Soul ElectronicsBest Soul by Ludacris Headphones & Earphones is one of the recent entrants in the headphones market. Established in 2009, this company came into being to provide exceptional sound for every lifestyle. The core elements on which this company was founded are power, clarity and comfort.

The company believes that a powerful bass can enhance the listening experience of new generation tracks, good clarity is essential to truly enjoy a music and lastly, it believes that the headphones should be comfortable enough for users to wear it for long durations. Hence, these three aspects are present in every headphone created by this company.

To compete with other top brads such as Beats that sell similar headphones, Soul has come with an eye-catching and trendy design that is sure to appeal to younger generations and all music lovers in general. It has also undertaken much research in making these headphones comfortable to all kinds of users.

If you’re looking for headphones that provide pro-level sound quality and rockstar styling, Soul by Ludacris is the way to go.

For audiophiles with a taste for the finer things in life, Soul by Ludacris headphones and earphones are the perfect blend of pro sound quality and rock-star styling. Whether you’re rocking out to your favorite tunes or taking calls on the go, these luxurious audio accessories will keep you looking sharp and sounding even sharper.

With state-of-the-art noise cancellation technology and an ergonomic design crafted from lightweight materials, Soul by Ludacris takes your listening experience to another level. Plus, it’s all wrapped up in sleek designs that will turn heads wherever you go. So if you’re looking for something truly special to amp up your audio game, look no further than Soul by Ludacris: premium headphones and earphones for the ultimate listening experience.

SOUL Electronics SL22WT Loop - White
  • Advanced driver and circuitry design for superb bass and clean midst...
  • Sleek, fashionable on ear fit rests perfectly on your ear
  • Universal one button controller, with tangle-free cable for hands free...
  • Full ear cup articulation ensures the best and most comfortable fit...
  • Portable folding design for easy storage

Soul loop ultra-lightweight headphones are created for bass lovers who are on a budget. The $129 price tag of these headphones is great value for money as they look decent and provide thumping bass effect.

The design of these headphones is standard with no visibly outstanding features. However, the outer side of the headband is made of glossy plastic while the inner sides have good padding made of faux leather to make it comfortable for users. It looks like a sleek black dress that fits well on someone. The trademark logo of Soul is present on both the ear cups. While black color is mostly associated with older people, Soul decided to reach out to the younger too with white, blue and pink/black combinations that were released later. These colorful headphones look trendy, and go well with an informal dress.

Despite this comfortable padding, Soul loop is one of the lightest headphones available in the market today as it weighs a mere 4.58 ounces. This lightweight makes it easy to carry and wear when users are on the move. Moreover, these headphones fold inwards into a compact shape, so that it can easily fit into the black canvas carrying bag that comes along with these headphones. Apart from the case, a 49-inch flat cord with inline remote and microphone comes with the package. The remote works well o both Android and iPhone models, so users have greater flexibility.

On the sound front, the most prominent aspect is bass. Its neodymium 40 mm drivers and the proprietary Sound Signature technology of Soul Electronics provides a big and thumping bass, making it ideal for all kinds of bass lovers. In fact, these headphones have more power than many of the other models in the same and higher price range. There is no cracking or distortion even when the volume levels are maxed out.

Though the bass is intense, it does not overpower other notes as users can still hear the highs, mid range and lows clearly. In this sense, these headphones are good for all audio tracks, though it sounds particularly explosive on bass-intense genres such as hip hop. Percussion also sound clear and detailed, and this makes for an enjoyable listening experience.

Noise isolation in excellent too, and this is most evident when users take calls. Audio is loud and clear on both sides, even when users are walking through busy streets in New York City. This fantastic noise isolation makes these headphones the perfect pair for important audio calls.

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All in all, Soul loop ultra lightweight headphones are compact, good looking and ideal for bass enthusiasts. It is also a great choice for audio calls.

