Like the look of SpongeBob headphones for your child?

Are ya ready, kids? AYE AYE CAPTAIN! Don’t miss the jellyfishing, bubble-blowing, Squidward-irking adventures of SpongeBob and Patrick!

Well, we all have our favourite TV show and this is also the case for children.

For this reason, you’ll have noticed that many items in our homes are themed around specific TV shows.

SpongeBob SquarePants is one of the most popular programs for children so it shouldn’t surprise you if your child puts in a request for a product based on this theme. Maybe it’s their birthday and you’d like to surprise them. Or it might even be time to buy Christmas presents! Regardless of the occasion, if they love the show then it’s pretty much a guarantee that they’ll be absolutely delighted if you buy them a pair of SpongeBob headphones.

Best Spongebob Earphones 2020

iHip SBFFH1 Nickelodeon - Spongebob Folding Headphones - Yellow/Black
  • High Quality and Lightweight
  • Compatible with MP3 and iPod
  • High quality sound.

The main problem is that when it comes to features, most themed earphones aren’t made of good quality. These will generally be worse than standard earphones while at the same time costing more money. When we’re choosing such an accessory, we want to ensure that we get a good value for money. While the design should be attractive, the theme will make it easier for you to go for a specific product. However, I also think that the sound quality should be good and the earphones should fit well.

On top of the usual features we look for, the most important feature is safety. As children’s ears are underdeveloped depending on the age, we need to make sure that the product we’re about to purchase are comfortable and safe to use. Researching all of this and finding accurate information on a themed product can be a massive challenge.

In order to help you pick the right product, we’ve carried out the entire research for you. Following this, the top 4 sets have been selected. The cost has also been taken into account within the ratings for these products.

Spongebob Earphones Review

Nickelodeon Spongebob Sculpted Earbuds 11662
  • Provides great sound to your ears
  • Made of durable materials so they won't break easily
  • Perfect for almost anyone on the go

When going for an earbud style of earphones, I have the opinion that they’re highly unsuitable for kids. This is because a child won’t be able to keep the buds inside their ear and this will end up being a frustrating experience for them. On top of this, the buds can also cause discomfort and can possess safety issues when used by children. Even the packaging confirms this by stating the suitable age as being over 7 years.

While the design comes with a perfect theme, the overall quality of the earbuds seems quite poor. The material feels cheap but what can you expect when the cost is around 10 dollars.

The overall sound associated with these earbuds is quite average while there is a lack of a noise-canceling feature which is true for most earbuds.
iHip SBFFH1 Nickelodeon - Spongebob Folding Headphones -...
  • High Quality and Lightweight
  • Compatible with MP3 and iPod
  • High quality sound.

Coming in an over-the-year style, these kids headphones are actually available in plenty of different themes. In fact, the same earphones are also available in various other TV shows including Phineas and Ferb. Despite the lack of exclusivity, these are the best SpongeBob headphones available on the market in 2019.

The design of the earphones is clearly themed but this model doesn’t look like any cheap themed product out there. Sometimes kid’s earphones can indicate a poor quality product due to the overall build. However, this isn’t the case here as not only do these earphones have a fantastic look, they also look durable.

However, I should probably mention one thing regarding the overall build quality. The main problem we face is the fact that this product is made from plastic. This means that your child will need to take good care of it if the earphones are to remain in a working condition. Despite this, this model really is perfect for children irrespective of their age and I’m sure they’ll last a really long if you are to go for them.

This model looks quite comfortable! When you look at the padded ear cups and feel the soft material, you’ll be satisfied that these will provide the right comfort for your child. The headband is padded too but the fact that it can be adjusted will further add to the comfort. This means that the earphones won’t clamp down tightly when your child is wearing them.

Even though the comfort is probably the most important aspect of earphones for your children, a great quality sound can be an added bonus. This is exactly what I found here! While we can’t compare these to adult earphones, the sound was surprisingly impressive. The crispness and clarity means that these will blow most similar products out of the water. Unlike these other products, the noise cancellation feature is excellent. This means that if you’re travelling and your son or daughter gets very cranky over the engine noise, this set will block most of this sound and allow them to sleep peacefully.

