the shape of buds is concerned, they are akin to torpedoes equipped with ribbed texture on the metal body.

Due to the flat backs, they can be pushed easily without any hassles.

Engineers have packed PHIATON into the double-shelled housing to eliminate voice interference. While walking along the busy road, you can listen to the music without bothering about the roaring car engine or truck.

100 BA buds are attached to the bright red cords that are superior to thin wires that many companies offer. As a user, you can relax because they do not entangle and make you feel uncomfortable during the journey.

If you want to change the music and skip to the latest number, use inline remote located at the left bud wire. In addition, the device is compatible both with IOS and Android device.

In spite of sporting complex design, the earbuds are lightweight and can be easily carried in the pocket of the trouser. You can hide the stuff in the briefcase as the cables are too straight and thick to get entwined.

Modern business professionals prefer to purchase MS 100BA because it can work in all types of condition. Wonderful music in the ears increases the working efficiency of the person.

Comfortable to the core

Comfort fit is the order of the day, therefore select large sized MS 100 BA fully capable of fitting onto the ears. Try them during commuting and exercise and relish the comfort they provide.

Earbuds never come out during the journey and the cord is sufficiently long to cause any discomfort. Even while exercising, one can always use the MS-BA 100 because it only emits music in the form of sound signals and doesn’t cause any destruction.

The secret behind the perfect balance of Phiaton is the presence of the armature drivers. They are perfect for smartphones smaller in size. What more, the order package consists of 4 ear tips and a carrying pouch.

The quality of the sound

Play the favorite track on the device and feel how the highs are defined clearly. Not for a single second, the signal seems distorted as all the modulations are visible. Moreover, foot tapping numbers belonging to R&B genre can be played with amazing volume and depth.

Bass is a very prominent attribute of the sound but in the case of MS 100 BA, the primary focus is to relay music without interference. Highs and lows are very prominent as people can easily distinguish between the two.

PHIATON 100 BA Comparison with others –
Compared to other earbuds in the same price category, MS 100 delivers amazing sound quality however it doesn’t provide required bass. In fact, the product is not made to operate at a very lower frequency range.

On the attenuation parameter, it is right at the top with the best. While taking calls and listening to music, the users do not feel a nay disturbance.

General mobile users may like the sound quality because MS 100 is pretty decent in terms of sound output.


The ear buds are unique because they pack lots of capabilities in a given price range. Small and light structures are the unique selling points of MS 100 BA.

Although not very capable, it is good for customers who want to hear smart phone based music while on the go. It is far better than buying run of the mill third party earbuds to take calls.

Aesthetic design and on temporary style make MS 100 BA a sure shot winner in the market. To sum up the facts, one can say that the product is bound to stay and pose a tough competition to the peers.

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