With the help of this report, our main aim is to find the smallest bluetooth headset available nowadays.

But why is the size so important?

The trend in using wireless sets started a few years ago when business people started to incorporate them into their busy lifestyle.

These eventually became a fashion accessory more than anything else. Since then however, there have been little advances in technology which could enhance the usage of such an accessory. This has meant that most normal people no longer use these products while the fear of being called ridiculous also stands tall.

The creation of a small design may change all that.

This is why there has been great emphasis placed on designing and manufacturing the smallest wireless earpieces as a form of rejuvenation. After all, despite the lack of popularity of these accessories, the benefits of use are very clear for those who love the hands-free factor.

Essentially this accessory is used as an alternate to headphones but provides a lightweight and professional element that is more acceptable amongst the older audience. On top of that smaller models are now more attractive for a younger professional target market.

Having searched through the market, I can say that there are a lot of products available but finding the smallest Bluetooth headset will seem like a mission. On top of that you’ll need to focus on the price, design, sound quality and extra features.

In order to help you in the best way possible, I’ve selected 6 products which will suit you no matter what your budget is.

Smallest Bluetooth Headset

Product NameTypeWeight (ounces)Talk time (Hours)Standby (Hours)Warranty (Years) 
Moto HintIn EarTBC10100TBCNo products found.
Bose Series 2In Ear0.424.51001Check Price
Plantronics M50Over Ear0.32113841No products found.
Mpow FreeGoOver Ear0.3251201Check Price
Jabra MINIOver Ear0.3192001Check Price
Jawbone ERAIn Ear0.365.52401No products found.
Smallest Bluetooth Headset: Best 6 Sets

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Moto Hint

You may already have searched for wireless sets through the internet and it’s highly likely that you’ve heard something about the Moto Hint.

This is literally the smallest bluetooth headset which has been gathering lots of attention recently.

This earpiece is created to fit into your ear and stay there while remaining out of sight. By utilizing in-ear sensors, it even turns on automatically as soon as you insert it into your ear and switches off when you pull it out. This means that every time you receive a phone call, it’ll go straight to the Hint and when you pull it out of your ear, the call will go through to your cell phone.

Basically, bluetooth headphones should allow you to use your phone without actually touching the phone and this is where the Moto Hint excels in the best way possible.

This product will even allow you to receive notifications and send messages without pulling the cell phone out of your pocket.

Costing around $150, this is an expensive wireless earbud but it’s a model that you’ll definitely consider to be worth this much especially if you literally want to buy the smallest Bluetooth headset in 2018.

What’s more is that there’s a wide variety of colours and designs available which makes this wireless earpiece suitable for every personality regardless of profession.

Just ensure that you take good care of it as its quite small and it’d probably be quite easy to lose something like this.

Smallest Bluetooth Headset: Best 6 Sets

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Bose Series 2

While the new Moto Hint feels like something out of this world, let’s go back down to earth with the Bose Series 2 earpiece.

I say this because this product looks more of a traditional bluetooth headset compared to the Moto Hint which hides in your ear due to the earbud design. Despite this, the Bose Series 2 is one of the most perfectly sized sets available right now.

It comes in a side-specific design for the right or left ear which ensures the best fit for you. This model does great to utilize the well-known Bose technologies.

The earpiece uses a microphone technology which incorporates a voice-rejecting feature. This means that your caller will be able to hear you loud and clear despite any noise background or environmental factors such as wind.

While the Moto Hint is a tiny bluetooth earbud which connects automatically when worn, the Bose Series 2 has physical buttons for volume control, answering/ending calls along with powering the device on/off. Don’t be fooled though, the overall size is still tiny.

The inclusion of 3 sizes of silicon StayHear ear tips means that you’re going to experience a great fit which is also comfortable.

Along with the comfort, the sound clarity is excellent even in the loudest of environments as expected. This is due to the dual mic noise cancelling feature which allows this set to perform very well.

Just remember that this model is made by Bose so if you’re into listening your music through this product, the quality of the sound won’t let you down.

In my opinion the Bose Series 2 is probably the top smallest Bluetooth headset out in the market in 2018.

My main issue with this model is the price. While the quality, light weight and features warrant a premium price, the cost is exactly the same as the Moto Hint.

Even though the Hint isn’t yet available, it may be worth waiting for its release due to its exclusive design and features rather than spending $150 on a small yet traditional looking set (unless you’re into traditional looking headsets that is)!

Smallest Bluetooth Headset: Best 6 Sets

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Plantronics M50

The 2nd cheapest model on our list, the Plantronics M50 is a highly affordable yet attractive product.

This attractiveness is due to the slim design that faintly resembles that of the Bose Series 2 but at almost fifth the price.

One of the best points regarding this product is the battery life which is the best when compared to the other models on our list.

Providing around 384 hours of standby time and up to 11 hours of talk time, the Plantronics M50s really impressed me regarding this feature. As I’ve already mentioned, this model is petite and light weight which makes it suitable for what we’re looking for.

Just as the other bluetooth headsets, this device can also stream music and audio directly from your smartphone. The sound quality is quite clear with an active wind and noise cancellation feature.

Despite the positives, there are also some issue which with these M50s. These aren’t too serious but can affect the convenience aspect for some users.

Firstly, as it’s a wallet-friendly earpiece, the features won’t be as great as more expensive products. For example, the noise cancellation feature isn’t as great as other more expensive sets. While this may not be a problem for some of us, it’s generally a great form of frustration especially if you spend most of your time in busy and loud areas.

Secondly, I’ve noticed that the sound does crackle a bit especially when used at the highest volume. Another issue worth mentioning is that there’s a single button for volume control rather than up and down buttons like on smartphones.