There’s also an integrated volume control which provides that element of easy functionality which children need. On top of this, the sound isn’t too loud which make this model safe for young underdeveloped ears.

Surprisingly costing less than 50 bucks, this pair truly is a premium set for kids. For this reason, I’d definitely recommend it!

When I had an initial look at these DJ earphones, my initial thought was that they looked very delicate in terms of the overall quality. This is because the material is made entirely from plastic which makes the entire set look quite cheap. It almost looks as if this product is a toy rather than a decent set of DJ earphones. Unfortunately, I doubt it’ll remain in one piece for too long.

While the above cons are clear, there are also a couple of positive points I noticed. Firstly, this product can be folded which is associated with an element of portability and convenience when you’re travelling. You can easily fold the earphones up and put them away in your child’s backpack.

While the sound isn’t great and doesn’t meet the expectations of DJ earphones, it’s not too bad either! Despite this, the overall sound will be highly suitable for children. The comfort experienced won’t be that great but at least there won’t be any clamping down on your son or daughter’s head. The swivelling ear cups give an impression of adult earphones and further enhance the comfort while also contributing to the DJ effect.

Costing around the same as the folding headphones, I’d probably pass on these DJ earphones as I believe the  surpass them in every way.

Sporting a new “Bob Geek” design, this Headphones is a set which is an official product approved by Nickelodeon. The theme is actually fantastic to an extent that your child will be pleading with you to buy this model. Even though the overall build quality is decent, it isn’t as great as the first in review. I actually expected this considering this model is a little bit cheaper than the Spongebob Earbuds.

While the build quality isn’t that impressive, I still felt that the element of comfort was there due to the soft padded ear cups. This will ensure that your child doesn’t experience any ear fatigue but it’s still important that you don’t allow them to wear the earphones for too long.

The sound quality was actually quite good, in fact, it was better than expected. Obviously we can’t compare the overall quality with full-size adult earphones but they were pretty good. All in all, I think this is a decent product, especially at a price of under $25. Therefore, if you have a restricted budget then I’d go for this model.

Best Headphones For Kids Buyer’s Guide

[su_accordion] [su_spoiler title=”Are Headphones Safe For Kids?” style=”simple” icon=”” anchor=”Are Headphones Safe For Kids?”]

Headphones are great in many ways – they keep little ones distracted and give us a much-needed ear break. However, there are some safety precautions we as parents must take.

For example, we all know too well that listening to high quantities for prolonged intervals can weaken our hearing. The same applies to children.

If the quantity is regularly at a higher level, it might damage their little eardrums plus they can lose hearing as time passes.

An estimation showed that of the 40 million Us citizens suffering from hearing reduction, roughly 10 million have high quantity at fault. Noise-induced hearing reduction (NIHL) may appear after simply one contact with high quantity (source).

The scary part is that whenever hearing music with earphones, the quantity can reach 100 decibels. Hearing concentrated music as of this high quantity, for just a quarter-hour each day, can cause long term harm after a couple of days.

When hearing anything, whether it is music, audiobooks or a casino game, the volume should be under 85 decibels. Ideally no more than 75 decibels for children. This will minimize the possible harm caused by the quantity.

But before you toss the thought of kiddie earphones out the windowpane, there are many solutions to this issue.

A few of these include apps and noise-restricting technology, while others are specifically made for younger users. These include safety precautions built in, such as a decibel limit, to keep our children’s ears safe.

[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”How Young Is Too Young?” style=”simple” icon=”” anchor=”How Young Is Too Young?”]

Until now, there hasn’t been much research on this subject, or at least not something I was able to find. But we can look at it this way: children have petite ear canals, and the younger they are, the smaller those ear canals will be (source).

This means that the volume you hear, a young child will perceive as much louder. It will, therefore, cause more harm.

Some suggest that it’s probably better to hold off with headphones until your child is older, so they can actually tell you if the volume is OK or not.

