Gaming enthusiasts will know the importance of gaming headsets. They are the key factor in enhancing the gaming experience to a great extent. Most of the gaming items manufacturers now specialize in making some great headphones for gaming considering how important they have become to the cause.

Are All Headphones the Same?

It’s more than just listening to sounds and music. Gaming headsets are designed in a way that captivates a gamer. They feel they are a part of the environment which is totally different from where they are sitting. Hence, a headphone that can provide all of these is most preferred by the users. But you might ask “What’s the real difference between simple headphones for music and gaming headphones?”

Difference between Regular Headphones and Gaming Headsets

There are some simple differences between regular and gaming headphones. They are not exactly based on technicalities. It is just the user requirement which makes them serve a different purpose.

  • Regular Headphones: Well, when it comes to regular headphones, there may be lesser boxes to tick. You might be comfortable with the on-ear headphones or the in-ear headphones. They can range from as low as $20 to more than a hundred bucks. Most of them are compatible with all the devices where they can fit in so you won’t face any connectivity problems as well.

A reasonably priced headset is enough to serve your needs because at the end of the day, you may not be too critical on the music and sound quality.

  • Gaming Headsets: This article is meant to help you select the best gaming headsets so we will put special focus on some special features of gaming headphones. You may not consider some features that we will mention here when you are buying headphones for music. Simply because there is no such need to get into such technical specifications for music. However, when it comes to gaming, things can be a bit different.

Other Differences

  • One of the main differences is price. Although there are some really expensive headphones for both regular and gaming use available in the market, users normally prefer purchasing them for the gaming needs.
  • Directional information is another variable that differentiates these headphones from others.

Buying Gaming Headsets

With much being talked about gaming headsets, it is time we discuss some of the key variables and ingredients to look for when you go for buying a headphone for a changed gaming experience. There are hundreds of thousands of different models and brands to choose from and we won’t just recommend one of them. Depending on your affordability while keeping some of the features that we will discuss further, you will be able to buy the best headphones for gaming.

  1. Open and Closed Headphones
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While gaming, some gamers prefer not to be disturbed by any noise from the surroundings. In games where sounds can play a key role in the progress of a gamer, it becomes quite essential that isolation from the outside world is observed. Closed headphones are best suited for such applications because they cut off any noise from the surroundings allowing the listener to focus solely on the game.

On the other hand, Open headphones are a decent gadget when you are not too hard on noise insulation. These headphones allow you to listen to what is happening in your surroundings as well as you are able to focus on the game as well. If your gaming doesn’t require too much intense listening, it is better that you go for these headphones as they are friendlier to your ears than closed headphones.

  1. Quality of Sound

One of the variables that have direct effects on cost is sound quality. Better the sound higher the price. Gamers too look for the best sound quality and spend heavily for it. If you are able to listen to more details in the game, it will be more interactive an experience for you.

Remember how fascinating it is to hear the gun shots and the lightest footsteps from your enemy invaders? Such tiny details can keep you ahead of the game and take it to the next level.

Depending on your gaming needs, you may want to go for a surround sound headphone with immersive sound field or you may opt for stereo game surround. There are virtual surround sound headphones also available in the market these days.

If you are playing online with your friends, you would definitely need microphones as well to speak to your gaming partners and enemies. Gaming headsets have built in microphones so you won’t need to buy them separately. Of course, you would never want miscommunication so noise clarity should be your main focus.

Normally, most of the headphones have a crystal clear output so that your communication with your friends is effective. There are options so turn your microphone on and off so that you are not disturbed by your friends during a solo game.

  1. Gaming Platform

There are quite a few gaming platforms nowadays. Whether it’s a PC, Mac, PS4 or any other platform, it will help you select suitable headphones for your type of platform. There are specially designed gaming headsets available for gaming platforms and they come with the gaming system. However, you can also have your suited headphones if you like. Normally, all gaming headsets are compatible with most systems which increase the range from which you can buy.

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Headphones are a one-time investment. You should free yourself from worries of buying a new one for at least next five years. Therefore, when you buy gaming headsets, ask the provider about warranty and lifetime of the product. This is why it is better to purchase first hand products because they are always backed by warranties.

  1. Price Matters

Of course the primary feature of any purchase is your affordability. Depending on how much your pocket allows you can buy gaming headphones for less than $25 to those who cost more than $100.


You can now buy your favorite gaming headphones to serve your gaming needs. There are a few cordless and Bluetooth headphones also available in the market so you might want to have a look at them too.