If you’re a keen swimmer or like to participate in underwater activities then finding the best waterproof Bluetooth headphones might be a top priority on your list.

While taking part in these activities is always enjoyable, listening to music can often enhance the experience. You can even listen to soft peaceful tunes, which put your mind at ease in a completely different atmosphere.

I say this because underwater activities like deep sea diving or snorkelling can really expose the miraculous nature of our world.

The only problem is that normal headphones would cease to function when they come into contact with water. On top of this, most sports earbuds merely have a water and sweat-resistant feature rather than the complete waterproof functionality you’re searching for.

NOTE: Water usually interrupts Bluetooth signal. Therefore, you can expect the sound quality to be degraded, as you get deeper into the water. If this will be a problem for you then the solution would be to look at waterproof earbuds without a wireless feature!

As a result of this difficulty, we’ve conducted thorough research to ensure that you’re able to pick a pair of waterproof headphones with the greatest quality and highest degree of protection from water.

Finding the Right Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

During our task, we came across a huge number of sports headphones, which boasted a waterproof feature. However, not all of these were associated with the performance that we expected. Some had poor build quality while some weren’t great when taken for a quick swim.

With time and effort, we managed to pick out the products that we felt had performed the best. We also studied customer reviews for these models and these contributed heavily to the final score given to each pair of wireless underwater headphones.

Once you start going through the top 5 sets below, you will notice the waterproof ratings which has been stated to help you decide which pair would be most appropriate for your needs. The higher the rating, the greater the depth of water your earbuds will be able to handle.

Here they are!

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Wireless Headphones for Computers: Best for 2

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Plantronics BackBeat Fit

The BackBeat Fit is your typical pair of waterproof Bluetooth sports earbuds. It comes in a design that will fit in your ears quite well and remain secure while you take part in any physical activity. This set not only looks good but also performs admirably in pretty much every department.

Judging this set as a pair of Bluetooth waterproof headphones, you’ll be pleased to know that the BackBeat Fit shows the most potential when compared to the rest of the product below. A high IPX7 rating indicates that you will be able to go relatively deep into the water.

The Bluetooth feature belonging to this pair is also quite impressive and keeps the music playing smoothly when you move under water.

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The build quality seems to be quite good as the material utilized is flexible. This means that the BackBeat Fit is built to last a long time. Alongside this, the comfort is quite good although the buds might start to hurt after a little while. Despite this, the lightweight design is beneficial while the on-ear controls are highly advantageous.

When it comes to the sound quality, we found these relatively cheap sports Bluetooth headphones to perform really well.

Wireless Headphones for Computers: Best for 3

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JLab Epic

The first thing we noticed while testing the JLab Epics was that this product has an average IPX rating of 4. This means that you won’t be able to use these under water. To be honest, they will survive some water being splashed at them while swimming but nothing more than this.

While you won’t be sufficiently protected from water if you’re wearing the Epics, you’ll be pleased to know that this set performs brilliantly in pretty much every other area.

Firstly, it has a really impressive battery that will run for more than 10 hours. On top of this, the ear hook design will be ideal, as it will establish a secure fit when you’re participating in your workout whether that is in the swimming pool or on the training field.

If the ear tips don’t fit very well, you’ll be pleased to know that you receive an additional 6 ear tip sizes within the packaging. This will ensure that you obtain the most perfect fit for your ears.

Once the correct tip size was found and the right fit established, we found the comfort to be really good. In addition to this, the sound quality was great – it certainly surpassed that of the BackBeat Fit.

BlueAnt Pump HD

Wireless Headphones for Computers: Best for 4

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The BlueAnt Pump HD wireless Bluetooth waterproof headphones are designed extremely uniquely. Not only do they look very well built, they also have a tight structure to prevent water entry. This is reflected by the high IPX7 rating. This indicates that this pair would be extremely useful if you’ll be going deep into the water.

In terms of the durability, Kevlar has been utilized and this material has been known to be quite tough. This greatly improves the build quality of the BlueAnt Pumps. The around-the-ear hooks greatly contribute to a secure and comfortable fit that is necessary with the sudden movements underwater.

When it comes to the battery, we found this to be quite good as it could easily run up to 7 hours. On top of this, the charging time is only approximately 2 hours and this can be easily done through a micro-USB.

With plenty of ear tip sizes and a manufacturer warranty of 1 year, you can’t go wrong if you end up buying the BlueAnt Pumps.

The only downside of this model would be the sound quality, which is probably on the average side. However, most people won’t be able to notice this!

Wireless Headphones for Computers: Best for 5

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Photive PH-BTE70

The Photive PH-BTE70 looks like a pretty simple pair of Bluetooth headphones. However, it does pack a punch with several features that would be ideal for you.

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If you were looking for a simplistic product for a modest price then this would be your best bet. It has a terrific Bluetooth feature with a battery life of around 5 to 6 hours.

The Photive PH-BTE70s are true sports Bluetooth headphones and this is reflected by their unique designed. This has been created to be able to fit comfortable and securely during the most intense exercises. We would agree with this as the earbuds do fit securely without causing any major problems. As you can probably see, the overall weight of this model is quite light and this further contributes to the suitability for our intended use.

Play X Store

Wireless Headphones for Computers: Best for 6

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The Play X Store is a product that holds terrific quality without being a huge name. The high IPX7 rating suggests this product will be perfect for use in water. Not only will it be okay to use in water, but it’ll also be sufficiently waterproof to stick it out through your session.

This set also has a built-in microphone, which will allow you to use as a hands-free. While this isn’t really a quality we’re looking for, it can still come in handy in a specific situation.

You should note that this is the cheapest model on our list. With the quality that you’ll experience, we can confidently say that this set provides a terrific value for money. So if you’re looking for a great pair of affordable waterproof Bluetooth earbuds to use for swimming or for other activities then this would be fighting for the top place on this list.

Despite the impressive performance of this modestly priced model, the Play X Store doesn’t reproduce good quality sound. In fact, we’d probably consider this to be below par and the worst when compared to the rest of the four pairs. While some may take this point seriously, others will just go for it due to the affordability factor.


We’re approaching a time where people are listening to music with almost every activity they do and this includes swimming and other water sports. However, unlike during most normal activities, we can’t just put on standard Bluetooth headphones and expect everything to go smoothly. It won’t!

In order to prevent any problems, we need waterproof Bluetooth headphones. These will not only be safe to use in the water, they’ll also be protected from any damage resulting from the contact with water. On top of this, the wireless feature will get rid of any unnecessary cords, which will be more of a hindrance rather than anything else.

In order to find the perfect set for you, we carried out extensive research and ended up with what we feel are 5 of the best products on the market right now. These are reviewed above in detail with the Plantronics BackBeat Fit waterproof Bluetooth earbuds coming out on top. However, the rest of the four sets performed superbly in their own right.

Making the decision on which one to choose rests on your shoulders!