Soul Combat+ Ultimate Active Performance Over-Ear Headphones...
  • Ultimate active performance durability
  • Breathable wide grip headband for a cool and secured fit while...
  • Interchangeable ear pads for easy cleaning
  • Highest audio sound quality with powerful bass and clear mids and...
  • Sweat resistant

Soul combat+ ultimate active performance over-ear headphones combine great looks and excellent sound quality to give users a unique audio product that enhances the listening experience.

These headphones look stylish, and are designed for sports and outdoor enthusiasts who want to listen to music while doing their workouts. Such people need headphones that fit snugly so it does not fall off during their workout, and this is exactly what Soul offers with this product. The overall design is a closed head loop that hugs the ears. The head band is expandable to fit over large heads, and at the same time, closes in small heads as well to give a snug fit for everyone. The outer side of these headphones is black while the inner side has an electric blue, and this combination gives a cool and stylish look to these cans.

The padding present on both the ear cups is soft and sweat proof, so it does not feel awkward to wear them after a sweaty workout. Moreover, these cushions are made of the highest quality material, so they are durable and last for a long time. When the padding wears out, users can replace them with another set of cushions that is provided in the package. Furthermore, users can remove the padding and wash them anytime.

Another design aspect that makes it comfortable for a workout is the gap on the head band. This gap provides for better air circulation, so the head does not feel sweaty after a long workout. Also, the soft silicon material present on the underside of the head band ensures that the headphones do not hurt the skull with prolonged use.

Noise isolation is also excellent, as the pads on both the ear cups block out most of the noise on gym floors. It is also good while going for a walk or run in busy areas as it allows users to enjoy their music in peace. Noise leaks are also minimum, and does not affect co-passengers who are siting next to the users.

In terms of sound performance, Soul combat+ ultimate active performance over-ear headphones offer a balanced sound. All the notes are well-blended, so every note is clear and audible. Through these headphones, Soul Electronics wanted to negate its image as a bass-pumper, so there is good sonic balance. Though there is still a good amount of bass, it does not overpower other notes. On the whole, sounds are sharp and clear, thereby making it ideal for taking audio calls as well.

Overall, these headphones are perfect for workout enthusiasts and for those who are always on the move. Sound quality is excellent and well-balanced to give a peaceful listening experience.

SOUL Electronics Transform Superior Active Performance...
  • Sporty, lightweight and comfortable on-ear design.Connectivity...
  • Breathable rubber headband for optimized comfort and fit
  • Breathable and washable mesh ear pads
  • Superior sound quality with deep bass and clear midst and highs
  • Sweat resistant

Soul transform superior active performance on-ear headphones is another cool-looking workout model from Soul Electronics.

The design is sporty with a combination of bright bluish-grey and yellow. The outer side of the head band and the ear cups sport a bluish grey while the ear padding and head band padding are a bright yellow. The ear pads are fixed onto flat plastic rings, and these ear pads can be removed after a sweaty workout. The ear pads are covered with a nylon mesh to make it water proof.

One difference is the padding on head band is different from that of ear cups. In fact, there is no padding at all in the head band, and instead polyurethane strip that prevents the hard plastic from touching the head. The material used for making these headphones is plastic, so they are lightweight when compared to other similar models. However, the downside is these headphones feel a little flimsy.

These headphones are super comfortable to wear as they fit completely over the ears. Since they are light, they stay on well for long periods of time and while exercising. Also, noise isolation is good though these headphones do not come with an active noise cancellation technology.

Along with these headphones, users get a flat cable with an inline remote and microphone that is compatible for all smartphones. Controls sit a few inches on the right side below the jaw for easy use. A slider and shirt clipper are provided to help keep the headphones in place. A good-looking pouch comes with the package, but the headphones do not fold down flat which means it could be a little inconvenient to fit inside small handbags.

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The audio performance is good too with clear notes and a perfect balance. The bass has good impact, and at the same time, it is mild enough to blend well with other notes. Highs are crisp while the mid range notes have a nice warmth around it. Due to these sound aspects, both vocal and instrumental tracks sound pleasing to the ears, thereby making it a good choice for any genre.

