Lots of people ask me. Why do people use PS4 headsets?

The thing is that if you are a remotely serious gamer, you will be amused at such questions.

You see, most of these people have never even tried this type of experience before and this is the reason they don’t understand the use of these accessories.

In truth, using such a product greatly enhances your entertainment experience and once you have tried it, you will never go back.

Using this accessory also solves many common problems for us.

If you hear constant complaining over the loud noise (and poor sound quality) of your TV when you are trying to enjoy the full experience of your PS4, the headphones will solve this problem straight away.

Once using these, you will feel like you and your surroundings are actually a part of the game.

It feels amazing and as I have mentioned, you will never live without this accessory any longer. Just imagine being on the battlefield in first person shooter games with the sound going straight into your ears.

If you have decided to buy a ps4 headset then you probably don’t know how to get started in selecting the best one. This is not the only obstacle for you.

It requires a long time for you to select the best option based on your budget and the features you consider most important.

Compatibility is another issue that will give you a headache. What if you end up buying a product and then you find out that it does not even work on your playstation 4.

I have done all of your homework for you in the hope that you will be able to choose the best product based on what you want.

Along with a comparison table below, I have tested and selected the top 3 premium products. The main obstacle is the price and you will probably be wondering if you can afford these. This is why along with this list, I have reviewed and drawn up another top 3 list for more affordable gaming headphones.

Top 3 Premium Headsets for PS4

Best PS4 headsets: Our Top Picks 2

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PlayStation Gold Wireless

The Playstation Gold Wireless is developed by Playstation so it must be good right?

This is definitely the case here as it provides quite an incredible gaming experience. Something even better with this product is that it is also compatible with the PS3 and PS Vita system.

The 7.1 surround sound is excellent and provides everything you want along with an extremely comfortable material. In my opinion, the best aspect of this product is the cost.

At around $100, it bravely competes with the Sennheiser PC 363D and Astro Gaming A50. Boosted by the price, it edges these premium top of the range products.

While this product is very comfortable, if you are on the PS4 for most of the day then they will start to hurt your ears as they do clamp down a bit. However, this is usually common with most similar products and it all depends on your head shape and size as not all will experience the discomfort.

In general, it is probably a good idea to give your ears some rest and then start again.

Sennheiser PC 363D


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The Sennheiser PC 363D is a high end product that has a fantastic over-the-ear design which provides fantastic comfort indeed.

This is one set that you will have no form of discomfort even if you wore it for hours. This product also has top of the range build and sound quality especially for your gaming experience.

In fact, the 7.1 surround sound is thought to be the best in the business. The boom mounted microphone provides crystal clear sound and has the ability to mute when you push the boom up.

Everything about this product screams gaming luxury to me and this is probably why it is quite expensive.

At around $300, it is one of the most expensive ps4 headsets. The only reason it comes second is due to the price but if this product is within your range, I would advise you to go for it as you will have no regrets.

Best PS4 headsets: Our Top Picks 3

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ASTRO Gaming A50

This is another high-end pair of headphones which will provide a top quality gaming experience.

The material of the frames is made from steel so you know that it will be durable and last you a long time.

The mic provides complete sound clarity along with noise isolation which means that you will be able to fully enjoy this feature.

The set is a little bit heavier than its competitors and this jeopardizes the comfort level but this product is still extremely comfortable with very soft padding as you would expect for such an expensive set. This is why I would say you will still have no problems in using it for a prolonged period of time.

The overall sound quality is definitely more to audiophile standards.

Despite the pros of this product, remember that it is a premium set and costs $300. This makes it an ideal PS4 gaming headset but it is probably more suitable for more serious audiophile gamers.

Top 3 Affordable PS4 Headsets

Best PS4 headsets: Our Top Picks 4

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The Ear Force P12 by Turtle Beach makes it to the top of the list which means that it’s probably the most affordable gaming headset in 2018.

The product description states that this product is specifically designed for playstation 4.

The sound on this is excellent whether you are listening to music or playing a game. The soft cushion padding around the earcups make this product quite comfortable. The microphone is decent quality and provides great sound clarity but you might need to hold it closer to your mouth or else you may lose that clarity.

The sound cancellation is actually one of the top features of this product and you definitely will not be able to hear someone knock on your door which can be good or bad.

In terms of weight, the product seems to be a little bit heavier than other sets in the same price range. This probably reflects on the build quality. Even though it is still light enough, it may not be suitable for travelling.

At $60, it may still be considered expensive but it is still one of the best sets at this price.

Best PS4 headsets: Our Top Picks 5

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Turtle Beach Ear Force PLa

This product is the most ideal headset for PS3 but it is also compatible with PS4.

The biggest advantage of this product is the affordability as you can make it yours for around $40.

As you would expect, it will perform to a lower level than the more expensive sets but the Turtle Beach Ear Force PLa is still a great value for money. This is because it puts up a fight against the more expensive Turtle Beach gaming headphones.

The sound and bass quality is great especially at this price while the excellent comfort initially stands out too.

The mic is quite clear and links well with a decent chat sound.

As expected with cheaper sets, the comfort level isn’t great. This is definitely the case here even though the product showed great comfort initially. It will not take long before your ears start hurting.

In overview, the Turtle Beach Ear Force PLa is a great choice at an excellent price but probably more suited to casual gamers.

Best PS4 headsets: Our Top Picks 6

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The Tritton Kama is the cheapest product on this list at $30. This makes it the best affordable product on the market.

It is compatible with playstation 4 and PS Vita. It is simple to connect this set to the Dualshock 4’s 3.5mm jack so the easy functionality is great for casual gamers and beginners. This set provides great sound with bass, a good fit and uses the battery from the controller.

That sounds great to me and definitely pushes it along the lines of a bargain.

However, as with most cheaper and entry level models, comfort issues arise if used for longer than an hour.

The main problem for me is that whether you experience this discomfort depends entirely on the shape and size of your head. So if you do get them, they might hurt your ears and they might not. Despite this, spending $30 makes perfect sense.

Final Verdict

It is now 2018 and the quality of these products is vastly improved. The best PS4 headsets have been listed for you and it is now up to you to make decide on your pick.

The main question you need to ask yourself is how much can I spend? Are you willing to spend a little bit extra for a higher quality product or have you decided on your budget already?

Another factor which can help you to make the best decision is who you are buying the set for? Is it for yourself or for your child? If it was for a new gamer or your child, it would probably be best to go for a cheaper entry level model such as the Tritton Kama.

Best PS4 headsets: Our Top Picks 7

You also need to determine the importance of sound quality and comfort. If you wish to enjoy your gaming experience for the majority of the day rather than an hour or two, then it would be best to spend a little bit extra and go for a premium product.

This is especially true because you won’t be changing your set every few months. This is why I usually spend a little bit more for a higher end product. A more expensive set would provide top level comfort and maximize the features we look for in PS4 headsets.

Another important factor to consider is that a cheaper quality product may break or stop working suddenly which would force you to buy a replacement. This will be highly unlikely with the highest quality sets.

Despite this, Amazon provides a warranty with these products and this is listed out in the comparison table.

In overview, if I was a serious gamer with a high budget and wanted to buy a premium headset for PS4, I would definitely opt for the Sennheiser PC 363D.

This is the best product out there and would provide an incredible gaming experience. However, if I was under a restricted budget I would most likely go for the Turtle Beach Ear Force PLa with the Tritton Kama also in my thoughts.