Obviously as it’s a small design, it’d be difficult to incorporate so many buttons so reducing the number of buttons is essential if you want to keep the size to a minimum.

Saying that though, it’s nowhere near the smallest Bluetooth headset when compared to the Moto Hint and the Bose Series 2.

Smallest Bluetooth Headset: Best 6 Sets

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Mpow® FreeGo

Next up is the Mpow FreeGo which is apparently inspired by Burj al Arab, the world’s first 7 star hotel located in Dubai.

While I don’t quite get that link, this model certainly looks different to most traditional sets available in 2018.

Furthermore, the over-ear design is constructed in such a way that the device doesn’t stick out like the Bose Series 2 for example. However, the set can be seen placed over the ear so it’s definitely not small enough to be invisible.

It’ll depend on whether you want to be seen wearing this unique over-ear style.

I’m personally not very fond of the design and would prefer a more traditional looking set. However, I know that some people would find the design very attractive so it’ll depend entirely on what you like.

While testing out the Mpow FreeGo, I felt the sound quality during calls was quite clear but a common complaint which goes against this headset is the quality of the microphone.

This is made worse due to the design which means that the mic is actually far away from your mouth. However, the quality isn’t terrible and not everyone experiences problems with the microphone.

The comfort isn’t too bad either due to the soft ear tips but considering it’s a cheap set, it’s bound to cause some ear fatigue on prolonged use. Again, this will depend on the size and shape of your ear canal and may not affect everyone.

In overview, the problems with this headset are quite clear. However, when you look at the price, you’ll certainly be tempted to go for the FreeGo as it’s the cheapest model on our list and comes with all the essential features of a small bluetooth earpiece.

I’d personally go for the Plantronics M50s due to the impressive battery which is difficult to beat.

Smallest Bluetooth Headset: Best 6 Sets

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Jabra MINI

Jabra is a well-known manufacturer of bluetooth earpieces and in the MINI; they’ve certainly created a set which holds an impressive size.

This model establishes a connection with your cell phone quite quickly and you hear a voice to confirm this.

This is a feature some people look for when buying this type of product. On top of this, the Jabra MINI looks wonderful and as the name suggests, it’s the lightest model available on our list.

Another added feature which isn’t common with other models is the utilization of the Jabra Assist app. This allows you to locate the earpiece if you lose it. This is highly advantageous especially when you’re dealing with such a small product.

While we do receive a soft and moulded ear bud which apparently allows for a custom fit, this is a one size fits all earpiece meaning there’s actually not much of a custom fit.

Despite this, the comfort associated is generally quite good but there’s no guarantee on my part.

There are no problems with the call quality and for both incoming and outgoing calls, I don’t have many complaints. You probably won’t either unless you’re fussy and looking for a premium product.

The set also comprises of a decent volume control function due to the incorporation of up and down buttons. Overall, the battery is great and the Jabra MINI is a decent branded model at a great price.

Smallest Bluetooth Headset: Best 6 Sets

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Jawbone ERA (Shadowbox)

A model released in 2011, the Jawbone ERA is quite an attractive headset. However, the superb, eye-catching look doesn’t guarantee a good performance.

Unlike the 2018 model, this doesn’t look as lightweight as you’d want and it’ll definitely stick out from your ear. This means that if you were looking for an invisible headset, keep looking for a different one.

Jawbone are well-known for their sound quality and their noise cancellation feature and this is the area where the ERA delivers.

Your call quality will be superb without any complaints of noise problems even when you’re in a very noisy environment.

The design allows for a snug fit which stays comfortable and secure during extended use but you need to remember that there are no guarantees that this will be the same for you.

A major issue with the ERA is the abundance of touch techniques you’ll need to learn in order to fully work the headset. This means that you can’t pick up a call with a simple touch of a button but rather you’ll have to learn the commands.

This can be a daunting task for a product which is supposed to provide convenience. Even if you learn the commands, you can easily forget them.

In my opinion this is a product which comes with a beautiful design but at almost $70, it’s expensive for an earpiece that was released 3 years ago.

This is why I’d rather spend a little bit more on the Moto Hint, Bose Series 2 or even the new Jawbone ERA which isn’t actually available on Amazon yet.

Over to you

Smallest Bluetooth Headset: Best 6 Sets

There are a lot of products out there which claim to be the world’s smallest Bluetooth headset. While that may be true for a certain product, you still need to ensure that there’s high quality involved in your purchase.

From my research, it’s very obvious that most of these models are cheap, poor quality headsets which will most likely stop functioning within a very short amount of time.

It is important to note that most of these models are based on an earbud design. The only earbud set which looks promising is the Motorola Moto Hint which looks sophisticated yet stays in your ear invisibly.

As mentioned previously, this set isn’t available yet but if you’ve been impressed by the initial product information then I’d say wait till it hits the market before buying it over some of the other models.

You just need to remember that it costs around $150 which indicates a premium earpiece bursting with quality.

However, if you’re not a big fan of the earbud style and would prefer a more traditional looking headset then my advice would be to go for the Bose Series 2.

While it is quite expensive, you know you’ll be buying quality that’s synonymous with Bose. If you’re on a tight budget then my 2nd choice would definitely be the Plantronics M50.

I reckon this model could even push the Bose Series 2 all the way. What really impressed me about the M50s was the incredible battery which allows for chart-topping talk and standby time. Despite the price, it remains an elegant looking earpiece which is one of the lightest around.

This means that the M50 model has an incredible price-performance ratio and would be suitable for people with any budget.

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