Audio quality for calls is also good as speakers on both the ends could hear voices clearly. The microphone does a decent job of keeping out the ambient noise, so users could hear each other clearly even in crowded places.

The final verdict – these headphones are one o the few models that cater exclusively to workout enthusiasts. At a price of $99, these headphones are a steal as they come with a cool design and excellent sound quality.

Soul by Ludacris SS7BLK IN-ear headphones with microphone and remote control is an wired in-ear headphones from Soul Electronics that look simple and yet has a powerful audio. It retails for less than $35, thereby making it ideal for those who are on a budget to listen to good music.

The design is simple with black being the only color used. It is shiny on the ear buds that also have the logo of Soul. The ear buds go well into the ears to give an excellent level of comfort for users. To suit the ear sizes of different users, the package comes with three ear tips, namely, large, medium and small. Other than these ear tips, the package contains an owner’s manual, but no case.

This lack of case can be a minor downside for those who were looking for a neat pouch, but the lack of it is understandable for this price. The cable is also made of the highest quality to ensure that it lasts long, and at the same time, it is tangle-free. Hence, users no long have to worry about untying notes on their earphone cable.

The cables end in a standard 3.5 mm audio connection jack that can be plugged into almost any device. So, users can connect to their smartphones, MP3 devices, audio players, laptops, sound systems and more. When users connect to their smartphones,these earphones can double up to take calls as well. The cable comes with an integrated one-button remote that works well on all Android, Windows and Apple smartphones. Audio quality is also decent on both sides of the call, and keep away much of the ambient noise. In fact, these earphones have been designed to provide noise isolation as the ear buds fit right inside each ear. However, as with most earphones, there is no active noise cancellation technology.

In terms of sound quality, these earphones are good too. With a driver size of 9 mm, these earphones deliver powerful bass. In fact, the presence of such a powerful bass is not a surprise because Soul is known for this aspect. However, the good part is bass does not overpower other sounds. As a result, high notes are crisp while the mid range notes are warm and detailed. Overall, there is a good sonic balance between notes, and this aspect makes these earphones ideal for all music genres.


Are Soul headphones good?

Yes, Soul headphones offer exceptional sound quality and luxurious styling. They provide an immersive and detailed audio experience, perfect for all types of music lovers.

Do Soul headphones have a mic?

Yes, the Best Soul by Ludacris Earphones have a built-in mic for hands-free calling and other features. Plus, it provides crystal clear audio so you can enjoy your conversations with clarity.

Are the Best Soul by Ludacris Headphones wireless?

No, these headphones are not wireless but they do come with a detachable cable to make them as convenient as possible to use. Plus, they provide superior sound quality that is comparable to many more expensive Bluetooth models on the market .

Are the Best Soul by Ludacris Headphones comfortable?

Yes, they have been designed with comfort in mind. The earpads are made from breathable memory foam to provide a soft and snug fit that won’t cause any discomfort or fatigue during long listening sessions. Additionally, the adjustable headband helps you find the perfect fit for your head shape. With Best Soul by Ludacris Headphones & Earphones, you can enjoy hours of comfort without sacrificing sound quality.

Are there any accessories included?

Yes, these headphones come with a carry case, adapter cable and two extra sets of ear tips so you can customize your experience. Plus, it has a 3.5mm jack so you can connect it to other compatible devices. So, you can enjoy your music wherever you go and in whatever way suits you best!

All in all, an affordable pair of earphones that does not compromise on looks and sound quality. As with other Soul audio products, the emphasis is on bass, but other notes sound clean and detailed as well.

In short, SOUL, maker of the soul by ludacris is a company that entered rather late in the headphones, but it has made its entry with a bang. Its bass-powered headphones have become popular worldwide, and this bass power has become synonymous with the company itself.