[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Headphones Vs. Earbuds” style=”simple” icon=”” anchor=”Headphones Vs. Earbuds”]

Headphones and earbuds may seem to be quite similar – they both deliver audio right from your device to your hearing. However they do have a great deal of distinctions.

1. Headphones
Headphones are audio speakers resting on the outer hearing.

Some models, called “supra-aural,” cover the whole ear surface, however, they don’t seal the exterior world out. Your son or daughter it’s still able to listen to surrounding sounds, like cars, Televisions or perhaps a yelling mom.

Then there are over-the-ear models, called “circumaural.” You might know these as noise-canceling earphones. These will completely enclose the hearing, keeping out any outside audio.

The advantage of headphones is that the opportunity of leading to any hearing harm is smaller. The loudspeaker rests on the ear instead of inside. However, the quantity should be at a minimal level to avoid potential damage.

2. Earbuds
Earbuds are usually designed to rest inside the outer hearing canal. They are usually viewed as the less costly alternatives. Plus, they’re lighter and less large than headphones.

However, earbuds can become more dangerous to children’s hearing especially as you’re likely to insert them in to the ear canal. Quite simply, it’s essentially a speaker seated right in the most vulnerable zone (source).

But you can make it safe by restricting the volume and time your little one is using them.

[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”Headphones: In-ear vs Over-ear or On-ear” style=”simple” icon=”” anchor=”Headphones: In-ear vs Over-ear or On-ear”]

I would only advise you to consider earphones (in-ear headphones – earbuds) only if you have older children.  With less moving parts and a smaller footprint they are less likely to get crushed or exploded into a thousand little fragments when dropped, however, earbuds and earphones do represent a significant choking hazard for younger kids.  For this reason, we have only included full-size on-ear or over ear headphones for kids purely out of safety reasons.

[/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”How To Choose The Right Headphones” style=”simple” icon=”” anchor=”How To Choose The Right Headphones”]

How To Choose THE PROPER Headphones
When deciding which headphones you should purchase, keep a few of the above at heart. However your child will most likely tell you firmly to include the next pointer.

1. Style
When buying headphones for your son or daughter, many of those that look child-friendly are, in fact, dangerous. Some offer very little, if any, hearing protection. The volume can reach dangerous levels without warning.

Some even claim to have a decibel limitation, but when tested, prove to readily exceed the “set” limit (source).

But let’s face it – children base most of their decisions on what looks good. Whether your little one is into bright neon colors or charcoal black, they will surely beg you to buy their favorite. Below I’ve included some stylish options.

2. Durability
Children are always tough on everything. Hence, the headphones must be able to fall on the floor without breaking.

Luckily, there are brands known for designing sturdy headphones, even with all the safety features we want for our children.

3. Hearing Protection
Buying a pair of headphones with hearing protection is vital. The risk for early hearing loss is on the rise among the younger generation (source).

More and more children and teenagers are already experiencing a disorder called tinnitus, thanks to contact with loud sounds. This disorder would normally occur following the age group of 50!

It’s seen as a a continuous ringing in the ear, caused by damaged nerve endings.

Luckily, there are headphones with built-in volume reduction or, what I favor, a decibel limitation. This will most likely inhibit the quantity from exceeding 85 decibels.

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Final Words

From the products I’ve had a chance to look at, I’d only recommend iHip SBFFH1 Nickelodeon - Spongebob Folding Headphones - Yellow/Black. In my opinion, this is a well-rounded set with perfect suitability for your child. The comfort and sound is fantastic while the price is quite reasonable. This is probably the best choice available when it comes to this theme!

While most of the models we’ve looked at are made from plastic and would be considered as having a poor build quality, it’s important to remember that these are children’s earphones. With better quality, we will be expected to pay a premium price.

Would you buy such an accessory for your child if it cost 100 bucks?

I know I wouldn’t!

Manufacturers have taken this into consideration and that’s why premium sets for children don’t actually exist. Taking this into account, the earbuds are the best SpongeBob headphones available at this moment in time.