Headphone AmplifierHeadphone Amplifier is like the secret ingredient that makes your music sound better. This small device can make a huge difference to how you listen to your tunes. It boosts the signal from your device and ensures that your headphones are getting all of the power they need to produce great sounding audio. Plus, it helps reduce noise interference so that you can hear every detail in your favorite songs. With a headphone amplifier, there’s no need to turn up the volume – just plug in and play! So why not give yourself an audio upgrade today? Get yourself a headphone amplifier and crank up the quality of listening pleasure!

Headphone Versatility

The best thing about headphones is that they are universally compatible. I mean there is no restriction of brand so equality prevails. You can use the same headphones for you iPod as well as your Android phone.

Not only compatibility, headphones are also quite versatile when it comes to performance and thereby, cost. You can find cheap headphones ranging from under $20 to some very expensive ones that can cost above $100. As long as you are not willing to compromise on quality, you can buy any of them you like.

Types of Headphones

Before we jump to discussing amplifiers, we will have a quick glance at some of the common types of headphones. You will easy find one of the following in the market:

While amplifiers can be used with any of these headphones, they are generally better to be used with the bigger on-ear headphones rather than the in-ear and ear bud headphones.


Simply put, headphones are just two speakers that enable the listeners to listen to tracks without letting the world know. Amplifiers are used simply to amplify the sound level so that it can be adjusted just the way the listener likes. However, modern amplifiers do more than just amplification. Noise suppression and quality enhancement are two common features of most amplifiers in the modern world.

Why Use Amplifiers

You might be wondering whether there is really a need of amplifiers or not. Well, to elaborate the fact, most of the MP3 players have built in amplifiers which are normally of low quality. MP3 companies do it intentionally. These companies compromise on quality because they avoid getting sued and penalized in case any customers face hearing problems.

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This is why, companies leave it to the listeners whether they want to upgrade their listening experience or not, opening the gates for amplifier manufacturers to make some money.

Benefits of Getting Amplifiers for Your Headphones

It’s not just high level of sound that you get from amplifiers there are some more cool features of headphones which compel a listener to buy them. Here are a few amazing benefits of getting amplifiers for your headphones.

Unlike simple amplifiers which are known only to increase or reduce the sound level, Cross feed amplifiers have a great quality in them. They tend to mix the right and left channels to a certain extent. It has some amazing medial advantages as it reduces headaches. It therefore gives a much more natural listening experience to the users.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

If you have a Bluetooth headphone, these amplifiers will allow you a better listening experience without you having to compromise on connectivity. There are Bluetooth amplifiers also available in the market so you can listen to your favorite tracks without having to carry wires around everywhere.

Modern day amplifiers have signal condition circuits as well as Digital to Analog Converters (DACs). The best advantage of these circuits is that they tend to suppress unwanted noise that tends to come from circuit parts and mixes with the sound signals. These circuits filter out unwanted signal to give you the best listening experience every time.

Unlike bulky and heavy amplifiers in the previous days, modern headphone amplifiers are small and light weight. You can take them anywhere you want. Gone are the days when you had to stand around that big box with your headphones on. Better connectivity especially to pocket sized amplifiers gives you a lot of room to move around.

  • Better Details

With headphones amplifiers, you are able to understand that music and the lyrics a lot better because the output signal from the amplifiers are more detailed. If you are a music enthusiast, you will be able to differentiate and understand certain notes and tunes in a much better way than if you were not using a headphone amplifier.

  • Low Power Consumption

Normal headphones have very low impedance. The reason is that the overall circuit then takes lesser current to operate. Therefore, amplifiers are also designed in a way that their input and output current is not too high. The overall effect is that there is lesser power consumption and hence your battery life does not face any troubles if you use amplifiers.

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Some Useful Recommendations

I’m sure you must have made up your mind to buy an amplifier for your headphones by now. Just when you have bought your amplifier, you must read some of the following recommendations so that your health safety is never compromised.

  • Keep it Low Outdoors

When you are walking on a busy street, with your headphones on, there is a temptation of increasing the sound level because of the extra noise in the surroundings. However, you may be better off keeping it low to relive your ears. Also, if you are listening to longer sessions, it is better to give rest to your ears every once in a while.

  • Maintain a Limit

Your amplifier may be able to play extremely high level of sound but it is better to always listen at an optimum level to prevent ear damage. As a practice, I would normally keep the sound level to a maximum of 70%. As you buy an amplifier, try adjusting with the sound levels and reduce them down as much as possible.


You now know why you should buy a headphone amplifier and what amazing benefits it can offer to you. There can be a great range of price to choose from so you might want to buy intelligently if you are a first timer.